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As a hispanic woman (also from the 305, s/o Brian) in a relationship with a black man, I greatly appreciated the perspectives discussed on the episode with Emmanuel Acho. I’m preparing to bring a black child into this country and listening to conversations like this feels invaluable to me. Thank you guys so much for keeping it 100!!
Yes the podcast is great , breath of fresh air, but my homie Mike- what’s going on with your upper lip in that picture 🥴
Mike and Bryan are truly great. Mike for Bachelor! That would be an amazing season!


I love this podcast. I’m a big fan of Mike and Bryan so I was super happy when I saw they had a podcast together. I think Mike should have been the bachelor... still can’t believe abc did us like that because it would have been my favorite season. But if we can’t get that I’m glad I at least get to listen to the podcast. I support you both in all you do. Keep up the good work
Fun and chill and real. Great times hanging with great guys.
Thank you guys for your episode on the CH Extra Interview. I really appreciated hearing your reactions, your insight, and Bryan’s defense of his amazing wife Rachel Lindsay was incredible. I’m so thankful to hear your perspectives, and be more inspired to be antiracist in real time, not letting opportunities pass to learn how to speak up against racism in our world today.
Mike and Bryan are amazing and speak so eloquently and in depth. They give the mans perspective and don’t shy away from topics. Must listen.
Mike is the man! So real and down to earth, love the podcast!
I really want to like this podcast because I really like the host and I am a big fan but I will be honest I lose interest and I don’t feel like the questions that are being asked are very smart questions I feel like Mike talks over people and no one is listening to the person that is being interviewed.I am hoping in time that the podcast will get better.
I love how Bryan stood up for His wife. You tell them who Rachel is!!
Love hearing Bryan speak, and with passion. He says more in a single podcast than he was given screentime in all his time over a season. (Reminds me again why Rachel picked him.) Bryan is also a demonstration of positive masculinity - he gets to love the most successful woman in the room, and she loves him back, because he’s not scared, and not trying to dim her glimmer. Ready for Baby Abs. Also, VOTE Mike Johnson for Bach Host. I can think of someone else they should offer the gig to first, but she should turn it down and get herself a Netflix deal. Executive Producer of “Love Isn’t Blind”, (R.L). I think justice for Mike Johnson is skipping him getting picked as Bachelor (where they’d edit him wrong) and and instead offer him Bachelor HOST. Look at that grin, that smile, those queens - he’d be a perfect gentleman and a fabulous host. Can I get me this financial-savvy veteran with a grin on MY tv screen every Tuesday at 9? Please ABC.
I have always been a Mike fan, but Bryan I didn’t know as much. But these two together are magic! I love how Bryan leads and gives Mike the opportunity to speak on certain things and vice verse with Mike! Both have incredible perspectives and both ask each other amazing questions. I also never really listen to podcasts, but they’re just very nice to listen to. Very real while also being well spoken.
I’m really enjoying this podcast and learning a lot. However, please find another word besides Bro. Really over used.
I’m really digging this podcast and this duo. These men are doing a great job standing up for what’s right and speak so eloquently about tough subjects.
Bryan, I hope other husbands see the way you speak about Rachel and learn from it. You two are awesome. Obviously Rachel Might not wanna be part of the franchise at all but if you two as a duo took over that would be cool. Keep up the great work!
Mike and Bryan are such a good match to host a show together. The respect, care, and joy that they bring to the show is incredible. Excited to see how their show continues to evolve!
Thank you Mike and Bryan for always being completely real about the franchise and showing BN through a more human lens. ❤️
Some of the many words that come to mind when I listen to this podcast. You guys make a great duo.
Love listening to the male perspective of two gentlemen!
Brilliant, eloquent, refreshing. Absolute must listen.
I love how real and truthful you both are I love this podcast so much !!!!You guys are so amazing
The balance between Mike and Bryan is great. I enjoy listening to two grown men who know who they are and bring life perspectives to this podcast.
Mike Johnson has always had this amazing ability to be both eloquent and super real and raw and that is on full display on this pod! What I really am loving though is this chance to get to know Bryan more after the bachelor franchise... essentially took that opportunity away from he and Rachel along with the viewers by framing Rachel’s season up like he was bound to be a too good to be true situation that she just so happened to pick. In a sea of post-bachelor contestant podcasts, their topics and opinions are so refreshing and really feels like you’re getting a different angle!
Love these guys & their perspectives. 🤍
Thank you for helping me grow and learn.
Mike and B- you handled this situation with so much class. Lord have mercy the change better come!! Sometimes this greatest rainbows come from the darkest clouds. I think this is going to skyrocket Rachel L-A to new heights. 🙏
Well I’m an Uber driver and I listen to a lot of podcasts especially bachelor nation podcast because I’m a huge fan of the show. This is by far in one of my TOP 5Bachelor Podcast and I love actually hearing from two guy’s point of view and being called baby (Mike) you guys are amazing, very intelligent and you articulate things very well. I’m a huge fan of the Higher Learning podcast and Rachel Lindsey .I know stating my race doesn’t matter really but I’m a white girl &I’ve learned a lot in the past month about everything that’s going on and Rachel L 100% has my support and things do need to change!Thank you guys for bringing a different perspective and I look forward to listening to more of your episodes.You’re missing out if you’re not listening to this podcast and I wish you all the luck in success with this .!❤️


