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Wow!!! The best podcast I listen to everyweek. Honestly I could listen to a daily sorry in advance episode every day! Please keep this going... I want more!
You guys are the best! This is such a hysterical podcast, I want to hang out with this family so bad. Very cool Golic’s this should be a round table on HBO! Golics are the new Kardashians!


I listen to Golic and Wingo everyday without fail. The Sorry In Advance podcast is delightfully hilarious from the whole Golic crew. I sincerely appreciate everyone letting the us fans behind the family curtain.
Love love love listening to the Golic Gang share their stories! They’re humorous, witty and very entertaining. The Golic Gang has always modeled, seemingly effortlessly, a foundation of family values that I appreciate more and more, as I am raising my family in today’s society. You’re willingness to allow us a chance to share in your crazy little worlds is a true joy for this family gal in small town USA.. Can’t wait to hear more! PS, Golic and Wingo is great too.. (don’t want Trey to feel left out)...
These podcasts are the best! Fastest 30 minutes ever! You’ll want to be best friends with this group! Chris Golic’s laugh is contagious! I wish each episode was longer and that they were more frequent. Can’t wait for the next one!
Love the show & Podcast. I drive for a living and listen every morning. I wish Golic Jr was on for the full 4 hours
I miss Greenberg. Trey winging doesn’t cut it. I stopped listening. Lots of other better podcasts.
The Golic family needs Sorry in Advance to have its own portal. I love it and want it to be weekly. It is truly fantastic. It could also be a bit longer. Keep up the great work Golics.
I used to listen to the daily podcast when Greenberg was on here. Now, Golic Jr and that dope and creep Wingo ruined it and I no longer listen.
Love the Golic family podcast and I never fail to laugh my way through it. Would love to see them have their own space and/or a Twitter account for the podcast - usually rely on Chris’ announcement of a new ep but if I miss seeing it...
Sorry in Advance needs it’s own space!
Please give this podcast its own “home!” Very relatable and very funny. A must listen!!!
I want the Golics to adopt me
Love the weekly pods of Sorry in Advance! Keep them coming!
But it's fast becoming the Jr & Fitz show which I do not enjoy. "Sorry in Advance" podcast gets 0 stars
Love this podcast. I listen on the drive home and laugh so hard! Thanks for doing this!
There aren’t enough stars to rate you guys! It’s the BEST! Thanks Golic Family!
I don’t ever leave reviews for podcasts and I subscribe to a handful of them. I’m leaving this review because of Jenny and Mike’s performance on Sorry In Advance in their reenactment of A Few Good Men. I just finished listening to that episode and actually felt like I was listening to the real scene. Jenny should definitely take classes to get better at that craft. I listen to Golic and Wingo everyday due to me driving for a living so I don’t subscribe but would love for Sorry In Advance to be separate from the show in the Podcast form. When GoJo hosts you can see the difference in the flow of the conversation. This is a great podcast to get to know the Golic family in more depth and it feels like the listener becomes a part of the family.
Golic and Wingo is my favorite, must listen to sports podcast! Everyday I listen I feel like I am sitting around with my buddies talking sports. Now I get Sorry In Advance as a bonus!! I feel like I am the dysfunctional 2nd cousin lol. You guys ready to rock? Keep it up guys, you rock!
Definitely and Oscar winning performance by Jenny. Also, lets not forget the best supporting role also goes to Mike Golic! Love it....
I need more “sorry in advance”. I love golic golic and wingo. I drive a truck so most of my interaction has been listening on the radio but anytime I get a chance to catch on tv I do. I listened to mike and mike all the way back to the beginning and have to say it always got me through my days I loved it not just for the sports but the great conversations and debates. However the new show has a little different dynamic and it’s fantastic, I never thought I’d be a podcast person but I love it cause I can go back and not miss a minute of the show. Mike Golic is my guy I’d love to meet and sit down over a couple beers, that’d be the coolest!
The entire family is hilarious. Listening to them jab at each other reminds me of family parties at my mom’s house. Please list it separately so it’s easier to find.
Love the honesty, love the fun .
My main goal in life since 2015 was to be apart of the golic family! I even became a ND fan! This podcast has drawn my goal closer. It’s incredibly funny love this family and please keep making more. When I was from 9-12 I would drink syrup, until one day there were ants in the syrup and I accidentally drank it and was scared for life..
Sorry in Advance is an awesome Podcast and a must listen for anyone that has a family filled with shenanigans. As a lifelong Notre Dame fan, this podcast leaves me wondering how I can get adopted by the first family of ND. We need more episodes and a stand-alone podcast. P.S. - Janice G. I hope my review lives up to the standard of reviews you’ve set.
