Powered By Audio

Reviews For Powered By Audio

Topic I had never thought about they made very interesting
Pretty captivating. Great to learn about the power of audio and how far our everyday sounds go. Will definitely tune in for more.
I love audio, but never thought about how connected we are to it. This show is a true revelation of how important audio is to our daily lives. Take 15 mins and just listen. You’ll come back for more.
Adding this to my podcast roster!
It really helps you recognize how important sound is in our day to day! There are some really interesting guests and I’m excited to see where the show goes.
Powered by Audio has a really refreshing and unique angle on how audio affects our day-to-day and future. Super-thought provoking. Can’t wait to see what Randi covers next and which guests she’ll bring on. Highly recommend!!
Highly recommend this podcast!
super interesting 🧐 🤔 can’t wait for more
What an amazing podcast!
Randi has great energy. Clearly easier to listen to than her brother. Very interesting topic on the power of sound. I will tune in for the rest of the series.
Really good podcast - interesting and unique subject. Look forward to hearing more episodes.