Reviews For Lives of the Unconscious. A Podcast on Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

This podcast is definitely one of the best on the net. The material covered is theoretically informed and the clinical examples are indeed practical. The language (both the German and the English version) is easy to relate to and understand, but far from simplistic. The diversity of the references and the practicality of the analogies is just what the reader/listener needs to get a better, deeper understanding of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic thinking. Many thanks for the work you do
I play it at 2x for it to sound normal. Three seconds pauses after every sentence does not make what your saying sound profound.
I am a psychiatry resident. I am trying to improve my psychotherapy skills. The title seemed intriguing enough, but after 4 episodes, I had to stop because there are no useful theoretical or clinical informations that were being said in the podcast. The itty bitty that was being said were outdated and/or simply common sense told with authoritative voices.