Reviews For For All Mankind: The Official Podcast

I’ve always loved space since a young age and this is a great addition to the For All Mankind show, if you love the show I would definitely recommend this podcast.
Just rewatched For All Mankind and amazed about how great the show was written and produced. The acting is amazing. Just finished listening to the Season 2 and Season 3 podcast. While Season 2 was informative, I really like the format in Season 3 where each episode is analyzed. Any way to do a podcast for Season 1 and I really hope there’s going to a podcast for the recently released Season 4. Keep up the great work, Krys Marshall!
The strikes messed up everyone’s work, but please bring back the podcasts! Sorely missed
Would love for them to go back and co er Season 1, but with Season 4 now completed I’m guessing the show will not go on.
This podcast is a wonderful addition to a wildly enjoyable TV show. I wish they would bring it back for the most recent season! I need more, more, more! <3
For All Mankind (the TV show) effectively tackles tricky subjects. For All Mankind (the Official Podcast) delivers hours of behind-the-scenes insight, much of which is well worth listening to. But unlike the creators of the TV show, the podcast host doesn’t feel the need to be subtle about her biases: Black is better. Female is better. And frankly, anything to do with her character is better.
Danelle Poole wouldn’t say Mmmmm hmmm so much. But I love the podcast can’t wait for the new season here and on Apple TV
Caught up on latest from Season3 finally. Again outstanding show! Krys needs to be brought in for more Apple TV+ series and Pods! She clearly has rapport with entire cast and crew, which can be very difficult to maintains Love the content still, only request is to bring in more of the science experts and folks to discuss the realities, science, and assumptions of the show setting. Previous seasons review: I love this additional content not just about the show but science, show process, and cultural critiques of our times and the alternative yet believable world For All Mankind has created. Recommend  do more podcasts like this for their show. A Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest, or Shataran pod would be amazing! —- previous review thoughts—- Krys and the pod are amazing. I wish i started while watching Season 2, but picked it up afterward. The intertwining of the show and real science/research topics and guests. Krys is a bold and engaging host who could be a journalist in an alternate life.
Exciting. Love the background music. Thanks to the host
Both seasons are wonderful IMO. The 1st season (2nd season of the show) is about the science & logistics of space travel. The 2nd podcast season goes over the each show episode’s story line. I loved the interviews with the actors. Jodi Balfour has such a S. African accent! Krys Marshall asks thoughtful questions.
The podcast does a great job bringing in the people who make For All Mankind happen. From the cast, writers, producers to engineers and astronauts. Krys is a great host as well.
The host goes mmm hmmm way too often and way too loud in the mic so that’s all I hear in the conversation. Otherwise the actual content is good
I ain’t going to lie, hearing Shantel crying and talking to her grandmother was deep and low key needed to discussed a bit further because that got me. Krys is a great host and can’t wait to hear from you guys next year!
Karen?!?! How dare you! I was sucked in! I mean Karen Ballwin?!? Molly….how? And it was 2003 not 2001. Sweet lord my heart is broken. Love the Pod. Molly and Karen…..Devi stated. Can’t wait for next season.
Ms. Marshall has the best voice. And I really need to understand what is wrong with the Stevens kids. That’s why I started listening. They are going crazy!! I think this is my favorite show ever made. I love the idea of how advanced women are in the USA in the 80s and 90s and how stupid that that is only fiction.
I loved this show in the first season. But it’s writers are bent on foisting their woke agenda upon its fans. And when a show makes that more important than good content, then it should not be surprised when it loses a good portion of its viewers.
I have been a huge fan of For All Mankind from the first episode, but only recently discovered this podcast, and I love it! Krys Marshall is absolutely delightful and so natural. I love her turns of phrase and how comfortable she is interviewing cast and crew from the show and scientists on show topics. I adore her as Danielle Poole…just awesome…but hosting an interview podcast is very different work so I wasn’t sure what to expect. As it happens, Ms. Marshall is truly gifted in both arenas, and I have enjoyed every podcast episode as a result. The podcast is also really well produced. I’m all caught up now. Can’t wait for the next episode of the show and the podcast. Thank you for this wonderful behind-the-scenes look at one of my very favorite programs.
