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OMG…HONEY!!! Just heard episode 2 and WOW… what a treat. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. It was much needed. 🙏💗💃
This episode should come with a csa trigger warning. I was not ready to hear what the guest said. Found it really disturbing.


By st1bess
if you want to be uplifted in all aspects of your life please listen to this podcast!!
I love the voice, the message, the love. In this chaotic world, Sah is not afraid to bring in his own form of love, peace and spirituality. My heart is so grateful that Sah shared his journey with the world. His words are real, raw and so good for my soul! Thank you 1,000 times. (Also, go get his book immediately if you haven’t, it’s affordable but priceless you know?)
Sah is amazing and I’m so grateful for his wisdom and genuine take on spirituality. He’s a reminder that we all experience our spirituality differently and that’s what makes life so beautiful! I’d honestly like people to interview him more on his podcast, because whenever he shares about his life or struggles I find it so relatable and I want to hear more! I’ve been listening to Sah’s meditations on Insight Timer over the past few years and love that he’s expanding his platform. Keep doing you, you fantastic being!!
I’m really grateful to be able to tap in and hangout with genuine and awesome humans on here, just listen in on life outside the binary. Thank you for this Honestly ✨💖
This is my favorite podcast because I always end it feeling so much more connected to my heart and excited to go out into the world with a more loving and compassionate nature. Sah is such a beautiful soul and he delivers these important lessons in the most beautiful, gentle, relatable way. I have never encountered a teacher that speaks to my soul the way he does and I look forward to every episode because I truly feel like I grow from each one. Thank you Sah for sharing your wisdom and love with us 💕
I love this podcast! It’s an important tool I use as a way to help center me after an exhausting week or life event. I appreciate the guests and of course, Sah is brilliant in his spiritually sassy insights. Thank you!
I love listening to this podcast in the morning to get my days started in the right foot. it’s so celebratory and awakening. the best!


By Coles4
Listening to Sah has awakened parts of my soul. I’ve cried, laughed, experienced epiphany and just validated ideas that I felt but refused within myself. Thank you❤️🙏🏻
These conversations are so candid and beautiful! It doesn’t matter what the topic or title is, the energy it brings to me is put magic! ♥️
Learn something every episode!
Thank you
this podcast is like a warm hug for the soul!
Helps me in my everyday life, thinking, everything!! Yas Queen. Work. Okay bye.
Sah’s energy and message are fire 🔥I LOVE the frequency you’re emanating to the world and this podcast is so motivating. ❤️
Everything about this podcast. Inclusivity. Expansion. Expression. Thank you for creating this space ❤️
Loving this. Thank you for packing this with great vibes. “Meditation is the hygiene to your mental health”, yes 100% . 🙌🏽✨💫🌟
So’ grateful that I found this podcast. He speaks with such clarity.
i listened to the first episode five times in a row. no joke. Sah has this captivating, energizing way of saying *ezactly* what you need to hear. this podcast is changing the frequency of the UNIVERSE. please listen, you won't regret it 🌧🌈🌟🌿🌀🌙🌑⚡️♥️
The best thing to listen to in the morning! I’m reading Sah’s book as well, and when you pair it with the podcast whew baby! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Looking forward to more episodes 🌞
So many reminders & positivity to go through life with! Really enjoyed this, I even took notes ☺️
The sassy reminders we all need! 💗💗💗
This is the BEST podcast I have ever listened to. If you are looking for a deep, playful, sassy, personal, and spiritual podcast to listen to for motivation and spiritual rebirth THIS IS IT. I listen to this podcast whenever I need a boost of spiritual energy and/or self love. Sah D’Simone has created a beautiful community with his work, and this podcast is yet another extension of his Spiritually Sassy revolution. I have learned so much about myself and about my spiritual journey through these episodes and I cannot wait for more. The feeling this podcast awakens in me feels like home. ❤️
you’re so super amazing, I love your practice and I wish you all the best things in the world.
This podcast is changing my lifeeeee 🤩 but it doesn’t feel like a chore to listen to it, it feels like having a chat with a very wise friend who is telling it like it is.
So much intuitive, sweet wisdom here! Sah reminds me to stay connected to the divine inside us all! Xoxoxoxo
Thank you Sah for all the beautiful sassy content
I’m so happy this is happening! Such a beautiful soul and I love being spiritual and SASSY! I look forward to the IG lives... but podcast?? YES HUNNAY!!!! The book is also amazing! Thank you for being a light and sharing your wisdom with us! TE AMO SAH!
I’m a new mom and have been feeling very lost in this new journey...I have desperately been seeking for something like this! Something that’s so sassy and spiritual that I can not resist! Sah is amazing in every way and his vibe just makes my day better. Thank you! 100/10 recommend! Me encanto!
So happy to finally have access to Sah’s podcasts. I’ve listened to three episodes so far, and feel stronger, lighter, and more grounded to take on my healing after each one. Profound questions, understandable answers, and soooo much sassiness in between! Can’t wait for more
The introduction to the podcast opens with the most amazing music, gets you like super pumped for the show... and then before the introduction is even over you just feel like you have come home after being lost for so long! ♥️ The conversations flow and are woven with humor, honesty, vulnerability, spirituality and of of course Sassyness!! It’s SO good 👑 have a listen, I promise it will open you up to more of who you are on a deeper level! 🙌🙌 Thank you Sah and guests! ~ Leah ✨ @leahabraham1111
Love his light, energy, and sass!!! He is amazing and his words and voice is sooo uplifting. I start and end my day with him. He is just so awe-inspiring. His is my Spiritually Sassy guide! Thanks you for opening and sharing you world with us. Love, Love, love you Honey!!!
Beyond ecstatic that my friend introduced me to Sah on Instagram. Such a real and refreshing reminder that spirituality comes from your authentic self. Be you and be bold about it. 🙏💃🕺
Oh my gosh, every conversation was like it was meant for me! So down to earth and relatable. Thank you for your magic, Sah!
a literal blessing from the gods above. everyone needs to hear this podcast!
Amazing podcast please keep making them they are soooo helpful to me. I’m so grateful for putting your heart and soul into this!
LOVE his litness, guests and truthbombs! Sah is amazing!