Hearing the Golic family getting together to talk about their lives is great. Big fan of Golic Sr and mama Golic. You guys are so down to earth, basically a normal family with notoriety. Btw, while I don’t take maple syrup to the head lice Janice, I do do that to bbq sauce. And at this point, hearing how you keep trying to get her dad on the podcast is almost like Jimmy Kimmel apologizing to Matt Damon for running out of time for him. Just makes this mysterious man’s mantra grow bigger after every podcast. Keep up the great entertainment. Love all of you!
I absolutely love the Golic family. This look into their family dynamic is amazing.
I really enjoyed Mike and Mike and was hopeful that Wingo would fit in, but he is terrible. I will not listen to this show until Wingo is off of it.
You guys are hilarious!!!
I would give it 5 stars if GoJo sat in all show and Fitz took over for Hal.
It’s probably just not for me, but I don’t find these people entertaining
I hate leaving any negative reviews, but man I really want to like this podcast. I just can’t listen to it when Mike Golic Junior is on there. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I’m sure he is a great guy - he just seems like he is trying to hard. If it gets to be just the two guys, I’ll come back.
I wish it was everyday. I listen while driving home from work, it really help me relax and lol all the way home in traffic.
Always loved Mike and Mike and Golic and Wingo has continued with it, and dare I say, made it even better!
There’s nothing better than a shot of maple syrup...or Hershey’s Syrup for that matter.
10/10 drink maple syrup.
Hi All, Please make this show an hour, please, please, PLEASE, I always wanted to be a part of the Golic household and with this podcast, it's amost like my dream has come true!!!! Keep up the great work and sorry in advance for leaving a great review, hopefully you will still read it on the air!!!! Ronnail Wilson from Chicago.
Jeez this show is easily one of the best.
Overall I really like this show. Long time listener of Mike and Mike. Since the transition to Golic and Wingo the use of the word dam$ and OMG is constant. I have to find another show when my kids are around. I think the show would be just as good if they watched the language.
Wingo..light on preparation...heavy on Cliche/Hyperbole...Mike Sr and Junior carry the show. Timeslot and historical cache still seems to be enough to bring in some legit visitors/guests.


These guys are hilarious. Save me on my commute to work everyday !
Mike & Mike was my favorite morning show for years, best morning sports talk show ever. I can’t listen to this new show because I can’t stand Trey Wingo. The guy thinks he’s hilarious, however in reality he’s so annoying. He continuously talks over everyone else and has to get the last word in on every topic. He doesn’t stay on topic, starts rambling about worthless stuff no one cares about. The guy ruined the show, he needs to go he’s the worst!
Only time I listen to this show is when they have a guest I like or to get a quick overview of various topics in “what’s trending.” I think Trey tries too hard with his stupid voices, high energy, and weird inflections. He’s qualified to talk sports for 3 hours straight and that’s what he should do instead of trying to make himself stick out every episode. Just relax and do what you do man. Also please cut the annoying sound effects and stop saying “We have a LOT to get into” 3 times every episode. We get it, there are topics to cover.
I was a big Mike and Mike fan and continue to be a fan of Mike Golic. I really enjoy Junior as well so I tried to hang in there as long as I could with Trey Wingo. But I can't do it anymore. Wingo continues to say unfunny things, then yells unfunny things, then repeats unfunny things. Maybe make the podcast Mike and Mike with the two Golics?
Loved Mike & Mike so tried to keep this going. Wingo just spouts nonsense and yells to be funny. Tries way too hard to have nicknames for guests to try to seem cool but sounds like an idiot. Constantly says "for lack of a better term"...if you can’t expand your vocabulary in that profession then please just go away. Wingo has ruined it. The Golics with Jason Fitz wouldn't be bad but I listen less and less every week. THOMAHAWK show much more insightful and funny.
Sorry - I have tried to watch and/or listen to this! I miss Mike & Mike and I enjoy Mike Sr. and Wingo but I don’t like anything about Junior - his sarcasm, the tenor of his voice, his delivery. I’ll continue to subscribe to the podcast and will listen on those rare occasions Mike Jr. is not on!
It was so much better with Greeny, Wingo isn’t to same.
Mike please be stronger when talking ND football. The only reason I watch your show is because of you. ESPN had zero respect for us. Northwestern has zero chance of being us. If you don’t defend us who will
Golic takes way too long to ask a question. Hit the 30 second fast forward button and get to the guest response. They do get good guests. Just need better interviewers