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There was some technical problems with the podcasts not updating. That has been solved and as you can see there are a lot of episodes to listen to now, and you'll continue to get updates on a regular basis for all WYEP podcasts.
'YEP is one of those great community resources you don't appreciate until you move away from it. The DJs all care about music and highlight great, underplayed artists - especially in the AAA format. Subscribe and find your next favorite.
We used to live in Pittsburgh, and RPM illustrates perfectly why we miss WYEP so much. I'm very let down that they haven't posed any new eps for a long while. Come back, Rosemary, Bryan, Kyle and all you wonderful folks! Come back!
This WYEP podcast is a must-listen if you crave new music and want the inside scoop, and guess what. It's not pretentious like a zillion other critic-driven podcasts out there. I listen to Kyle, Rosemary and Stephan everyday online...great to hear them here.