I Got You, Boo!

Reviews For I Got You, Boo!

These ladies are so motivational & truly inspiring. They have a sense of humor but also share reality! Nothing but good vibes here. I can’t get enough 😍
The positive and inspirational podcast we can all benefit from!
If you have ever doubted yourself once in your life, listen to IGYB. AMQ & Becca make me laugh, cry, & everything in-between. They are real & raw women who we can all learn from.
These two are awesome!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥They highlight the real!! and I love the topics they talk about!!! This Podcast is a must listen!!!!
Goodness! Not only are these 2 women absolutely INCREDIBLE!! But DANGGGG every episode hits home and is exactly what I need to hear! Seriously love these women and the messages they share!
I love how absolutely real these two are!!! Thank you for being true.


I never listened to podcasts until now. This is a podcast for all of the long-distance BFFs out there. These two fiery opinions, playful humor, talk through challenges that can be uncomfortable but this podcast gives listeners the space to learn and be encouraged. I truly love it and I’ve been sharing with my friends. Thanks for creating this!
Guys! Please listen to these real gals! You will laugh, you will think and you will feel good in YOUR skin. When they said- your tomb stone won’t say your size, your weight or anything about that so why are you stressing about that. Trust me. Listen and you will understand!! Thank you girls!!
Two episodes and a minisode in and I’m already hooked! I love Becca and AMQ’s chemistry and my abs hurt after watching because I’m laughing so much! Excited to unpack all the things and unlearn with these two!💜
Love this! Normalizing all body types with their spunky real talk attitude! I look forward to hearing more!
All the self love and realness you need in life! I’ve looked all over for podcasts that empower me and help me work on LOVING ME, and this is it!!
You 2 clearly have so much natural chemistry! Loving this so much!
These 2 bring so much joy to the world. So authentically them, breaking societal norms to allow everyone to feel safe and confident in their bodies, all while having fun and spreading their happiness. If you need a good belly laugh or to get out of your own head, Becca and AMQ are your solution, they got you.
Honestly where to start. Truths, laughs, real talk, these girls freaking have it all! I’m so excited to watch this show grow and share it with my girls 💕
Well-rounded experience of hitting tough topics in an environment of love and compassion balanced with fun games to make you laugh til you cry. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE! Add it to the Peaks of your week 😉😘♥️
Wow! Loving these ladies so much! So relatable & the best vibes! Please keep them coming <3
These two are both hysterical and motivational! This first episode had me both laughing and reflecting! I cannot wait for more from them ❤️
These women make you laugh and make you think. They remind you that you’re not alone in your triumph or struggle. They are real, even when it’s hard. Can’t wait for more episodes!
Like, imagine your 2 best friends who you go to brunch with & chit chat & laugh until your belly hurts... but also the kind of girlfriends you can have those deep & meaningful convos with that just leave you feeling SO fulfilled... THAT is the experience you’ll get from this podcast!!!! I Got You, Boo is literally the perfect combo of real talk, wittiness, goofiness, sass & swearing🤣. And I’m absolutely OBSESSED!🤗 Cannot wait to hear what’s to come each week!!
If you are looking for honesty, fun and laughs this is a great podcast! They bring their lives truths, things that we find uncomfortable body image etc and they add humor to serious topics! It’s fun, you’ll learn and you will gain confidence!! Great listen!
There is something so exciting about hearing from fellow women who are AUTHENTIC & keep it REAL & RELATABLE. That’s exactly what your going to get served here. Motivation, empowerment, and a dose of sass that we all have inside us! I’m down for the ride Sistas!
Yes, please! These ladies are bringing love and light to all of us who need it. Thank you!
Loved your first mini-episode & can’t wait to promote your podcast. We need more of that light and positivity in this fitness space. And just as women. You two are onto something. 💜 loved it. I’m a huge podcast listener so I subscribed & it’s in my lineup now. ❤️ Cannot WAIT to hear more!!!
These ladies! HOLY COW! This is a podcast that resonates so much and needs to be in millions of ears!!! Love it
These ladies really want to help other ladies and I am here for it! So relatable. Day-to-day when you can feel isolated in your “life stuff”, these babes remind you that we are all in this together. I really appreciate their commitment to body positivity, even when it’s hard!