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Mike gives you bite sized lessons in Italina. Just the right length to get you going.
I bought the 100 episodes but only episodes 76-81 show up. Beware of a broken podcast!
Great learning experience!
These “audio lessons” do not download. After contacting Mike he said this is not something he is responsible for and refused to give me a refund.
Really enjoy listening everyday as Mike gives a bit of context about the language and putting sentences together. It’s quick and to the point and lesson notes are available. I listen in conjunction to another conversational Italian podcast and Duolingo.
This is short and simple but with great content. The fact that he writes a summary of each lesson in the episode’s description makes it soooo much easier to understand and learn. I’m learn by looking at stuff, so this is just perfect for me. Molte grazie!!!!


Such a quick and simple approach! I just found him today and he podcast are excellent. I need to find his website so I can donate. He is so good, he should definitely have sponsors!
I love this podcast. It’s short, it’s simple, and the host is very easy to understand. I am using this podcast in combination with other apps to study Italian, and again the short concise format makes it easy to not be lazy and at least study and listen to Italian a little bit. Thank you so much I greatly appreciate the show! Kim from Colorado:)
Wish you were still doing these podcasts
I find it very interesting but the pronounce is more of how Italians-Americans from south Italy speak. Proper Italian has a different sound, more natural. Uncless is a particularly word, you don’t accentuate the beginning of it.
I had 3 hours on the train before meeting my host family and could not have thought of a better way to go from knowing-zero-italian to having some confidence! I learned Spanish in high school and I appreciate how this focuses on one verb at a time. The redundancy is not overdone- just the right amount so it is useful but not annoying. I forget the hosts’ name, Max?, but he is very well spoken and I’m eager to hear more podcasts. Unfortunately it’s not entirely free, I’ll have to go to the website for that... but I’m willing to pay the price ($10 I think?) for the 50 episodes in the first season. Ciao!
I love this podcast because I get a daily little bits of Italian to keep learning without spending hours with my noise in a book. The host is very clear and the information is well put together. I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone wanting to learn more italian if you maybe took a little bit of classes in the past or maybe already know some spanish and want to expand your vocabulary in italian and learn how to conjugate many verbs and use them in sentences.
Lots of good step-by-step info here, but his Italian accent is brutally bad. Many, many mispronunciations . . . best to look elsewhere.
I have subscribed to this podcast, and believe it to be the best lessons for learning to speak Italian! I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to learn Italian. Mike make it seem effortless!
This podcast is great for people on the go who want to familiarize themselves with the Italian language. I’m slowly becoming familiar with spelling and pronunciation, and by the time I go to Italy in May I’ll have a reasonable grasp on how to read and pronounce Italian words, and have a working vocabulary. Thanks!
I have always wanted to speak Italian, so this is a great start..really like the lesson is written out to observe too.
A very user friendly way to learn Italian, and I’m very happy to have found this podcast! Thanks!!
Super informative!
Thanks for starting this podcast, it's helping me round out my speaking as I've been studying French and Spanish for many years. To add accents, hold down the letter key that you want an accent for and they will appear. For example, trentatré. Wishing you continued success.


By Vicdad
Very good podcast. Very clear. Easy to understand. Worth the time .
I listen to this show daily while I walk my dog. I am doing Rosetta Stone and this podcast is helping me in so many ways! Thank you
This podcast will not help you learn correctly. If you want to learn Italian, you should find a native Italian, or at least an American who speaks fluently and seriously continues to study the language himself everyday.
I have researched a few Italian Lessons to find which would be the best way to learn the lanquage fluently. Mike's presentation seems to be the best, mainly because of his pronounciation of each word. When he forms a sentence, it is the exact way I wish to speak in Italian. (Properly) I listen to my podcast while driving to and from work every day and if there is a word I don't understand, I look at the show notes when I get home, I have trouble distinguising from the b's and v's. The $15 investment was well worth it. Grazie tanto, Mike
We're going to Itly and I wanted to find a way to bone up on Italian. This is a great way to learn some Italian for a trip. I am three months away from my trip and getting Italian into my head is easy with this app. I purchased the $15.00 download of 100 short lessons so I can review and go at my pace. recommenede
This app is TERRIBLE. Do not waste your money. And, he will not give you a refund. You cannot and will not learn any language this way. Each segment is so short as to be virtually useless. Most of each segment amounts to an opening Italian opera and then him telling jokes and then 1 minute of Italian. He begins the podcast telling you he’s no expert in Italian—then why do you think you can teach it? Then follows that by mentioning that he hasn’t spoke Italian in years and that this is also a refresher for him. What a joke.
