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The production is excellent and the story is well told.


My 3rd time listening to this! The editing, production and story is thrilling and well investigated. Thank you for keeping Sophie’s memory alive!
I wanted to like this more than I did. It seemed to go on and on to the point where I thought perhaps it would be a good one to listen to while I am trying to go to sleep at night. At first I was brought in by the lovely accents but that really is about all I got out of the story. It should have been edited much more tightly. Six episodes would’ve been about right.
If you enjoy true crime that looks at every possible angle while searching for justice for the victim, this one’s for you.


While the production value is amazing, the story itself isn’t worth the time. It’s too tedious. The narrators haven’t told me why I should care.
This podcast gets high marks for production quality and the sincerity of the hosts, but the story itself is tedious, frustrating, and ultimately pointless. Really it’s the story of a narcissist named Ian Bailey. If you’re fine contributing to this blowhard’s self-aggrandizement then listen away. Along the way you’ll hear some lovely accents and be treated to the keystone cops escapades of the investigators, before being asked at the very end to find some sad poignancy in the whole mess of it, which is just the sort of claptrap these narratives tend to enjoy wallowing in. In short, a sentimentalized meandering story about a pack of liars all around, the proudest one being the arrogant and abusive sod at its heart. The whole thing is exploitative, mainly of the victim, which is desperately shameful on the part of the narrators and Ian Bailey himself.
Absolute best narration. This cannot end it’s just so engrossing. Gotta listen thrice to make sure I’ve taken it all in!
It’s hard to listen to this without jumping to conclusions. But hearing interviews with one particular person is very damning. That person is fitting a very specific profile.
This one was told so well by all involved. A truly riveting albeit sad and disturbing tale...
As I listened to this carefully researched podcast, I wondered why no follow-up on the cab driver that took Sofia to her home from the airport was interviewed. I suspected him from the beginning.
I do wish they listed other suspects, or anyone that could have remotely been guilty other than Ian Bailey. My money is on him being guilty for sure
I enjoy the way this is put together, cant get enough of it!
Can’t stop listening. I’m an avid podcast listener and this is by far the best storytelling I’ve heard. Riveting interviews. You have me hooked. Incredible job telling Sophie’s story.

By eWjoh
Layered. Nuanced. Thorough. Deeply human.
This is very well done and so interesting to listen to as well as easy to follow! Would love for it to be solved and completed in the future! :)
Absolutely brilliant reporting. Both reporters remain unbiased throughout, allowing the listeners to come up with their own conclusions.
Utter perfection. Journalists A+ Podcast editing A+ Enjoy!
I compare all true crime podcasts to Bear Brook and they have all been sadly lacking. Until I found West Cork. The narrators’ style and cadence is easy to listen to and engaging. Highly recommend. And if you haven’t listened to Bear Brook go find it and enjoy. I hope creators of West Brook continue to produce excellent work such as this podcast.
This is so good. Halfway through. They help bring Sophie’s story to light, and do a great job reporting. The accents (for me) are a huge plus as well.
I listen to a lot of podcasts. This is one of the best. Beautifully done
Voices are great, and explaining this complex narrative
I am about halfway through the series, and it’s incredibly compelling. The storytelling is so rich. The descriptions, the landscape, the people involved—all very engaging. I’m really enjoying this podcast.
Entertainment today is awful. TV and movies are dead due to Covid. This was a really bright spot for me. Turn off your terrible subscription tv service and turn on this podcast and finally be entertained.
Starts slow but then becomes absolutely enthralling. Extremely well done.
Very impressed with the audio and style of reporting