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Love the Podcast Losers 👑 Tara is def a Gemini through and through it’s so funny to listen to her gossip 🤣 You guys are doing great Keep em comin ❤️
All they do is glorify blacking out, “cancel” people who shouldn’t be cancelled, and defend David dobrik. Next.
My favorite pod to listen to instead of paying attention at work.... love you guys!
you 3 are great together!!!! so entertaining i just wish there was more!!! 2 times a week babyy! get in losers, we're full time podcasting 😋😋
this podcast is so hilarious and real. love these three together!!! Def top 3 of my fav podcasts😍
Tara is literally the best tik toker out there. I love this podcast and love supporting her! A must listen to when you’re bored @ home
This is everything i needed and more. this podcast gives me good vibes. i love you tara and i wanna be jus like you
Ive never been the one to be able to sit and listen to people talk for more than 10 mins but this is my fav thing to wake up and hear when theres a new episode so keep em comin
These three are seriously sooo funny together I literally count down every Monday until I can listen again. I get bored of podcasts easy and this is by far the best one lol
love you all and ft me miss tara😙 301-922-3349
I love your prodcast! It keeps me going everyday your amazing all of you!!
from tik tok to podcast ✨ love the content


By MSM5334
Biased, privileged, and quite frankly annoying viewpoints on every subject I’ve heard spoken about.


I’m so new but I love this
If you’re looking for a podcast that glorifies substance abuse and acting intolerable, this is the podcast for you. Also if you want to here people talk negatively about many others, give it a listen.
I love this!
My new favorite podcast! Love it so much!!
They think they’re funny but in reality they’re just a bunch of no bodies that got to start a podcast cuz tana put in a good word for them. Now they just sit and talk down about ppl to get attention. They have as much to offer as a normal 12 year old Kid.
lol you pay for ratings & your podcast is still complete trash.
I’ve loved Imari for a long time and been watching Tara on tik tok for ever now and I was lit when y’all started this I look forward to more love you!!!
Just look at the episode titles and you can see. They know they are trying to trigger Trish for clout. That ain’t it.


I love you guys so muchh!!! You guys literally are my fav podcast ever!!❤️
Someone come get Tana’s backup dancers please
Just like the title says. This podcast is very hateful and downright boring. If you want an actual entertaining podcast, I suggest H3. More specifically frenemies ♥️
Take the 5 star reviews with a grain of salt... the hosts had offered their audience $$ over Venmo if they left positive reviews.....
Awful quality & terrible stories. Stuck up kids
it was great lolz
Keep it up y’all🥲
ur hilarious, love the podcast <3
I love listening to tea especially when it’s not my own and I get exactly that out of this...Taraswrld Stan til the end
had to use trishas name in the first ep to try and be relevant , super corny
i love this podcast it’s a little pick me up LOVE IT
She’s so funny
imari provides structure and explains segments (mainly to tara and zach lol) in a clear narrative, tara provides *sounds* and commentary in a drunken hot mess, and zach ..... is straight ...? but in all seriousness this podcast makes me laugh and i enjoy feeling like i'm hanging out with best friends as they drink and play games and tell their craziest stories. looking forward to making this a monday ritual!
Omg I’m obsessed!!! Love the three of you so much and Zach has had my heart since 2015😢❤️
Absolutely great! 10/10 recommend. Literally the only podcast I listen too.
Never really listened to podcasts but this os interesting 🌚
love this podcast!! especially tara!!! f the haterz
This is exactly what I needed when I’m getting high af lmaoo


This is amazing. I love you
I been listening to your podcast all morning and I love it
podcasts were never my thing, but this podcast has officially changed that. this is my fav, literally couldn’t put a better group of people together, i love it.
Ummm love the podcast . I wanna know how many ex’s does she has


By N3koo
Naww because I love it


solid 11/10