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This is EXACTLY the type of podcast I could get into. It's got a good message. Coupled with amazing music. Just from an artists standpoint, he packages everything extremely well. Sample ready, even prepared sheet music. I pray the tragedies in Rokkasho will end, though I hope other artists will take note of this unique podcasting style. I know I will. *begins remix of rokkasho*
I love Sakamoto, but honestly, the anti-nuke message is stupid and uniformed. Frankly, if you know anything about energy - and he does not - Nuclear energy is the best and safest energy around in comparison to buring coal, going to war over oil it is much safer for the world. Hoenstly, look into it - compare the amount of people that have died beacuse of nuclear energy versus coal... Do the math, and then see if the message makes sense. Great song though.
File this under important, but the album won't end up scratched and worn on your bedroom floor. You have to appreciate the effort.
Good podcast for a good cause. The music reminds me of the music on Samurai Champloo.
This video could not be any more tedious or BORING!