Why Am I Telling You This? with Bill Clinton

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Wonder why hasn’t she been called yet? Come on! We love her! <3 About the podcast: Interesting guests, interesting questions from of course a very knowledgeable, smart and accomplished interviewer! Would be better if you just add a little nod/acknowledgement after a profound answer, sometimes you just move on to next question without an ack. Feels a bit abrupt. Also, I am a Clinton follower so I have read and seen quite a lot of your interviews. I feel your anecdotes, stories are repetitive. It seems like there’s no new material in the last decade or so.
This is a terrible podcast.
Thank you, Mr. President and Stacey for this absolutely insightful discussion of voting rights. After following these bills recently, this was the first talk I heard that was spoken so clear and concisely about voter law.
A very moving interview, with the youngest daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King. Clinton's innate humility shines through, as he and Bernice King work together to understand Why People Hate. And they achieve a breakthrough together, right on the air. A moment, indeed! Clinton has not lost the most endearing trait of his presidential years: he can let the OTHER guy shine. .
Thank you for bringing this podcast to me each week! I started listening I got after I heard an advertisement for this show on your wife’s podcast. I love hearing about people I don’t know and broadening my perspective. Thank you for sharing yourself and your friends and helping us better understand the world we live in each week!
Come on. We are all waiting for a Hillary episode
President Clinton, As a 90s kid, you represented America at the turn of the century, the lone super-power poised for greatness, where our respect around the world seemed endless. Meeting you at Ole Miss in 2010 was one of the great honors of my life. Thank you and Hillary for putting such a great product together for us. Both of your Podcasts are informative and leave me wishing we still had another 8 years. All the best,
Topics covered in a thorough way! Great listen.

By dsor1
You gonna tell us why you assaulted those women? Cuz you got a sub then
I sincerely hope you’ll try to get Madeline Albright on!!
Have you no shame! Why can’t you Clinton’s go away!
Thank you mr President for your stories and insight on what’s going on in our world and ourCountry. Thank you also for everything you’re doing with this podcast.
Great work President Clinton and Foundation folks. This is a great contribution to the public discourse. Keep it up!
Thank you for not interrupting your guests when they're telling a story. Great insight!
I loved when you were President so Glad to have discovered your podcast. This was my first show tonight and this interview touched me. I share a similar xperience to Magic and have lived long with a health matter with a very similar survival technique early on. And that recipe has kept me alive for 27 years now. Magic is awesome! And your Presidency and it’s work was truly elongating my life during that time as well! God bless!
Go away no one cares what the Clinton’s think. Terrible people.
Heard about this podcast while listening to another one and gave it a shot. It’s a new podcast but I am enjoying the episodes. They are informative & provokes critical thinking and seeing situations from another POV. Looking forward to future episodes!
Dear Bill, Are you going to tell us why you raped Juanita Broaddrick ?, maybe your going to tell us why the #metoo movement does not apply to you, even though she goes into great detail on what you did to her.
I don’t recall a time I have listened to President Clinton and not walked away smarter and more informers then when I arrived. Worth a listen!
You were the first person I voted for! Ali Schuback
Thank you Mr. President for producing a podcast really worth listening to. You have always been fascinating to me and so I really found your first two interviews to be enlightening and valuable. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for future episodes!
The groper in chief
I found your podcast doing a search for Dr. Sanja Gupta and am so delighted to hear your voice again. The Clinton Foundation has done wonderful work all around the world. I am looking forward to hearing more from you.
I’ve always wanted to hear a podcast by a sexual predator! I feel like Bill needs a chance to give his side of why he was on Jeff Ep’s plane 27 times!
Just go away you shameless sack of s••t.
Have not listened to an episode but how can this not be great! So excited and looking forward hearing from Pres. Clinton.
Great podcast! I’m looking forward to listening to others and learning more bout how our lives are interwoven in ways that only President Clinton can bring to light. Very enlightening. Thanks to you and your team.
Just finished the first episode with Winston Marsalis. I was blown away by how thoughtful and insightful he was. Looking forward to many more phenomenal guests.
Thank you. What great content. I’ve be waiting and waiting.
What a terrific inaugural episode! Starting with Wynton Marsalis is a stroke of genius. I have followed Wynton from afar for many years, and it’s both enriching and encouraging to hear the wisdom he has gleaned during his journey. Few of his caliber exhibit his sense of humility and willingness to pass it forward. What a great experience to hear this conversation between two people who clearly speak the same language.
I’ve been waiting for the reboot of this podcast and cannot wait for the deep and profound conversations 42 will have with his guests.
I am so excited for this! He was my favorite president and now I can hear even more about him!
Will Bill interview Ghislaine Maxwell on the first episode? They can reminisce about their late friend, Jeff E.
I just finished listening to the trailer and I look forward to these conservations...
As a child born and living in Arkansas since 1990, I have never needed a podcast more than one from President Bill Clinton!!!! C’mon BILL! 👏🏻
Fantastic stuff!