Best show on TV right now. Naturally, the podcast show follows suit! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Between behind the scenes discussions and real talk with space specialists and astronauts, this podcast ha it all! Krys Marshall is an awesome host in addition to being an amazing actor! Also just watched the Mars triple launch and legit teared up 🥲
Krys is amazing on both projects. Can’t wait for Season 3 and Season 2 of the show and podcast respectively.
Love the behind the scenes! Definitely adds to the actual show. Keep this podcast up, please! 💫
It’s a really good behind the scenes look at the show. I personally prefer their roundtable episodes, but both types are interesting. They talk about very interesting topics as well, and explore the nuances of the show.
I love the podcast more than the show. A lot of the information on here is pretty fascinating. However, some plot points on the show really left a bad taste in my mouth. That mostly comes down to idiotic writing. The actors are all pretty good and at times the story can be interesting. More consistency in story would be appreciated.
This podcast is the perfect companion to a truly extraordinary show. Krys is a wonderful host. Really looking forward to more!
Krys - your voice was meant for podcasts! Thank you for taking us behind the scenes of space travel and the show. Loved all these interviews with the astronauts and actors that helped us see how much goes into our explorations into space. Great work!
Can’t get enough of the FAM series and truly appreciate the Podcast interviews, discussions, character motivations, and most importantly, the related space science and engineering trivia. This is an incredible show, and I have become so deeply attached to the characters. Thank you, Krys, for making this Podcast so enjoyable and entertaining. Looking forward to more podcasts from you!
Thank you so much into this look into the show. Your scene with the 'soviet engineer' and the final meetup of Apollo/Soyuz were some of the best scenes in the season. Can't wait for Season 3!
I absolutely love these podcasts! The show is magnificent and listening to the cast and writers add so much more flavor to each episode. Can’t wait for season 3!!!!!!! I feel excited and educated in an entertained way. Thx Krys and Garrett for the sneak peek into the world of outer Space👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


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Very cool and enjoyable podcast. Before starting it I thought it would be about the show and then with the first episode thought it would be all about really going to space but it is BOTH! Great to hear the real world space stuff and also the show specific stuff. Krys Marshall is an excellent host. Well worth the listen. Plus it’s fun to hear everyone’s real life accents. I had no idea it was such an international cast.
Overall, it was fine but I had hoped for a bit more. First, not every TV episode had an accompanying podcast episode. That was kinda disappointing. Secondly, not all the episodes were related to what was going on in the show. I liked that they dove into the science and history of space exploration in real life, but I wanted more behind the scenes of the show itself. They did a few of these “bonus roundtables” that had a few cast members and those were great, they probably were the hilights of the whole podcast, but there were only 3 of them. So I hope the podcast comes back for season 3, but with a greater focus of the behind the scenes of the show.
Krys, you do a great job as host and on the show as well. Keep both going!!!
It’s so awesome to get behind the scenes info from Krys and the actors, but what’s even cooler is when she talks to real astronauts about space. This most recent episode on space food was fascinating. No crumbs! Love it!
I like this podcast I would like to see season two, what would happen if we went to space.
Pls pls plz add season 2. 😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😻😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸👶🏻😸😸.
The show and podcast are engaging and fun. The show allows the audience to explore all the possibilities of space travel and the podcast dives deeper into the details. The host is funny and engaging, would love to hear her interview more of the cast and creators. For All Mankind (the show and the podcast) is a love story about science, exploration, and human achievement.
Loving this podcast. Bite sized science with a great host.
The Adult Babies podcast sent me here! Fantastic show and now a fantastic podcast. I’m already learning more about space. Hope to hear some more of the cast come on as guests. Krys Marshall is the perfect host.
Can’t wait to hear the other episodes!
i’m so excited for this! i wish it had existed during season 1, too, because it’s great so far. Krys was the perfect choice of cast member to host :)
Great podcast, too!
Listened right after watching the opening episode of season 2. A nice set up for the season. I do hope they explain WHY they went to the shuttle here. As us space geeks know, the shuttle was ONLY used to make space flight cheap. I wonder how in the Alternate history what changes would have been made to it.
Not that great. Just seems like an advertisement for the tv show.
This podcast is a masterpiece!