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This is a wonderful series that chronicles the rise of NBA , along with the politics of racism, that effected cities, and rise in guns on street, and how it all came together and still affects our lives, politics, and current policies!
Le Batard sent me and I had no idea what to expect. this show has been absolutely stellar, insightful, heart wrenching, funny.. it’s sometimes really political so mayb it’s not for everybody, but as someone who usually avoids politics, it‘s still an interesting documentary of basketball & the world at the time
I’m not an NBA fan and know only the biggest names he mentions, and this show is fascinating. Great view of history and of the NBA from another angle.
So much to love in this brilliantly crafted podcast. An obsessive hoopshead, I got here from a mention on an NBA podcast and I stayed for the clever weaving of basketball through the social and political experience of the past few decades. The not-so-subtle F’ You to the Reagan administration is an unexpected and delicious treat. I can’t recommend this series fast enough. Please make more.
Great pod, hits two of my sweet spots, and Adam McKay is a genius (see, stepbrothers, big short, succession).
I found this looking for a sports history podcast and I was hooked from the get. Binged all the episodes and now gotta wait patiently for the next one
I also got to this through Conan O’Brien‘s podcast and, as always, Adam McKay does not disappoint. Geez, this thing is just riveting and I wish it went on longer.
Very good, not exactly what I expected, but Adam McKay’s storytelling prowess make it worth the listen.
Before this podcast I thought individuals had a choice in if they took drugs, used guns etc. thanks for letting me know that it isn’t the case. I now know that every problem in this country is Ronald Reagan’s fault. Such a waste of time.
Great podcast and now someone needs to write the untold George Mikan story, hahaha.
As a child of Croatian parents I to this day grieve the death of Drazen. I lament he left so soon. Thank you for remembering the gift that Mozart was to us all.
You guys are doing an awesome job and this is on my list for best podcasts of 2021. This inspires me and inspires me to keep finding stories that show how our history impacts us in the past and the present. It does a great job of showing that Sports and society and politics always have mixed. And we need to talk about this and listen. Great podcast Adam and crew.
These history podcast are so important. Look for Adam McKay’s visit on The West Wing Thing.
Found you through the Conan pod. So glad I did. What a unique topic that describes the America of the 80s through the NBA.
As a child, one rarely picks up on the social upheaval taking place around you, or what those in charge of things are trying to get you to believe, or why. Adam and his team do an excellent job of placing these events in the contexts in which they happened. The times may not have been direct causations, but the events certainly didn’t happen in isolation. This Detroiter has his fingers crossed there will be a Bad Boys episode.
Brought here from the show; glad I did, awesome job
This is a really great podcast. Fast moving, informative, compelling and really entertaining. I would hardly call myself a sports fan, but I tore through 5 episodes in two days.
I heard about this during my drive from LA back home to the Bay Area on Conan O’Brien’s podcast as he interviewed Adam McCay... this rocks! Very informative and I’m hooked!
Just finished episode five. I speak as a military veteran and someone who now works in healthcare serving a very vulnerable population groups this episode is a wellspring in a barren wasteland. Voices, such as these, are needed everyday in our generation to push back against the toxicity that have seeped into most of everything we interact with if we are to fix the mess we find ourselves in. Peabody nomination in my opinion.
This series has really hit home with me. As a 60 year-old basketball fan I remember these tragedies. McKay shines light on the reasons they happened. It’s good to examine and rethink the way things were and this series does a great job of that.
I did not grow up hooked on sports, I casually played baseball and never really watched any sports on TV. I am blown away by this series, eagerly awaiting each new episode. It shines a light on the game, the players, and of particular interest to me, the time. McKay draws interesting and timely conclusions from cultural shifts, that are indeed powerfully relevant now. Know your history, know your life.
I heard about this from Adam McKay’s interview on Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. I checked it out because I’m a sports fan and am interested in history. It’s not as much about basketball as it is about the Reagan era and the impact of “Reaganomics” on racial minorities, mental health, drugs, etc. Absolutely fascinating. I wouldn’t say it is objective on the way it addresses the past and current political climates, so if you’re looking for objectivity, and especially if you have a more conservative viewpoint, this isn’t the place for that. But I love how it adds context to so many of the things from that era that I remember being harmless, if not positive (like “just say no”), as a straight white middle class boy from a traditional nuclear family growing up in the 80s. I wish I had heard about this podcast earlier so I could binge them at once rather than having to wait for a new episode to drop every week. Bravo!!
McKay is great, per usual, and does it again here. His use of NBA history as a vehicle for many social and cultural issues that exist in America is a helpful tool for those looking to learn more. His takes are layered with his style of comedy which I appreciate while ingesting sad history.
I went into it thinking it was about how drugs ruined basketball in the 80s and it swerved to mental health and many other things.
We need guys like Adam McKay and LeBatard now more than ever. This ep on America’s history of dealing with mental illness, is my favorite so far. Even though there’s no Jane Mayer... but there’s a nice George Mikan runner that lands every time.
Great content, Adam is a phenomenal host, and this podcast has some of the highest quality production I have every heard.
A very interesting look at the some of the history of the NBA that ties it to relevant political and cultural themes. Well done.
This is a civics pod through the lens of the nba. You’ll often hear sports are a microcosm of society and this does a great job of taking themes that were lost at the time and boiling them down. Does a great job of showing how we got to where we are today. The basketball talk just puts an entertaining wrapper around it all.
