Venture Forth: A D&D Podcast

Reviews For Venture Forth: A D&D Podcast

I’ve been looking for a D&D podcast and this one seems to be a nice fit. P.S. There is also no swearing as far as I know which is key
I am glad this adventure came into my daily existence! The story, each character and their interaction with each other and the world makes this great fun to experience. Thank you for this podcast, it is my drive home trip each night, everyone is doing an amazing job and having fun doing it. Keep up the imagination and creativity and let the story continue.
A friend recommended this show to me and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The cast does a fantastic job at embodying their characters and describing their surroundings. I have found myself laughing, celebrating their wins, and sitting at the the edge of my seat by the end of each episode. Even if you don’t like D&D or Literature RPGs, you will enjoy this show.
Let me start off by saying, we are not D&Ders. However, we still find this podcast to be very engaging and exciting! It’s a super creative story driven series of events that is super easy to listen to. It even has us non-D&Ders looking into immersing ourselves! Looking forward to listening on and having some good laughs here and there.
Magic is what you expect from a D&D podcast, but the storytelling, acting, production quality, and great music take it to another level. I never want to stop listening; I need to know what happened! The characters are creative, with interesting, well thought-out magic systems and backstories for each one. The plot enchanted me from the first few minutes—so story-driven—I felt completely immersed in this magical world, like I was standing right there in their lands. This exciting, emotional, unique podcast is a must!
I like how this podcast helps me understand the game through its inventive characters and action. The dialogue is especially fun. I look forward to listening for little puns and jokes and moments that address sexism or other relevant issues. The music is varied and amazing and well integrated into the episode, sometimes very subtle and unobtrusive and other times heightening the drama. There’s a lot to enjoy!
Really engaging world and character performances! The production value is super high too! The audio quality and music is fantastic!
This podcast is superb. With original music and story, all of these unique characters create such a fun and emmersive experience that you cannot help but want more. Everyone is excited and creative with the descriptions and fights. My favorite part is that characters stay authentic to their core beliefs and are not people pleasing for entertainment sake. You will laugh, you will gasp, and fall head first into this wonderful tale.
Creative! I imagine my friends and I would be like this in my living room playing if we were better actors!
The first episode introduces the cast of characters, to the audience and to one another, from the front lines of a holy war currently raging in Elbor. The background music is well done. The players are talented improvisers and actors, allowing for a good amount of humor to come out of character interactions. I'm looking forward to future episodes!
The world that they came up with- is super-engaging and simply AMAZING! What an immersive podcast!