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Sorry in Advance is an awesome Podcast and a must listen for anyone that has a family filled with shenanigans. As a lifelong Notre Dame fan, this podcast leaves me wondering how I can get adopted by the first family of ND. We need more episodes and a stand-alone podcast. P.S. - Janice G. I hope my review lives up to the standard of reviews you’ve set.
Hearing the Golic family getting together to talk about their lives is great. Big fan of Golic Sr and mama Golic. You guys are so down to earth, basically a normal family with notoriety. Btw, while I don’t take maple syrup to the head lice Janice, I do do that to bbq sauce. And at this point, hearing how you keep trying to get her dad on the podcast is almost like Jimmy Kimmel apologizing to Matt Damon for running out of time for him. Just makes this mysterious man’s mantra grow bigger after every podcast. Keep up the great entertainment. Love all of you!
I absolutely love the Golic family. This look into their family dynamic is amazing.
I really enjoyed Mike and Mike and was hopeful that Wingo would fit in, but he is terrible. I will not listen to this show until Wingo is off of it.
You guys are hilarious!!!
I would give it 5 stars if GoJo sat in all show and Fitz took over for Hal.
It’s probably just not for me, but I don’t find these people entertaining
I need more “sorry in advance”
I hate leaving any negative reviews, but man I really want to like this podcast. I just can’t listen to it when Mike Golic Junior is on there. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I’m sure he is a great guy - he just seems like he is trying to hard. If it gets to be just the two guys, I’ll come back.
I wish it was everyday. I listen while driving home from work, it really help me relax and lol all the way home in traffic.
Always loved Mike and Mike and Golic and Wingo has continued with it, and dare I say, made it even better!
There’s nothing better than a shot of maple syrup...or Hershey’s Syrup for that matter.
10/10 drink maple syrup.
Hi All, Please make this show an hour, please, please, PLEASE, I always wanted to be a part of the Golic household and with this podcast, it's amost like my dream has come true!!!! Keep up the great work and sorry in advance for leaving a great review, hopefully you will still read it on the air!!!! Ronnail Wilson from Chicago.
Jeez this show is easily one of the best.
Overall I really like this show. Long time listener of Mike and Mike. Since the transition to Golic and Wingo the use of the word dam$ and OMG is constant. I have to find another show when my kids are around. I think the show would be just as good if they watched the language.
Wingo..light on preparation...heavy on Cliche/Hyperbole...Mike Sr and Junior carry the show. Timeslot and historical cache still seems to be enough to bring in some legit visitors/guests.


These guys are hilarious. Save me on my commute to work everyday !
Mike & Mike was my favorite morning show for years, best morning sports talk show ever. I can’t listen to this new show because I can’t stand Trey Wingo. The guy thinks he’s hilarious, however in reality he’s so annoying. He continuously talks over everyone else and has to get the last word in on every topic. He doesn’t stay on topic, starts rambling about worthless stuff no one cares about. The guy ruined the show, he needs to go he’s the worst!
Only time I listen to this show is when they have a guest I like or to get a quick overview of various topics in “what’s trending.” I think Trey tries too hard with his stupid voices, high energy, and weird inflections. He’s qualified to talk sports for 3 hours straight and that’s what he should do instead of trying to make himself stick out every episode. Just relax and do what you do man. Also please cut the annoying sound effects and stop saying “We have a LOT to get into” 3 times every episode. We get it, there are topics to cover.
I was a big Mike and Mike fan and continue to be a fan of Mike Golic. I really enjoy Junior as well so I tried to hang in there as long as I could with Trey Wingo. But I can't do it anymore. Wingo continues to say unfunny things, then yells unfunny things, then repeats unfunny things. Maybe make the podcast Mike and Mike with the two Golics?
Loved Mike & Mike so tried to keep this going. Wingo just spouts nonsense and yells to be funny. Tries way too hard to have nicknames for guests to try to seem cool but sounds like an idiot. Constantly says "for lack of a better term"...if you can’t expand your vocabulary in that profession then please just go away. Wingo has ruined it. The Golics with Jason Fitz wouldn't be bad but I listen less and less every week. THOMAHAWK show much more insightful and funny.
Sorry - I have tried to watch and/or listen to this! I miss Mike & Mike and I enjoy Mike Sr. and Wingo but I don’t like anything about Junior - his sarcasm, the tenor of his voice, his delivery. I’ll continue to subscribe to the podcast and will listen on those rare occasions Mike Jr. is not on!
It was so much better with Greeny, Wingo isn’t to same.
Mike please be stronger when talking ND football. The only reason I watch your show is because of you. ESPN had zero respect for us. Northwestern has zero chance of being us. If you don’t defend us who will
Golic takes way too long to ask a question. Hit the 30 second fast forward button and get to the guest response. They do get good guests. Just need better interviewers
Get rid of Golic Jr and his constant huffing and spitting into the microphone. The guy reminds me of Homer Simpson - way too much dumb testosterone. Other than that, the show is still good even if a dropoff from the Mike and Mike iteration.

