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Been listening since Spyda Radio. Great source for listening and purchasing the best of Traditional Irish music. He treats all his listeners as friends. You'll look forward to every hour. If I ever get to London I owe him a few pints at least and a treat for Pangur Ban. R.
Truly the best of Irish traditional music around. This is a fine podcast with a great host. Always looking forward to the new episode - keep it up!
Here's a great podcast from a guy who knows his stuff. I'm stunned by the quality of it. Here's to the source of inspiration!
A wonderful show with sublime music coupled with a host who is both knowledgeable and engaging. Always good. Thank you
I am very pleased by the early content posted and cannot wait for more. Thank you
This podcast is the best source of authentic Irish music on iTunes. As a traditional musician, I heartily enjoy listening to this Keep up the good work
Alan O'Leary is an Irish musician and presenter from London whose wonderful Internet radio programme, The Guest List, was broadcast worldwide over Spyda Radio. Alan specialises in Irish traditional musicians, the ones not featured or even stocked in music shops. On Alan's Copperplate Showcase you will experience the pure joy listening to music seldom heard on commercial radio. As a presenter, Alan is.. well... Alan, and that too is a delight. What Alan doesn't know about Irish and Celtic music isn't worth knowing, and his personal style lacks the smooth plastic sameness of most presenters. Give Alan a listen. I promise that you won't be disappointed. And you don't have to be Irish. I'm not.