The Unexplained With Howard Hughes

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Hello from the frosty state of Indiana. I love this show. My first spin was Calista (Unicorns). Loved that one. Please keep the amazing content and I will contribute as soon as I can. I use this show to entertain myself! And educate myself. You rock!
I love Howard Hughes. I’m thrilled to see him in the seat!!! Thanks so much for another great podcast. 💋
Howard Hughes delivers excellent interviews, week after week, always on a new and entertaining subject. I always look forward to the next one!
Well thought out, a great podcast. Mark in Milwaukee
Howard Hughes possesses the true journalist’s uncanny ability to keep a guest on track while still affording them the fullest expression of their ideas. His professionalism is a notch above any other podcast in this genre. His guests are consistently interesting, whether or not you agree with what they have to say. Howard’s warm BBC radio voice harkens back to the days of the great broadcast journalists, without sounding neutered or haughty. Support his show if you are able, for Howard does us all the huge favor of not monetizing his podcast with commercials. Thank you, Howard.
The production and hosting are brilliant. Thank you for the dedication to the craft that showcases Howard’s top talent.
Not only is Howard an amazing broadcaster, but the show is always fascinating. I’ve been through the archives 3 times, listening to shows with subject matter that interests me, then guests, then another pass for fun. Even if I’m not primarily interested in either the guest or subject, I’m always glad I listened. He’s had some guests whose stories are a bit “fanciful”, but even when he challenges what they might be saying, he’s always polite and respectful, and never condescends to or mocks them. Occasionally he’s had guests that want to monopolize the conversation, but he always manages to gently but firmly steer the conversation back on course. He uses personal anecdotes if they apply, but does it in such a way as to relate to the quest, rather than make it about him. I really enjoy his personal stories and the UK weather reports, though some listeners complain. He is genuinely interested in what his listeners think and really enjoys doing the show. I’m always thrilled when the next episode arrives.


By xkritz
Howard is a top notch host. Fairly impartial, investigative, skeptical, and oh so very English. Love you, Howard!
Hughes has the best interview style coupled with great topics of interest. He’s the UK’s Art Bell. Give it a try and you’ll agree.
Howard is a really good interviewer, does very well behind the mic.
Really enjoy listening. One of best podcast for the unexplained. Host is very professional and has a great voice an good attitude. I always listen with an open mind from Mississippi.
Interesting topics, but I almost couldn’t listen to the podcast, because Howard Hughes constantly cuts off this guests with his critical, judgmental, leading questions and comments. There is a way to question and be skeptical in a respectful and open minded way, but he just bulldozes over his guests with his own narrow-minded agenda. It seems like he presents these topics just to ridicule them. Good voice, but bad interviewer.


