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I cry at least once an episode, hearing the emotions and power and struggle of artists. As a writer, I wasn’t sure how much I could learn from the journeys of art in other mediums. What a fool I was! Spark and Fire uncovers the common humanity in all art and journeys of expression. Hope to be listening for years to come.
I couldn’t have discovered this podcast at a more opportune time. I am in a exciting moment in my career, and the gems that are dropped in every episode have just been ridiculously motivating and empowering and helpful. Love this podcast!
Thank you! This podcast is so inspiring, fun and unique- thank you for bringing us these stories. I actually clapped at the end of the newest episode on Felix Barrett. ♥️
So inspirational
It Was Nice I loved it


This is the best series ever
Just listened to the Patton Oswalt episode - if this is any indication of what’s to come in the rest of the season, I cannot wait! This episode was just as hilarious and heart breaking as it was inspiring. Love this podcast!!
I love how y’all just take y’all time out of the day to tell these stories
I’m so glad this new season is dropping! The Patton Oswald episode is life changing. I can not wait until more episodes start rolling in!!! One of my favorite podcasts.
I’ve been waiting for this series to return. And the Patton Oswalt ep did not disappoint! Looking forward to more eps.
This podcast is my go to for sparking innovation and creativity. I learn so much from other peoples stories and I love how the artist tells their story in first person and take us through their creative journey. This is a must listen.
There are books and resources how to get your creative project out of your mind and out on the page, screen, canvas, but none come close to the engaging and in-depth story ability of Spark and Fire. This will make you want to create, make, craft, write, snap photos, sing, film make, and in addition, hidden like chocolate treats in the podcast, will hand you practical tips from some earth’s top creators. Give it a listen—you won’t be disappointed!
I love hearing the amazing stories of these creators. They have amazing stories and it’s truly inspiring for my own life.
I flew through the first season and have been anxiously awaiting the return of season 2! Listening to the trailer has me so excited. The line up for this season sounds incredible and I can’t wait for my feed to start notifying me of new episodes. I’m most looking forward to Stephen Schwartz, having a soft spot in my heart for Wicked the musical. Keep doing your thing Spark and Fire team because I am LOVING it!
Listening is indulging in some of the best life stories from creative makers. Listening makes me feel like being a creative is a complete life and I’m in good company. A+
This story is shared by millions of Latinos who were shaped and enlightened by this guy trying to spoon feed us with his wisdom and his flavor.
This podcast is full of inspiration! Thank you for telling these amazing stories that truly spark the creativity in all of us.
Thank you for inviting so many awesome storytellers and creating a format that allows them to give life to their own stories. June Cohen is the perfect host. Everyone of the episodes has helped me relaize something different about my own creative journey. Simply wonderful!


Thank you for introducing us to people, we would not know about If it wasn’t for this podcast. I’m finding my own creativity from it, while enjoying the learning that comes with thanks to your Podcast. Please keep it up!
A thorough exploration of the senses and their interaction with art and the artist. Very engaging guests; exceptional editing and amazing journeys in each episode.
I thoroughly enjoyed Susan Orlean's backstory for her novel, The Orchid Thief. I look forward to listening to more Spark & Fire stories.
A powerful glimpse into the creative mind and how to turn inspiration into reality. Thank you for bringing this series to life!
This is a fantastic new podcast that explores creativity from a unique viewpoint-just letting the creators ‘tell their own stories’. I’m enjoying this format and it’s actually more revealing than a back and forth conversation.
As an artist you love to hear stories about fellow dreamers who turned what seemed impossible into possible. This show gives me hope that is a chance for me.
What a fantastic podcast! Evocative! Inspiring! Magical!
As soon as I finished this episode I was able to watch the Movie Adaptation. I enjoyed it very much. Unique story telling at its best.
Wow! A ‘real-life’ podcast, provides much needed post-2020 SPARKS of hope. A SPARKLE to kickstart 2021.
I’m not a huge podcast person, but was recommend this podcast and just happened to watch the film soul recently. It changed my mind and I look forward to continuing to listen. Very well put together and extremely entertaining.
Hook, line, and sinker. Love Meditative Story and falling in love with Spark and Fire! Well done!


Wow going to watch Soul again after listening to this.
Oh man, I adore this new show! It’s so hard to get to the heart of the creative process, but this show does that and more. It gives humanity to what can seem like an elusive, intangible process and make you feel like you can tap into your own creative process. Plus, the host has a wonderful energy and voice. Can’t wait for the next one!
Love, love, love this pod! Big creativity podcast listener and this one tops the charts for me. Such great storytelling— a fresh break from from the usual “interview-style” podcast... and such cool insight into the creative process. Am a big fan of Pixar’s Soul and really enjoyed hearing some behind-the-scenes snippets from Kemp Powers. Inspiring and beautiful new podcast— can’t wait for more!
An unfolding symphony of words describing that magical moment of spark!
I’m a creator so I’m always curious about the concrete details of what happens in order to make something that seems inexplicably incredible. WaitWhat has a history of quality podcasts so I know this will be no different.
It’s like this show was made for me!
Wow. So excited for this show. Based on the trailer, I’m picturing it like Masters of Scale (caliber of guest, great storytelling, sharp insights on what works) but subbing in the creative journey for the entrepreneurial journey. As someone who considers themselves to be both creative AND entrepreneurial — I cannot wait. Want this, need this now!
Can’t wait for Rian and the KNIVES OUT ep!


By Halp41
Have always wanted to peak behind the veil of a creative’s process, and this podcast seems like such a gold mine for doing this across so many creative mediums. Can’t wait to listen as these episodes get released!
If you’re one whose creativity & curiosity is sparked through storytelling, then this is the podcast for you! What an intimate and expressive way to learn from many creative heroes - known & unknown. Can’t wait for more!
Very much looking forward to this insightful series! Already love the Meditative series and I have no doubt this will match the bar that has been set by WaitWhat!
Excited to hear creators’ stories for new inspiration in 2021!
SO ready for a creative boost as we emerge from 2020. Listening to Spark and Fire will be one of my New Year's resolutions!
Looking forward to hitting the restart button with inspirational stories”)
As a podcast creator, I’m obsessed with stories of other creative people who experience the ups and downs, twists and turns of inventing anything new. Spark & Fire feels like it’s going to open up all kinds of insights about the “crooked path” (love that!) to creative breakthrough. I know Skillshare is partnering with WaitWhat here. There’s no better matched community for this! I love WaitWhat’s other shows — Meditative Story and Masters of Scale — so my expectations are set!
Such a great idea to unpack the creative sparkles. There has been too much focus on the final product and yet no one talks about the products infancy stage, which is what I find the most interesting aspect. I’m so glad this podcast will fill in the gap. Can’t wait.
Wow this sounds like an amazing series of stories. Can’t wait to hear more!