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The crew have a lot of fun together, but sometimes in a way that makes me feel like an outsider.
I find that as this podcast goes on the less these podcasts are about the VFX and just become more about what they liked and didn’t like about a movie. I liked in earlier episodes how they talked about how effects were done and how they worked through problems now its mainly feels like a movie review and less like a VFX podcast
A great show! As a person who is not in the industry and is just a fan of visual effects, Mike and his guests are extremely informative yet NOT incomprehensible. It's like an audio version of Cinefex magazine. Love it!!
keep up the good show,you guys are great!
It's really cool to hear they did the VFX on the movies I watch. Great show
One of the best resources to find out what is happening and how things are done in VFX.
I am undeserving of this gift that you all have decided to bless us with...
If you want to learn how important CG and Spec.FX are for any film or movie. This podcast is for you. The hosts put a lot of effort in researching each show and know the subject matter without shortsightedly badgering on a film simply because they can. The hosts have rotated, come gone and thats primarily because they are working professionals in their respective field of filmaking in some facet. I enjoy listening to the jargon and set speak the medium affords these few and lucky people who get to work in the very fascinating world of making movies.
Very informative, intelligent, and entertaining conversation on visual effects. As an aspiring effects artist and designer myself I appreciate hearing from industry veterans who are willing to share their insight. Well voiced and well produced, keep it up!
The VFX show is a rare podcast in that I listen to virtually every episode. Crackerjack!
Come on people!!! How can you have an audio PODcast about visual effects.... Wouldn't this be best served as a video PODcast ??
It's great to hear these folks' perspective on high end CG feature films. I've been doing graduate studies in VFX for about a year and it's nice to hear people talking my language! Also I just got Shake and many people recommended Ron's book, so when I saw his name on this podcast I knew it would be good.
These guys are old pros in the business, and it is a lot of fun to hear them sit around and talk about vfx shots. This is the sort of talk you hear when you actually work at a major studio--what was good here, what didn't work there--really "inside pool" discussions. I especially like that they love digital matte painters. As one myself, it is nice to here these guys giving "props' to the field. Anyone interested in the business should read Ron's great book, "The Art and Science of Digital Compositing", the seminal book in the field.
Right on the heels of MacBreak and This Week in Media comes the VFX show. Both Alex and Ron have significant visual effects backgrounds, which give the show instant credibility. This show-perfectly timed for the new summer blockbuster releases-breaks down how good, or bad the movie did on its effects shots. Lindsay, coming off of other TWIT and Pixel Corps casts really does a good job of putting together a nice-tight cast. If you have any kind of production background, this and the other shows in their lineup really are a must-listen. A strong rival to the TWIT lineup for sure.