Reviews For Just One Thing - with Michael Mosley

I enjoy this podcast way more than I thought I would. I don’t understand it but it seems that whenever a person (Brit) with a British accent explains something you automatically assume its correct and should be given more weight than anything being spoken of in any other accent. The person with the British accent can be discussing the most mundane thing and yet you listen intently while thinking Wow this person is really smart lol And so it is with this podcast lol. He has an episode discussing the effect houseplants have on our health. Immediately after listening to it I went and bought 7 or 8 houseplants and placed them all over my home lol. I’m telling you its “Brit Power” lol. Watch any of the most recent Bond films with Daniel Craig or any show with Idris Alba and you will see exactly what I’m speaking of. lol
I have really enjoyed each episode. I find myself standing on one foot-just to see how long I can do it. Each episode is interesting-always waiting for the next one!
The few minutes listening to the important thoughts and actions that I might take to improve my health, supported my sense of being in the present. I’m more conscious of my actions daily. Thank you!
I find the podcast a bit shallow and cheesy.