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Reviews For Shimmy Cast

Great podcast! It's very informative and Anala has a great personality. The news portion isn't so important to me, but I enjoy the articles and interviews. I have been introduced to lots of new music artists; as a newcomer, I really appreciate that. I have acquired (ahem) music from several of the artists she has presented. I'm listening to some of the old articles and I particularly like the one about zills. I agree with Shannon S about the voice and music being the same level. I listen at work (when I'm supposed to be working) and it have to rush to turn the music down as soon as I can or there's deafening bellydance music (not a problem at home, but at work...). Keep up the good work Anala!
I have listened to most all the past episodes. Being a newbie to belly dance, it has been a wealth of information. Also, Anala has a nice bubbly down to earth personality that causes me to smile a lot. You can hear a smile in her voice. I also want to comment that a previous reviewer who gave a low rating made what I consider an erroneous statement. The complaint was that Anala doesn't read her own articles and reviews. That is not true to start. In fact, the majority of the articles and reviews are written by Anala. BUT--she welcomes input from others--TO FOSTER INTERACTION AND COMMUNITY SHARING WHICH IS THE POINT! That, I think is what we want--to share all the wisdom and experience and a sense of cummunity outside of just one person and community. So the fact that Anala encourages listener reviews, articles, and feedback is a big plus, not something to criticize as was done by that reviewer. The only improvement I would like to see is to make the audio volume of the talk and music more equal--I have to turn up the voice portion, and then my ears get blasted when the music plays. Otherwise, I think the format and info are great. Thanks for your hard work Anala!
I really like this pod cast, I just found it so I've been listening to it in the car on the way to work all week. Its nice to get a little taste of the bellydance community and get a feel for what I will be able to participate in when I get back to the states.
I really appreciate the fact that Anala is doing this bellydance podcast. Lots of great information, and it's fun to hear the opinions of others about one of my favorite hobbies. Great music too!
As Anala says, she thinks bellydancers can be a sister/brotherhood, and she is doing an excellent job of providing information and forums to help foster that.
Unfortunately, this cast is not very interesting. Reading other peoples articles is not original or interesting or worthy of a podcast. Ms. Rabari needs to develop her own broadcast 'personality'. I was disapointed. I will give it another try down the road to see if it perks up.