Five by Five

Reviews For Five by Five

As is often the case with podcasts produced by non-professionals, the broadcast quality is mixed at best—some dialogue is loud and clear, some is weak and barely readable, and the listener’s hand on the volume knob determines the result. As for content—informative, somewhat predictable (this is a labor union podcast), and a little infuriating. In the first episode you will learn, for example, why you as a pilot-member cannot be trusted with the results of a polling survey you paid for: because the company might discover that pilots generally want more pay for less work. Who knows what management might do with THAT insider information! Overall a 3x3. But keep up the good work, it can only get better.
Thanks for putting this together..I appreciate the quick update that allows us to get info while we’re on the run. More of these please!
Yes very much enjoyed the ease of receiving information. Looking forward to the next episode.
Thanks for putting this together! What a great way to keep connected!