No one is responsible for their actions anymore, didn’t you know. It’s the evil white male republican who caused anything and everything that has gone wrong to go wrong in your life.
I discovered the podcast, thinking my son, who will be playing college basketball, might be interested. I found the podcast to shine a light on not just the tragic stories, but also weave them in with cultural and political things that were happening at the time. I was pleasantly surprised and highly recommend. I think it would be an interesting listen foe anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s, even if you’re not a huge basketball fan.
Uses tragic deaths of young basketball players as a Trojan horse to discuss leftist narratives. Uses Ronald Reagan as a straw man. Sure.... tell me more about how violence is Democratic strong hold cities is all Reagan’s fault. Non-sensical. Basketball parts are great tho.
Yes this review is a lot about me, but I’m glad the issues here being addressed, because they still haunt us, as a nation. I was 12 years old when Len Bias died. “Tall for my age”, of course I played b-ball. Living in New England, my dad and I were avid Celtics fans, and were CRUSHED when Bias died. My dad was a Reagan supporter - me, not so much. I have often used basketball as a bridge to explain social issues to my dad, and it has led him to make a lot of changes. I mean, I WORKED on him with this, and it still brings us together. This podcast brings the issues of the 1980’s together with the popularization of basketball in ways that make sense. My dad will love it too. :)
I found it interesting and intriguing. I grew up during the 80s and could remember and relate to some of the history. I like to listen to Adam McKay’s voice.
I thought this was a good sportscast. Didn’t realize it was just a Democrat talking podcast. This joker doesn’t even try to be unbiased. Plus he just straight up lies about the Reagan administration. Anyways if you’re looking for a sports podcast...keep scrolling.
I enjoy diving deep into stories with complex historical and social contexts, but this podcast repeatedly maligns conservative politics without batting an eye. I enjoy an honest conversation about any political view, but this one characterizes opinions as facts without a second thought.
This reveals that the Republican strategy started with Reagan, a bigoted dog Whistler, hero to GOP voters. Instilling fear is the strategy, picked up by Trump. Sad and very scary for our country.
I have to qualify this review by saying I’ve only listened to the first episode. However, that was enough to convince me I had to put in my two cents immediately. I take issue with what seems to be a basic premise of Mr. McKey: “The 1980s sucked.” Those are his words, not mine. He is only two years older than me so we basically experienced the same events at the same time. I don’t think the 1980s sucked. I thought the decade was a glorious time to grow up. At least it was for me in Minneapolis. Yes, Reagan and the birth of Neoliberalism were terrible but we wouldn’t realize the full implications of the sea change Teflon Ron had ushered in for 20 years. I was just a kid and I wasn’t really paying that much attention to politics. I was having too much fun. At that time, you could get on your bike or skateboard after breakfast, tell your mom you’d be back for dinner and then spend the whole day with your friends. We played sports and stuff but we weren’t over-scheduled, heavily supervised or worried about what one of our classmates had posted about us on Instagram. Yes, in hindsight 80s fashion was pretty dreadful but there was a lot of great music from that era no matter what Mr. McKey says. Given a choice between growing up then and now, I’ll take then every time. He is right about one thing: Basketball was truly great.
The deaths of these players is used as a narrative device to discuss deeper socioeconomic issues plaguing communities. If that’s your bag, you may enjoy this.
I’ve really enjoyed this podcast, great information and transitions. It nice to get a view into a time I’m unfamiliar with.
adam mckay is incredibly down-to-earth for all he’s done and seems charmingly excited to talk to us about this stuff! fascinating cultural context and history, but I wish it was a little easier to get into it as a non-sports fan. I find myself drifting during the basketball heavy moments. if you could make it a little easier for people who don’t really care about sports to feel invested/help us understand why we should care about basketball earlier on, it would be great!! or just even out the basketball/political/culture topical ratio a little. nice job in general!
I was really interested in this way of looking at basketball in the social and political context, but the podcast neglects the interplay/push and pull dynamics of the real world. The issues are much more complex than this podcast makes them out to be. For me this is a missed opportunity and just more of the same political rhetoric we hear from every other outlet. The podcast clearly has a rigid left-wing stance that demonizes conservatives without real consideration of how both Republicans and Democrats have contributed to the problems in our society. In my life, basketball has been something that brought people together. I was hoping for something similar with this podcast or at least a honest assessment of what has really transpired. I will still finish listening, but cannot recommend it to others.
Seems like a great concept. In the end it’s just more ultra woke garbage. Why does a basketball podcast need to talk to Robert Reich. Who knows, who cares. You’re better off just watching the 30 for 30s about these subjects that have already been made.
The show has its moments but McKay is insufferable. He seems to know this and almost gloats in it. Also pretty sure he might be in love with Ronald Regan, but it comes out as a weird sort of hate. Odd little man, that McKay guy is.
Thanks Adam! Came from a Chapo referral and love this. What’s better than American Culture, politics and b-ball all rolled into 1 pod
This podcast pulls so many historical thread together and weaves a truly beautiful and sad tapestry. I’ve not heard anyone take on the Reagan revolution from the perspective of sports before- and it shows just how important moments in our culture are, and how they can facilitate the accumulation of power. Well done. Also- the theme music is incredible- is it on Spotify?
McKay digs deep to find the causes behind these heart-breaking stories. Very well done.
Deep dive into details I did not know about, and interesting analysis. Look forward to it every Wednesday.