I listen to this in the car with my kids, it's fantastic. It's great because it allows you to really start at your level advance from there. Does a great job of giving you time to repeat the words in Italian as well as understand what they are saying. Some of the other podcast are too fast and if you do not have a strong core understanding of the language you will not be able to follow along or have time to repeat. Wish I could easily download the first 100 lessons. Would gladly pay $10-$15 but need them on my phone!
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So I just got this app so I really don't know how works. I'm gonna try it out with so many reviews I'm going to look at some of them and maybe follow them. Another good one is BRAIN ON.It shows kids and adults that are curious about science like one that I've heard so far on podcast is that this kid was curious about music and how did they set up the strings on the piano and violin?- KPUP 663
I think the podcast is great, but I will really appreciate it if you get rid of thee music. It gets annoying after listening to several podcasts
I've been learning Italian on my own for the better part of a year and just discovered this podcast. I'm finding that it's a good compliment to Duolingo, and I like to listen to it while at work. I like how the host conjugates all the verbs and the practice sentences are very helpful. On it's own I'm not sure how practical it would be to learn the language, but as extra practice it does the job. I also really enjoy the snippet of opera at the beginning, fwiw.
Great podcast!! Short quick informative doses. Ideal for busy listeners.
I would recommend this to anyone who needs to learn the basics of Italian good job mike
Mike, I'm enjoying the short segments a lot. They're a great start to Italian. BTW: Couldn't locate the survey. Addendum. to type the accented e on a PC, try holding ALT key and typing 130 or 0233 (but not on the iPad).
I just listened for the first time and started with the podcast for today. Almost 2 min of music & the instructor talking about himself, then 63 seconds of instruction, then another min of him talking about his survey. Not worth the time to download & listen.
It is good that the podcast don't last more than 5 minutes, this helps you to focus on a small thing everyday, I have being listening for a week so far and very satisfied, even better than the courses on iTunes U
I need to SEE a word to imprint it in my mind, but this podcast does not offer that feature. I moved my "iTranslate" app (free) next to the podcast icon so that if I need to see a word, it's right next door.
Why would you want to learn Italian from someone who speaks it with an American accent? Definitely not recommended. Let me unsubscribe.
I like the podcast I would recommend saying sentences out if the words you teach us so we might use it
Informative and well organized. The daily load is realistic.
Learning something new everyday!
I have just stumbled on this podcast and one of the things I really like about it is the embelleshment of the lesson with various hints and cues about how you would use the vocabulary in context. The other thing I really like is that the author provides notes about the lesson so you can see these words written as well. I can't tell you how many times I've come away from various "audio" cds without much knowledge about how the Italian I have learned is spelled! Keep up the good work!
I enjoy the short podcast lessons. Mike is detailed...more so than another Italian language podcast I used to listen to. However, I would like to know his background which isn't listed on his website. He seems to know the language and is able to explain it well...like you are sitting in a classroom for 5-10 minutes.
This podcast is excellent. I listen to it every day which helps me with my Italian. Thank you
I randomly chose this podcast and am happy with my decision. The lessons are quick and to the point, so great for on the go. The narration is clear and the lessons are related to very appropriate skills and rules.
(I'm using my husband's account). I like the structure of this podcast because you actually get into how the words are conjugated. Other podcasts I've listened to teach phrases, which is also good. But I think I personally need to learn the pattern of conjugation. Keep it up! And thanks!!!
Just an excellent work. I would give 6 stars if I could. Mike, thank you for your hard work and for this superb group of lessons. I look forward to continuing these excellent sessions, learning more complex constructs (Would you like..., I am going to go..., He would have thought..., etc), and eventually hearing your pearls to sound like a native speaker and use common phrases. Thanks again. Very helpful.
Too much music and advertisement for other podcasts. I don't need the introduction each time. One of the episodes was more than half filler of music and ad. I want to learn the language, so lets speak Italian.
i love your podcast! do the season downloads include the beginning theme song and small commentary, or are the mp3s shortened to include just the lessons?
This is an excellent way to learn a new language. The lessons are short and not overwhelming.