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Really boring. After listening to 7 episodes I still know nothing about the couple and the actual case.
Podcasts need to stop adding random background noises/“music” while people are talking, it’s driving me nuts to hear “ tick tick tick tick” while a court hearing is being played
The first few episodes were interesting, but this podcast loses steam quickly. It Doesn’t hold a listener’s attention like a quality podcast should.
I’m 7 episodes in and within the last 2-3 episodes I’m realizing this podcast is becoming more and more scattered. The host seems to have done their homework and has interviewed a lot of people for this but the presentation is all over the place. The problem is that you’re looking for a linear story and if a story diverges from that, you’d expect the host to clearly address this & they don’t do that. Around episode 5 or so, interviews with pertinent people are played about the case but you’re in the dark as to where we’re at in the overarching “story” of this podcast. Maybe they’re trying to drag-out something that can be told in 2-3 episodes into a production that’s 8-10 episodes. Either way, I’m going to stop listening.
Unorganized and this tragic, crazy story had so much potential. You butchered a story that needs to be told. I suggest to re-record. I found a very clear article online that outlines the case and am now understanding things. Don’t listen here if you need to know updates on this case- this show is confusing and so boring!! So disappointed because it could have been great! Ashley Flowers needs to stop with the new shows and revive the ones running.
First couple of episodes were interesting, but after that, it gets very monotone and boring—confusing, tinny phone interviews discussing court proceedings, often times with the majority of the episode not even mentioning the main characters of this story. After listening to an episode for 10 minutes, you have no clue what this story is about anymore. What happened to the investigation?? Two thumbs down.
I think that this podcast is pretty good. It is slower moving but you have to remember this is an ongoing case where new information is coming out as it’s being recorded. The political comments are coming from people who heard the one comment made in the first episode but it’s NOT political other than the DA issues. The back story is important in understanding the subjects in the story. I think once more information comes out, it will pick up a lot. It’s a super interesting story. Also, yes there are a lot of ads which can get annoying but be aware of how much work, money, and time goes into creating these podcasts.
Good podcast, yet terrible intro song. Lyrics / music make no sense. Inconsiderate to the victims.. and a bad song.
The podcast has definite potential and the investigations not half bad either however it does feel as though there’s too much fluff rather than actual substance and the fact that it already feels so “fluffy”and it’s so short , leaves you longing and not in a good way. I know now if there is a second season, that I’d rather listen once it’s complete and binge listen rather than go week by week.
This seems like the epitome of an OC case - “beautiful” people, horrible behavior. Justine does an excellent job explaining this case and the importance of how the court is proceeding.
Just got to episode five and pretty much fast forwarded through the whole thing. I’ll try one more episode but I thought this was gonna be a great juicy story. It’s very boring
Great story but way, way too long and drawn out - Could’ve easily been 2 or 3 - 1 hour episodes.
Incredibly boring podcast for a story that i think would be very interesting but i can’t pay attention for the life of me. I listen to a lottttt of podcasts, and try every week with this one but every time it ends i realize i stopped listening 2 mins in 🤣🥱😴
The basis of this podcast is interesting and captures curiosity. However, the story is loosely woven and tends to focus on irrelevant details, leaving the main questions unanswered. Episodes 2-6 were a labor to listen to.
I look forward to it every week, but it always feels disappointingly short and full of commercials. I’m spoiled by other true crime pods. Overall though great story and soothing voice, interesting narrative.
I am shocked this podcast only has a 3.7 star rating. It’s a great podcast, very detailed to say the least but you have to pay attention or you’ll get lost! I’m interested to hear more about the case and how it will end with the Doctor and his girlfriend. I’m just glad the judge didn’t dismiss it. Shame on that DA!!
Do yourself a favor. Skip it.
The first few episodes were really interesting. However I wanted to hear more about how the girlfriend got involved, and more about what they did. The last 2 or 3 episodes seem sort of like filler, and have not been nearly as interesting. Starting to lose interest.
I am really enjoying this story and how it is being told. The host is not coming across with any bias, they are providing facts of what has progressed on the case. It is good to hear a story from the trial perspective, as most true crime podcasts only cover the crimes themselves. I can’t wait for more episodes and to learn what other aspects there are to this case.


Very hard to get past the first episode. Couldn’t be more polarizing, and the host is very unorganized and rambles. Hard to follow. She makes an interesting story very boring and to put it bluntly, tortuous.
I so wanted to like this pod cast. But they say it could only happen in the oc because or republicans. What? Republicans have nothing to do with these sick people. Please keep politics out of “non political” podcasts.
... Boring. Episodes 1-3 were ok. Unsubscribe during episode 4 .. interesting subject but not enough...idk if not enough subject matter or the journalist is boring? Lost my attention. A lot of Aidiochuck been spewing just so-so podcasts out
I have yet to hear anything that slants one way or the other. If anything the politics is around the two attorneys that were involved in the case and how they used it to promote their career. Soooo confused on why someone would have an issue with that being brought out. I don’t hear any bias in this story. poo poo to the complainers darn petty bettys with nothing better to do. It’s a great podcast.
It has more of a tabloid feel than an investigative type feel and that would make me end up shipping ahead or skipping to the next show. Truthfully it is a lot like watching the news after a big arrest and they have no clue about the truth and end Up just speculating for law enforcement and the prosecutor.


