The "I'm You" Podcast

Reviews For The "I'm You" Podcast

Btw I’m your 79 Malibu classic and I’m you taking dates out in it! Coulda just borrowed Sebastian‘s crown Vic with the megaphone under the hood! 🤣🤣🤣 Great show -Shreve
I like hahhahaah
Loved the airplane story hahahaha
I'm me enjoying this hahahaha
keep it up guys!
Not bad at all. Different for sure but funny.
Would love to get on the show. Do you have an email set up or something?
Love it!
This crap is affecting the world. Liking these guys here a lot.
Laughed my bum off...
Good laugh for me every week.
Enjoying this while on the way to work... funny stories.
Thumbs up lol
Yummers lol
Very funny.
Did not know what to expect but I find myself laughing out loud believe it or not.
I say that as a compliment lol. Very funny.
I finally caught on though. Can you do more than one a week?
I'm catching on fast. This podcast is pretty funny.
Very intrigued... looking forward to more.
Very funny guys here.
Teach Mike how to use a Mic. Great stuff looking forward to more.


Hilarious!!! I’m this podcast!!