Reviews For GALACTICAST (iPod)

This show has been getting worse ever since Robojew. The stories haven't been making as much sense, and are not that funny. They seem to have even taken out Casey, turning this into a boring one-man show. And now, without an update since christmas, and no sign of season 3, I am wondering if they are just going to stop all together. I used to love the creative ideas this show had to offer, but now it seems as if they are just making shows to keep their website updated. Before I would have given this show a 5, but now it really doesn't even deserve a 3. :-(
Galacticast has been a great vodcast, entertaining through (usually) humorous sci-fi/fantasy/horror spoofs. They do great work with a green screen and a computer, producing a surprisingly good-looking show despite the amateur origins of the production. I can only hope that Rudy will come back and keep producing Galacticast episodes despite Casey's departure.
this album type thing is good
This podcast is so flipping hilarious! I especially love 28 Seconds Later! That one is hilarious! I didn't get the ending, but that made it even funnier! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! 10,000/10
everybody of the cast is soooooo funny. the show is just so random and i love it. they are very funny so ya watch them
This is mildly amusing and a good concept but the 'script' is a bit boring.
This video podcast is really, really funny. I'm turning off my computer and going to bed before I watch every episode. Casey and Rudy and the rest of the cast are my new heroes. Great parodies, and what they are able to do with their greenscreen and a computer is amazing! Plus, Casey is kind of hot. If I had one request it would be that Rudy showed less skin and Casey showed more.
I just don't find it that funny. I do appreciate the work they go thru and the production and editing is pretty good but humor, well its just not my thing. I give it 3 out of 5 stars mostly for effort.
Casey and Rudy know how to bring the house down... this is one damn funny show. It's amazing that they can put this out once a week!
Or Vlog? Well...whatever you want to call it. Casey and Rudy are hilarious. Sci-fi has never been funnier. It just keeps getting better with the more episodes they do. So you must download them all! Then beg for more! Then tell your friends if they don't you will tell their girlfriend what really happened at the Bachelor Party. know what I'm talking about...
Casey and Rudy are hilarious. Their Sci-fi fan parodies are consistantly funny and its just a great podcast. Subscribe...join us...joiiin us. The Right Rev Chumley