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Hey Ted. Thanks for the podcast this week. I was at that Johnson City, TN show. Definitely a show that sticks out in my memory. Keep it up!


By cjlane
Keep em comin...you rock!
Thanks Ted!!
I was at the last show they played "New Blue" in Johnson City, TN. Brings back memories. Thanks!


Ted Rockwell, you rock...well!!
Thank you Ted for so many great panicasts. Being able to hear songs they do not play anymore, such as Dog Song, is a real treat for any panic fan. Love all the music. Thanks for making this available.
Thanks so much for these amazing podcasts!! WSP sounds wonderful, and you are doing a great job of picking out the right shows to play. Thank you!
Man, these pod casts are incredible! Keep'em coming. Anything from the 10/13/06 show in Charleston would be appreciated in the future.
I don't know why it took me so long to find this. It is nice to hear the boys "old school". Nicely done!
Hell yes! these are awesome. keep up the great work!!


Really Cool
Finally a good podcast. There's nothing like playing a everday companion podcast and hanging out with friends drinkin a beer. Panic rocks!
these are great, the most recent being the best by far. Keep this coming and thanks a ton!!
Excellent podcast from one of the pillars of the WSP community. Thanks Ted!