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Hi Dan - I miss the podcast but I do understand. I’d love to see a monthly update where you capture a few areas of interest around the world to discuss. It wouldn’t have to be the hottest topics because you know those are getting 24/7 press but I’d love your perspective back in my life! Thank you for all that you do. ☮️
Love the podcast and listen to it often because my family has been split politically. Father is conservative and mothers liberal. I struggle to not fall into one or the other specifically falling into the liberal streak as I my own interest tend to be a bit more towards there. However your point of view politically are far more palatable for me and my brother and after listening for 3 years we have been thinking more centrally and think far more critically on our issues, (finding the greatest common factor in our issues). We live in interesting times and even as your words are showing there age and they will be less applicable soon. We need a little more from you Dan. I understand and sadly know what it’s like to be burned out, but we need you. So many things at this point where it feels like we can’t navigate some things and take actions. You have a platform, a base of users, and good ideas. You can just talk about the things that stand out to you. What you think may happen or what you find amusing. That’s all we can ask of you. Hope to hear from you sometime soon.
Missing the podcast.
Dan, where did you go? The world needs your perspective.
Looking forward to the next time the drums beat on
We need you now, more than ever Sir. It’s time to put back on the mask.
It’s like the one person i could agree and disagree with equally, without fawning or fighting...common sense please.
Please come back, In the current climate of hyper partisan politics it’s so refreshing to hear a some one talk about political topics in a way that’s not laced with partisan manipulation. He can and does actually point out when both sides do good and bad things. Everything dan makes is amazing. Thanks for restoring some of my faith in people.
Need you!
I habitually add and remove podcasts from my feed based weekly whims. Although there have only been two episodes in two years, Common Sense is the one constant in my feed. Mr. Carlin, I hope you come back to Common Sense. In this controversial time, your voice is needed.
We need youuuuuuuu
Dan is easy to listen to and allows you to center your thoughts and allows rational and critical thinking to resurface. Do I agree with everything he espouses? No. But do I value his insights and viewpoints? Absolutely. Do yourself a favor and add Dan to your weekly conversation, you will be a better human for it.
We need you now more than ever, Dan.
One of my favorite podcasts. Please Dan, bring this back!!!!!!
Listening to Dan work though an idea helps me use my own brain. I can hear him think one way, entertain another, reason through it. It’s great. Thanks for helping me think my way to my own conclusions, it feels good.
Dan always says in a self deprecating manner that he doesn't have anything of value to add to this political conversation and that he isn't needed at this time based on what's happening i our country. I would really argue against that and say it's exactly why we need to hear from him. I would love to know what he thinks about the really progressive candidates with the Democrats, such as Elizabeth Warren or Sanders who talk about taking on the money in politics. It's truly been the Republicans, especially Mitch McConnell who has really fought to make campaign finance opaque and unlimited when he went against the McCain Feingold act and while he wasn't successful initially, even with his first lawsuit McConnell V FEC, he eventually had it reversed in the Citizens United ruling that his attorney participated in. What do you think of our political times? I need your point of view please. I beg of you!
All of Carlin’s shows are phenomenal. Profound and insightful, there isn’t another person I’d rather listen to. To the reviewer calling Dan a charlatan based on neutrality vs. objectivity, your petty bitterness is rooted in your politics. Perhaps you should turn to the mirror.
Dan was my navigation into opening my eyes to politics. Made me trust my gut. I miss his wisdom and insight. He gets people and doesn’t let his pride get in the way of sharing his knowledge. Dan is some one that I look up too. He admits when he’s wrong and always tries to have a multi sided view of any particular issue. He’s that teacher you always wanted during lectures. Please come back. The country needs your voice. We need to know we’re not alone.
I just wish Someone as intellient as Dan could run for President. His old and more recent podcasts are still just great. Don't forget to pay Ben
In an era of uncertainty, fake everything and commoditized fear, this podcast grounded and uplifted me more than any other media. Thank you Dan for all you diligence, perspective and hope you bestow. Come back soon.
When I hear talk about common sense I know I’m about to be assaulted by biased perspectives and Dan doesn’t deviate.


Going through Chemo so didn’t listen to this one when it came out. I agree with most of what you said. But if proper law enforcement have a legal warrant, wire tapping kind. Then they should be able to get into Apple phone. But only with a legal one time warrant. They now have a way to get into them now since this podcast.
When Dan was producing content, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but since Trump took office: silence. One podcast in almost two years. At a time when it seems common sense is under attack in an unprecedented way, he stopped producing content. Maybe when/if the country returns to the status quo, he can return to complain about it.
I love it, but wish I could get it more often.
Absolutely wonderful story telling. A joy to listen to. Thanks.
Only downside is that it doesn't update that frequently!
If I was president I would make a cabinet position just for Dan.
I’m surprised that Dan successfully can talk about politics without causing me to have a panic attack. I think he keeps this from being too far on any side while not so middle of the road nothing happens.
Where are you Dan, come back If you consider yourself a socio-political observer and thinker your media consumption is not complete without a listen to Dan. Terrific commentary on current events and the broader spectrum of alternative policy in regard to our nation and our world.
Arguably one of my favorite podcasts, but you’ve dropped off the face of the earth. Maybe I wont be there if you come back. You don't need to have answers. Nobody who matters listens anyway. Your opinion and viewpoint is missing from the realm of consumers like me.
Great show I wish it came out more often
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WhT are your thoughts on the dog and cat meat trade? China Vietnam South Korea not only consume they torture thousands cays dogs and several other animals in the most unimaginable ways before they kill them.
Everything I’ve listened to has been great just wish there was more of it.
Rare though they may be, I look forward to releases of Common Sense. I always end up having to take a moment to think when the show is over. Please keep up the great work and keep putting out this show.
Used to be a good show. Did the election break Dan? He always pushed for an outsider but now can’t handle it when we elect one? Come back to us Dan! We like listening to your thoughtful viewpoints and arguments whether or not we agree with them. Miss you. In the meantime everyone go listen to Ben Shapiro instead- smart, funny, logical and sure to hurt a lot of snowflakes feelings with truth. Woody
Is There Anything He Does Short Of Amazing..? Nope.. He’s Truly A Great Mind. Glad I Stumbled On This Podcast. Dan Is The Man..
I wish he put them out more often. I’d like one at least once a quarter
I appreciate his non partisan commentary and different ways of looking at current events. I wish there were more of them.
Now, more than ever, we need more intelligent commentary on the current affairs, which is EXACTLY what this show is. Not skewed right, not skewed left, it is skewed towards facts and historical perspective. Simply outstanding. Please do more episodes!
Dan, are you doing ok? I know that these are hard times and common sense doesn’t seem to be prevailing, but please come back! Tell us what you think, slow down the whirlwind news cycle and tell us what you time really matters. You make me a better American, you make all of your listeners better citizens. We miss you.
Need this now more than ever.