How did I just find this? I love Howard and enjoy the guests and topics of his podcast very much! One of the best paranormal, unexplained podcasts on the net today. Much love from Houston, Texas!
One of my favorites, and has been for years. Thank you!
Best podcast out there. Love listening on my forklift in the Kentucky bluegrass
Howard Hughes is a true professional and it shows in how he interviews his guests. There isn’t a show that comes close!
Great interviews on interesting topics. Worth the listen!
Thank you Howard for the platform for people to think out loud, wonder together, learn new things, and even re-consider old beliefs that no longer support us-thank you kindly for your “God-work” in bringing great people to the podium, to speak of what they’ve witnessed, part-took in, created and manifested! Your work feeds my minds eye -heart and soul! Thank you, thank you-for helping to enlighten my spirit! Hey Howard-I feel like I could fly! -on the down low;) since not everyone has the time nowadays to enrich their minds with valuable heart felt info. -God girl, Moni~me:)
Howard is a fantastic interviewer, he speaks with respect and asks the questions the listener would ask. I find his show to be the best “high strangeness” show out there. Gets me through my workday. Thank you, Howard!
Thank you for your great guest choices. Keeps it interesting!
I love the balanced perspective and interesting conversations.
My absolute favorite podcast. I love the show. Only improvement I would suggest is to stay more in the “paranormal lane”. Every once in a while there will be an episode that isn’t. It’s still interesting don’t get me wrong. Anyway Howard has a great voice and is a great interviewer you will love this podcast. I listen to all the episodes regardless if I think the a topic isn’t my preference. Keep up the good work Howard.
Howard Hughes conducts wonderful interviews. His questions probe for details while maintaining a lighthearted banter.
I love the show based on the fact the host isnt one sided he opens each episode as if we listeners are buddies gathered around cups of coffee, the topics are daring a lil nutty a lil scary a lil crazy they open my mind to ideas i never would have thought was possible i may not believe every topic but i will listen to every show on my commute to san fransisco every night alone at 2 am N.Hernandez Northern california 7-4-18
It’s a ok show so far I really kind of do like it but I’m a big fan of the podcast Ground Zero Show In USA its good show it’s the best I love it but this show is like that so that’s why I like it but it’s in the UK when I’m In USA 👍✌️
I have always loved this show, best I have found. This is one podcast that I will always come back to.
Very niche podcast amongst a niche subject. Host is great, and so are the guest
Well done Howard. I only found your show recently and I am rapidly becoming a huge fan. I like your style. Respectful but sharp questions in a neutral setting. Your guests include some fresh voices as well as some cornerstones of alternate thinking about the universe we live in. Please keep up the good work.
I just so happened on this podcast by mistake but I’m so glad I did. Howards interview style is honest and smart. He asks questions that some ppl may not ask. So glad I found you Howard. Cheers from Texas my friend!
Thank you for this show! There is a rumor on MITD board you may be the new host!!
Love how Howard navigates through the interviews. Never bored listening to the show
Great topics, amazing host. Give it a listen and you’ll get addicted!
Howard gives his listeners a little bit of everything--as he says, hard science, weird science, and the paranormal. He's a journalist and asks good questions, offers intelligent insights, and has a great sense of humor. Give him a listen then, you'll be glad you did :)
Howard's show stands alone among the sea of paranaormal shows, as easily the best! Reminscent of the great Art Bell, this show is what all Podcasts aspire to be.
Howard you are a joy to listen to while working. I found this podcast two years ago when I was going through the worst time of my life. This podcast is one of the things that helped me through. The mix of subjects and guests is very good. Cheers P.S. I like hearing about the weather there.
Interesting to say the least. Sometimes the topics are a little whack for my brain but the interviewer makes even those captivating. Keep up the great work!
In the early-mid 80's I lived near Royal AFB Alconbury. My 1st listen was the story from RAF Bentwaters & I was hooked. Thank You for helping me re-capture my imagination! Michael, New Orleans La.
The Unexplained with Howard Hughes is one of the best programs of this kind. The quality of the program is apparent and the experience of this broadcaster as well.
I like unexplained topics, but I tend to be on the skeptic, or at least the agnostic side. This is precisely why I like Mr. Hughes’ approach. PLUS he brings to his show bona fide scientists like Seth Shostak and Michio Kaku, which brings credibility to his podcast. Great job!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. The quality is outstanding, and Howard is an EXCELLENT host. I highly recommend this show to anyone interested in the subject matter. Howard...thanks so much for doing this show.
I don’t know why you would ask David something, and then totally interrupt him, and move on before he ever got to finish. It was so rude, and I got tired of it, so I had to turn them off
I first heard Howard when he would substitute for Art Bell in the good old days before Art went off the air the first time. His voice is like honey pouring out of the radio and his interview technique is great. He explores many different issues from the weird to the hard sciences with equal interest and attention to detail. I find Howard's show the best of it's type and try not to miss any of his podcast.
I enjoy listening while I do all kinds of activities. Keep up the good work and stay away from political commentary as you usually do.
Love this podcast and highly recommend it. Great Job Howard !!! Your pal and faithful listener , William (From the City of Clinton in the State of Tennessee USA)
Howard is a great host. I enjoy his voice and pacing, I think he's a great interviewer. Unfortunately, his guests are often not deserving of him. There are some real dingbats, and this is coming from someone who enjoys listening to paranormal podcasts. I wish he'd maybe do some QC on these folks before he devotes an hour to them.
One of my favorite podcasts, Howard Hughes is a great interviewer!
Howard Hughes is a genuine personality on the airwaves and internet realm. He brings refreshing energy and authentic interest to each and every interview. He presents interesting guests and topics that strattle the paranormal, science, and current pop culture turf. He never comes across as rude, indifferent, or ego driven. He is a genuinely kind person with a knack for asking the right questions. Never boring and always respectful, a professional who is the perfect example of what other talk show hosts should strive for.
Awesome! Great interviews and even better journalism. You Sir are high quality and don't ever change it! Talk about the weather and yourself all you can. Heck, if you didn't it would be seem personal and that's what podcasts are all about to me. It's like sitting in a room talking to a good friend. 👍🏼👍🏼
I listen to lots of podcasts, but it's difficult to find shows of this quality on all the mysterious stuff going on out there. The "paranorml podcast" scene has a lot of low quality amateurs to weed through. I've been listening to Howard since the first show and I would definitely rate him as one of the very best in the business.