I love this duo! They balance each other out well and compliment each other’s style. Easy to listen to and super interesting. Love hearing their perspectives.
There have been 4 podcast so far but I have to tell you that I thought the one with Emmanuel Acho was great. I listened to the podcast with Nigel Barker and that was another fantastic interview. The Matt James interview was good. Monday’s interview with Matthew Judon was at the top was at the top with Emmanuel Acho. Love how you guys ask the uncomfortable questions of each of your guest. Can’t wait to see who the next guest is, I know it will be another great episode. Congratulations Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson two great guys from the Bachelor Nation franchise.


Love Mike and Bryan but Mike tends to go on tangents a bit. Needs to be a bit more concise and straight to the point. Jumps from one thought to the next too often. Bryan is great! Love his perspective and communicates well.
I really learned a lot about Matt that I did not know. You both are great but Mike, please curb your over usage of “homie” and “bro”. Makes it hard to listen to you. You do not need it.
I truly enjoy the personalities of both Bryan and Mike. I liked them from their respective seasons, but this is allowing me to see another side of them. They ask great questions that facilitate meaningful conversation. Their interview with Matt James was also the most genuine one I’ve heard with him. I think Bryan and Mike were in his comfort zone of types of guys he would be friends with in the real world and he was able to take his guard down.
R & M, Nigel gave you guys a great interview! You asked the right questions that were both interesting and allowed him to expand in a way that provided both background and interesting content! One of the the best content podcast I‘be ever listened to. It could have gone on another 30 min. Keep it up!


Mike I love u, I really do, but your gonna have to refrain from using homie lol. I get that everybody is ur "boy" or "homie" but it gets really repetitive... if u just try a diff word maybe that might help lol
Always liked Mike and Bryan. They have great chemistry on this podcast and it’s easy and fluid. Bryan has a great podcast voice! Will definitely keep listening. Also consider putting on @gameofroses @pacecase and @bachelorclues. Their podcast takes a different perspective on the Bachelor and I know they would be interesting guests. That’s how I heard about your podcast.
So imma keep 100 Mike, you said imma keep it 100, 100 times
Only 2 episodes into the podcast and Bryan and Mike are FANTASTIC interviewers. I listen to Bryan’s other podcast and have listened to Mike’s countless appearances on other podcasts and this is the duo I didn’t know I needed! They’re chill but direct, approachable but give us straight talk...this that can be hard to achieve. Good job guys, can’t wait to tune in every week!
Have not watched the bachelor since they passed on Mike as the bachelor but very excited to support and listen to the podcast.
I really enjoy your chemistry. Keep being yourselves. I look forward to Mondays now.
Great questions and convo but please Mike understand you can keep it 100 without saying that after every statement!!
I don’t usually give reviews but I felt I had to because Mike and Bryan one of my faves from Bach Nation. Love how they are so real and can’t wait to keep hearing from them.
Happy for you two!!!
Appreciate the honesty, y’all should definitely get Game of Roses on!
Love the podcast but episode 2 I felt like Mike was trying to compare himself to Matt the entire episode. It was a little off putting. Also please stop saying keeping it 100.
Love the podcast and never knew Mike and Bryan were the duo I needed in my life. No offense to other male bachelor podcast but this one is by far the best. They are professional and have life experience that allows them to engage in a sincere manner. I love Mike already and im so happy to get to know Bryan more bc I love his wife . Now im officially a Bryan fan as well- great podcasting voice. Have you all done this before?!
Think Mike & Bryan have a great rapport, good guests so far and aren’t afraid to go beyond surface level. Looking forward to seeing where they take the show.
Love that you ask the questions others are scared to ask.