Reviews For Disgruntled Disney Dweeb Podcast - opinions on Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and the Disney Company

This is a podcast in which the items that irritate us all are discussed. I was hesitant about it, but now I am hooked and love the shows. Keep up the good work and keep it honest.
We love Disney or we wouldn't be listening. But we all have thoughts of how to make it even better, and D3 encapsulates it very well.
It is about time someone had the freedom to talk about whatever Disney and do it right. Disney's not perfect and people deserve to know that. So here's to more from Allen and best of luck whenever the show fully kicks off!
This Podcast is NOT COOL. i dont like the fact that anyone is bashing disneyland. Disneyland has provided many great things for this world and has made many dreams come true. I dont like the Disgruntled disney dweeb Podcast at all!
Finally someone not afraid to talk about Disney in the negative way!