Reviews For PreOccupation: A Not-So-Brief History of Palestine

I’ve deep dived into the last 100 years of Palestine and Zionism. Just starting a deep dive into Christian Zionism. But it’s refreshing to not define Palestine to recent history and just celebrate the cultural and heritage! I’m to the peasant revolt and I hope you it goes into ordinary people in future episodes. Great job🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🍉🍉🍉🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🍉🍉🍉
Thank you for all your incredible work in putting together this podcast. I am loving learning about Palestinian history, and I appreciate you taking the time to discuss the importance of “story” and other concepts that are important to consider when thinking about what defines Palestine and Palestinians. My question when first coming to this podcast was to find out if the Israeli-Arab conflict really was a conflict spanning centuries or even millennia. I think that is what many people think, which allows us to throw our hands up in the air and say it’s unsolvable. It is interesting to learn about the religious tolerance that appears to have been more common in this area. I hope you continue the good work you are doing. Thanks again! You’re an amazing storyteller and historian.
Often history of the Palestinians touches on the Bibilacal-Old Testament era and more recent history in the 1900’s forward. I want to know more about the huge gap in between.
Just found this podcast and it has been such a welcome breath of fresh air. Really loving getting to know Palestinian heritage and history much better. Muchas gracias!
This is the part you don’t learn in school or anywhere really. This podcast fills in the gaps of information that all too often either gets denied or left out entirely.
This should be required listening for diaspora Palestinians. We get no formal social studies education about Palestine. So we grow up only learning bits and pieces. This really helps teach the broad picture of the history and development of Palestine. Thank you for doing this through the hardest times. It’s really helping us get through the days. I binge listened over the last 2 days. I’m looking forward to the next episode.
Really grateful that this podcast exists, and that the host puts so much time and energy into research and production. A very thoughtful, thorough, and important discussion of Palestine’s history, which must be a difficult task given the unspeakable tragedy of its present. Thank you.
Very helpful in teaching the complexities of the history of Palestine. As an American, this wasn’t a topic that was covered in depth or in a nuanced way during my education, and this podcast has served as a springboard for me to do further research on my own.
This podcast is a superbly researched history that expertly interweaves many layers of complexity together to provide a deep and very human accounting of Ottoman-era Palestine. Bassam’s conversational cadence and engaging storytelling captured and maintained my attention for hours. Listening to PreOccupation Pod has given me a concrete foundation for understanding Palestine’s history and cultures and a desire to want to absorb even more. Bassam, thank you for creating this masterpiece and sharing it with the world! I hope you continue and I look forward to listening to the new episodes that just dropped.
I am so happy to have stumbled upon this podcast. The timing however wasn’t a happy one - quite the opposite. It was right after Oct 7, 2023. I needed to learn about Palestines history and this podcast has been a godsend. I love Bassam’s storytelling. I shared this podcast with everyone and everybody I could! And I was so sad that there were only 2 seasons. But I woke up this morning to Season 3!!! So happy to hear Bassam’s voice. Welcome back! Now I can go back and finish season 2 in peace. Free Palestine! Long live Palestine!
Thank for this wonderful podcast with essential historical context for a complex topic. Thinking of your relatives now during this horrible time. Would love to see new episodes to hear what your thoughts are on the recent tragic escalations.
This is literally horrible. I couldn't get past the second episode. This doesn’t talk about the history but rather fragments of social experiences are used to try to piece together to validate a make believe population. The history is not presented chronologically but rather jumps around to random things this dude learned in some college to try to justify a bunch of misfit kids. I tried my best but passion for something doesn’t make it historically correct.
But a selective History curved to meet a narrative that is a modern Op-Ed.
This should be required listening for anyone wanting to have an informed opinion particularly in today’s political climate.
I am absolutely enjoying the Preoccupation Pod. I met Bassam at the Palestine Writes Literature Festival at UPenn last week. Bassam is an amazing hakawati (storyteller in Arabic) and his podcast is giving me an opportunity to take a deep dive into Palestine’s history. Thank you so much for your research, time and storytelling for every episode. I’m learning so much!
A beautifully told story. It’s very fact heavy, so I recommend at least a second listen. Worth it.
I have listened to this twice now. Bassam has gone to great lengths to give life to Palestine as it’s own entity away from the occupation. His story telling is incredible and it makes this complex history of Palestine digestible. This is the kind of thing that schools in America should use to educate our children, and even to understand understand the horror of indigenous erasure here. I think the only way you couldn’t enjoy this podcast is if your mind is already made up that not all humans are equal. Mabruk Bassam, a job well done.
This podcast is onesided and biased
I am enjoying this podcast. Thank you very much for this very important effort. You have brought together centuries of history into a well done research by way of storytelling
This is an accessible distillation of an ancient society’s life over millennia prior to Israel’s concerted campaign to erase all traces of Palestine.
Accurately dismantles historical events in a thought provoking manner
I really appreciate this podcast. It’s very interesting as a lover of history to hear these stories. The recent interview with Adar is a context I’ve absolutely never heard. So many concepts here to unpack. Wow! Please keep creating, this a very compelling podcast. My question(s sorry) I’d like to hear more about is, why is it so important for the Jewish settlement projects to continue expanding? Is it a military tactic to expand borders and buffer zones, in addition to the obvious economic advantages? Are Palestinian people who are displaced compensated in any way? Are there any expectations of where the settlements end? Is there any legal system unique to the Palestinians? Where do the Palestinian people who are evicted during settlement go? If they are displaced into the remaining area they abide, what happens to them if the settlements proceed all the way to another nations border? Thanks again for this amazing information, it is very much appreciated 👏🌻🌷🌹🌺🌸
Whenever conversation arises about Palestine (and, by extension, Israel) I’m always struck and profoundly embarrassed by my ignorance on the subject. This podcast has deepened and broadened my understanding of the subject, giving objective historical context that is both clear and interesting!
Absolutely love this podcast and enjoy how the host goes through the topics of the episode in a very fluid way.
The host does an incredible job in providing a detailed and in depth look at the objective history of Palestine and its people. In a sea of manufactured disinformation and imperialist propaganda, this podcast shines an amazing light on the wonderful history and culture of the Palestinian people.
What a brilliant medium to do justice for a long awaited treatment of a critical subject. Brilliantly academic and an enthralling spotlight. Graceful, balanced, gives us hope that those twice removed will learn of the civilisation that flourished before they fatefully welcomed groups of “eager” European refugees into hearth & home. It was a long historied tradition for the Muslim world to absorb Jewish masses from their harried existence in Europe. But as they say: “بئس المعروف صنع مع غير أهله” I’m checking every day for the next instalment.
Obviously this subject will be polarizing and controversial, but the host of this podcast has so far done a fantastic job. They educate the listener about an area of world history that is just as complicated as any other region in the world. I look forward to new episodes
I’m excited to see the rest of this podcast. It’s great to learn about my own history from a Palestinian perspective and not propaganda from western/pro-imperialism scholars. Very well-researched podcast, keep up the great work!
While an interesting discussion of Arab life in the Levant; he engages in denial of Jewish connection to the land albeit polite in tone.