By PV_46
Ditch Wingo and keep the Golics.... Wingo is a clown and just ruins the show and i can’t even listen to it anymore
Every weekday starts with the show thanks for great balance of sports talk and laughs.
Good show but makes it hard to listen at work when they blare horns and scream into the mic every 45 seconds.
Trash no stars would be appropriate
And golic is starting to look like miss doubtfire. That is the most interesting part of this podcast. Please someone replace ESPN. They lost their focus.
I had to stop listening and unsubscribe because of that annoying buzzer sound they play constantly. Drove me nuts.
Glad to see this show go back to the radio format. I liked M&M a lot more when they had this format. Have yet to watch the new show Greenie is doing…and prob never will. This is what I want/ like. Keep up the good work!
I’m out on this one. Not the same chemistry. It’s a shame because it was a good show. Good luck golic!
Wingo ruined the show, he tries so hard to be funny.
Start my day every day with you guys just wish Jr was there all day.
Wingo, you’re not funny. I can’t listed anymore.
Says Trey...every five minutes. The buzzer on “What’s Trending” is soooo stupid. Either dump the whole concept or let the hosts talk about the issues to their satisfaction. Shouldn’t the production staff be making the show better? If so, no more timer and no more “turn on your microphone.” Both are tired and annoying.
I have been a daily listener to the show for years and really liked how Mike & Mike worked together, even though they had behind the scenes issues. It just worked. You don’t last 18 years if it doesn’t. Trey, Mike Jr. and Golic don’t just work. Golic is the same but Mike Jr seems to spew words just to say something. It is an odd experience listening to him. He needs more work but not during drive time. Trey tries to funny all the time and doesn’t really have the Insight necessary. What is with all the freakin’ sound effects!! How annoying, especially with this yelping that seems to be new. Ugh! I just can’t listen anymore. Love Around the Horn and PTI!!!
Agree with other reviewers that Trey is the problem on this show. He has no respect for Mike Goliath Jr.’s opinion for reasons I can’t understand. He doesn’t do a great job at facilitating insightful conversations because he spends too much time trying to be funny. I think Adnan Virk would be the perfect co-host to bring this show back to “must listen” radio.
I gave this show a couple months to fine their “groove” but it is awful. Trey Wingo is not a good radio guy. The constant sarcasm, “jokes”, and the never ending golf talk is irritating. If ESPN was going to take Greeny off at least replace him with someone fresh and that has interesting thought and personality. The best show is when Adnan or Fitz is filling in.
Golic is just not as smart as he is trying to be. He seems fake and over compensating, trying be somebody he is not


Didn’t think was possible to be better than Mike & ...... man was I wrong! Congrats Golic and Wingo! Way better show, way better podcast!
I love when Jason Fitz fills in on the show.
This show was amazing before and now that Wingo came in, it’s been absolutely terrible. I used to be an every day listener and now I just find myself being annoyed by Wingo trying to dominate the conversation and talking over Mike’s points. Wingo has the least valued opinion on the show so idk why he has to talk so much.
I was a loyal listener to Mike & Mike. Gave Wingo and Golic a shot for the last 4 months because I assume it takes a while for a new show to find its path. Really enjoyed Mike but between Wingo’s constant sarcasm and the annoying second “spectrum stat” sound it’s painful to get through the show now. I like listening to sports radio for content and interesting perspectives. Not constant special effects sounds that are WAY over used.
The whole show has devolved to nothing but lame gags and condescending talk. I have listened for over 10 years and just can’t listen anymore. The clock ticking is annoying, and “let’s be clear” repeated constantly probably because “you have to have context” statement grew tiresome, just grates. Sorry, unsubscribing.


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