Reviews For Dr. David Brodbeck's Psychology Lectures from Algoma University

After dabbling in Speech Pathology, I decided to return to my true love, Psych. I had a lot of cog. psych. and behavioralism coursework post bac. due to my profession, thought I wanted a change. However, finding Dr. Brodbeck's podcast about a year and a half ago made me realize how much I missed dealing with the brain, namely, I am back and almost done with my grad. studies...Thanks Dr. Dave...If you are a psych student these are an invaluable resource...probably better than your professor's lectures...and the perfect compliment to studying.
Great podcast I just started listening to the 2010 series and am relly enjoing it.
I have found Dr Brodbeck's courses very helpful. There is a wealth of quality information accessible, and the volume of material available is enough to keep me listening forever. My only gripe, and a small one at that, is that sometimes the material is written on the board for the students to read, leaving us listeners in the dark. This is true especially for the statistics courses, so I'll have to listen to that one a second time in hopes of catching what I've missed. Other than that... great stuff!
All this information is exactly what I've been looking for in a podcast. I've looked through the Internet and other poedcasts for good psychology information but I've never found anything I liked. Or atleast until now. I'm only a junior in highschool and I already have my heart set out for psychology but being in highschool, there isn't much you can do. Especially if the psych teacher you have teaches slow and makes it to easy. Listening to these lectures have oppend my mind to more and I absolutly love them. You have no idea what these podcasts mean to me. To me, it's like taking a mental break from all the things in my life and making since of it all. Thank you Dr. Dave Brodbeck!
Dr. David Brodbeck comes across as the opposite of a stuffy, ivory tower, nose-in-the-book college professor. He definitely knows what he is talking about, but his brash, somewhat frenetic, shoot-from-the hip style manages to spellbind at the same time that it mildly annoys. This podcast is a combination of recorded classroom lectures from a host of different courses. Each lecture is structured in such a way that it usually stands on its own and generally does not require that you have listened to the previous lesson. So, you can listen to the topics you are particularly interested, sample the podcasts at random, or listen to them as they come in. Brodbeck has archived a lot of valuable information in the podcasts available here. Even when he goes over the same topic area he seems to make sure that he brings in fresh material.
One thing that I notice with podcasts, is that they forget that we can't see!!!. So many times they write something on the blackboard, and say to the students: "This is very important". We don't know to what they are referring to. They need to say it so it gets recorded. Also when a person asks a question, because they are alway from the microfone, we can't hear it. So, the answer does not make a lot of sense, because we don't know to what he is answering to.
I must say, listening to this podcast is actually better than attending some of my classes. I usully go for a long walk while listening to his podcast and come back with many endorphins and new knowledge :) I like the fact that Dr. David likes to correct his textbook which is something ALL prof. should take into consideration. It would be great to have him at Florida Inetrnational University :)
Back in high school (a rather long time ago), I took Intro Psych because it was being offered for college credits; since I went in different educational directions I wasn't able to take any other psychology courses since. I am so delighted to be able to audit these courses now; I'm a freelance designer working at home and listen while I do some of the more mindless aspects of my work and the clear, well-organized, and entertainingly delivered lectures give me plenty to chew on. Thanks for letting us join your classes!
Thank you for Podcasting your lectures! I am an AP Psychology student at a high school in Pennsylvania, and your lectures have been tremendously helpful. I listen to every applicable lecture in order to prepare for tests and to gain a more thorough understanding of material. Interestingly, I think we use the same text, the Gleitman, Fridlund, and Reisberg 2004. I strongly recommend this Podcast to psychology students, especially those using the Gleitman text. Dr. Brodbeck presents psychological theory in a way that is thorough, coherent, and comprehensible. He frequently applies abstract theories to dialy situations, and he always explains them so that one can easily grasp their meaning. At times, he references the Gleitman text, but I assume that the theories transcend any particular text, and every lecture goes beyond the book's material. I would also recommend this Podcast to a casual listener with an interest in psychology, as it does not depend heavily on previous knowledge in the field. Peace.
i'm a psychology major in washington state, and your lectures have helped me so much this quarter. keep up the great work! :]