By @trippn
Wake me up when it gets good.


Thought it was going to be a good podcast until the ridiculous political slams. I just wanted to hear the facts. Not listening past the first 21 minutes of the first episode because it’s obviously so polarized.
Just a bunch of republicans trying to distract themselves from Matt Gaetz and the fact that much of the the country, especially the younger groups, reject their terrible beliefs and points of view. The political landscape is relevant to the story; deal with it. I thought liberals were supposed to be the snowflakes in your country??
The podcast is fine. However, the ads are really odd. They are sprinkled throughout the podcast (which is fine) and coincide with really somber music (that is also used throughout the podcast). When you use the same music to talk about sensitive issues in a podcast AND sell ads, it makes your podcast feel really disingenuous. This podcast tells an important story, so hopefully they will consider this feedback and make the adjustments.
I listen to so many true crime podcasts but this one really stands out. Exceptionally well done.
Interesting topic, but it’s so hard to follow the narrator
Whenever I see reviews where people complain about a podcast being too political, I immediately subscribe. So far I really love it. Enjoy the flow and she has a voice that’s easy to listen to.
Don’t be scared off by the reviews about, people are overreacting. They explain the political climate of the area in episode 1 and that’s it. The story is good but the cliches used the host, who describes herself as an experienced journalist, are painful. “Of all the gin joints he walked into mine” was very cringeworthy.
The only remarkable thing about this podcast is the terrible freakin’ opening song. Can we talk about that for a minute? The lyrics I have absolutely zero to do with his podcast, is the song about a homeless woman who sleeps in the park and seduces men? And it’s sung in a terrible made up accent. What in the actual F*ck?? The podcast itself is.. Meh. Not a lot of substance, goes too much into the details of how the investigation went wrong and how law enforcement mishandled the case. I may finish it, I may not.I do love seeing all the Republicans cry here in the reviews about how it’s too political. Who are the snowflakes now?
Umm, it just ends? I was expecting another episode. There is no clear ending. It was a good listen, until it stopped so abruptly.
I enjoyed the first few episodes, but it has started getting stale and won’t hold my attention.
Right after you make the big reveal of their non-charges you tell us what to make for dinner. As a fellow journalist, I think it is pertinent to put your content before your revenue. I understand this content is free but your platform could grow without ill-timed advertisements.
Another politically based crime story - so Over it!


By Nullity
Unsubbed during ep 6
I don’t understand the negative reviews. This is a well hosted podcast (I really like the presentation and writing of most true crime podcasts hosted by journalists). I vote that she is given more AudioChuck opportunities in the future!
I was shocked by these ratings. This podcast is excellent and the highlight of my Mondays. The story is well told and while some seem to be uncomfortable or offended that she takes the time to describe the political landscape in this county and around the investigation find it valuable to the storyline. The conservative views of the characters and their history are part of what make this story even more fascinating and unexpected. I really think some people are just easily triggered politically and are taking pieces out of context. It’s detailed, it’s interesting, and I think Justine is great. I’d love to hear more from her.
Intro song is so bad it might be an inside joke
This podcast is so interesting! And it gets me through work! Don’t stop what you are doing! HATERS ARE YOUR MOTIVATORS :)
Couldn’t even make it through one episode without ripping on beliefs that aren’t hers. I fail to see why her particular description of political and religious groups play a significant role in the overall story line. Too much of this in every aspect of pop culture- will not be finishing the podcast
Not a lot of meat on these bones. The episodes are extremely short. I don’t normally have a problem with podcast advertisements, but in a 34 minute episode there will be 3-4 ad breaks. It feels excessive. The narrator is great. She’s good at telling the story. Unlike many others I didn’t have any trouble following the story, and didn’t notice any over-the-top politicizing. Pretty straight forward story telling with some layering of details. However, it doesn’t need to be multiple episodes because, as of today, this case hasn’t even gone to trial. It’s still in the preliminary phases. Seems like a lot of tiny podcast episodes dedicated to a veritable nothing-burger. The opening song is truly terrible. I fast forward through it because it actually makes me more uncomfortable than the descriptions of the crimes. Bizarre selection to kick off such a subject matter.
I’m on episode 5 and still not really intrigued. I wanted to like it because of Ashley Flowers but I find myself dosing off. It’s not awful but it is hard to follow. Also, one thing I find strange is there is no transition from podcast to commercial. You’ll be hearing her storytelling and then suddenly it’s her throwing in an ad in HER voice... so it’s super confusing at first lol. P.S. what is up with that intro song hahahaha it’s so bad
I have followed this case as a former Newport resident and true crime junkie I couldn’t wait to hear this reporting. Please keep us updated. I can’t believe this case hasn’t been tried yet. The victim impact statements really got to me. Stay strong victims and grant and cerise- I hope anc pray u you can never victimize other women.
I’m tired of political snide comments. Story is choppy and way too many commercials Usually love audio chuck but this won’t be staying on my list.