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Your doing a great job getting instructional vids for people who can't aford coaches. I would like to see more videos of court level match play and of slow motion videos of the top pros. Thanks for the podcast very usefull.
The presentation is great but the narrative is just unbearable. I listened to 3 episodes before I unsubscribed the podcast. If I could get any information from the podcast with it on mute, I would do so. Please get a different narrator so the whole podcast can be useful.


Like it so far, correction LOVING it!
Oscar Wegner, Lee Couillard, Brett Hobden... They've been fighting successfully against obsolate theories and techniques of wood racquet age which made so many people quit tennis even in recent years. Among them Couillard is focussing on podcasting and it's a must even for serious players.
When they first said you could get the demos on Itunes I was like "No way!" I couldnt belive they actualy did post it on Itunes but... It's awesome and Congrats to the Coaches for being on Itunes, COOL!!!
This is a useful podcast for tennis players but I regret that podcasts are of uneven quality. Sometimes the music background (or transition) is far too loud. Often, the reccording of voice is "raw" and of bad quality. Some interesting podcasts are too short, others are far too long! I know that it's not easy to do a podcast and appreciate what is bring done but with some extra time and work (especialy improving the sound!) it could be much more attractive and of far better quality. Please continue the good work!
Techniques and drills are unimaginative, overhyped. Layout was simplisitc and waste of time. I don't know about hight school, maybe elemenatry school?
great tennis tips!!! buy them all!! they rule!!!
Awesome cuz like punahou rocks
this is the best tennis stuff out there. keep up the good work!
The shows you have here... not so good.
man... i've never seen anything like this! this is the best tennis podcast i've ever seen!
This is a great collection of short, concise, and precise tennis tips from various coaches and teaching pros. Especially the close ups and use of real, live players and students. Almost all of it is realtime, real people, real tennis and instruction. Better than any video or cd I've seen. You've got to check it out!