The Lost Experience Clues

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If they took out all the promotions for everything that has nothing to do with the Lost Experience, the podcast would be approximately 3 minutes long. That would be fine with me. I DO like when they put DJ Dans podcast in their thread.
I love the sarcastic editorial spins you put on really makes it easy to listen to. I've been folowing lost since the begining and this lost game really is helping me get over the fact that lost being over for the season......*sob* Great job guys keep it up...
Remember your three points guys: 1. Focused on Lost Experience 2. Fresh and New 3. Short and Sweet Over the first three episodes, number 3 has been slipping. Episode 3 had some great info and points of discussion but it dragged. I want to keep listening, and I hope you are listening....stick to these 3 things and I'll stick with you!!
Very entertaining and informative!
These guys are so funny, and they really try not to waste your time more than Lost already does! They're the only ones with a podcast dedicated solely to the Lost Experience game. Definitely check it out! (Love the sound effects...)
so what if these guys offer up information posted on other forums. they present it well, have some fun, don't take themselves seriously and keep me up to date. they are fun to listen to. and in the end, that is all that really matters.
The clearest and most complete compendium of information for the lost experience. I will not be surprised if these guys and the people who send in clues and ideas are the first ones to crack the lost experience. Keep up the great work!
Good rundown of what's going on with Hanso and the Sound FX RULE!
Good job guys, keep it up.