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Good Shizznit!
I have listened to a few different episodes and they are all so different but still so much fun. Thanks and please keep it up.
So far, I love every show, keep up the good work.
Good variety and good instincts of selection...which is what it's all about!
Hands down the best podcast out there for the mod genre. From the 60's bands, 80's mod revival in San Diego, to modern power pop...this show has it all and Rob is one suave cat.. Love it.
This is one of my top two favorite music podcasts. It doesn't get any better than MOD. Clean living under difficult circumstances. Smart, hip, funny, serious and stylish. Mr. Suave's got it all, the host with the most!
I can't believe there is a podcast devoted to the mod movement. Because of this podcast, it has made me take a look at other bands that have shaped this movement, from Weller, the Who, the Jam, and many others (to many to mention). Keep up the great work Mr. Suave so that others can see the importance this British movement had on American music and vise versa!
I don't know exactly what qualifies as mod but I sure od like what Rob plays. But seriously, what qualifies as mod music because he's crossing a lot of genres and styles and time periods. I know there was mod music in the 60s in England and a mod revival. Seems he mostly plays britpop here. I like it all though.