After Trump

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I will listen to the brilliant and witty Virginia Heffernan do anything!
As Joshua Johnson of NPR’s 1A, I firmly believe it is vital for us as a country to stand behind our one true president, Donald J. Trump.
Very very informative podcast and beautifully produced, with good voices (including Trump Tweets) as speakers and good clips to illustrate points. Thank you!
I just love Virginia Heffernan’s voice and spirited intelligence! It’s reassuring to hear Bauer and Goldsmith’s answers to the trashing that 45 found he could do to our country. Gotta say, hearing the trump snake voice again makes my skin crawl!!! Thanks for the series. I’m excited to read the book. I hope Virginia comes out with another podcast!!!
Until the “immunity while in office” is removed, all the great laws you create will never work. Who’ll enforce it? The AG who is beholden to POTUS? What will you do if he doesn’t comply with the law each year? Hold every violation over until the end of presidency? What for? He can pardon himself.. or quit right after losing his election and have his VP become the POTUS long enough to pardon him. UNTIL “IMMUNITY WHILE IN OFFICE” RULE IS REMOVED, YOU HAVE NOTHING.
Ok - I am happy to live in the after trump world. I am also THRILLED that Virginia Heffernan is the host of this show. I was so afraid I’d lmiss the next show she did. Although this show isn’t as free flowing as Trumpcast it is great, timely, and ohhhh soooo necessary. Congrats on the new show!!
Is this the best you liberals can come up with? Laughable and pathetic
This is a really good podcast. Virginia Heffernen is such a good orator. Smart, articulate. I never miss an episode 🌟🌟🌟✨🌟
Good to hear from VH
I really enjoy this podcast. It helps to fill in the blanks of the Trump administration. Very informative.
Quality authors and podcast but I can’t stand hearing T’s voice. Wish that wasn’t included. We know how despicable he is.
I’m very interested in the subject matter and I think the substance speaks for itself but I feel the narrator is over-reading the text. A more conversational tone would be appreciated.
Such a well organized podcast. Reminds me of Trump, Inc which I loved and miss. But I understand taking the monster out of the limelight. Can’t wait to listen to all the episodes and then one day the monster will follow in his father’s footsteps
If you can’t get a chance to read the book After Trump, this is a good way to go. Done by Lawfare, this is a high quality podcast with in depth thoughts and discussions. Please don’t take those negative comments as any kind serious criticism; they don’t point to anything specific or detailed.’
We miss the GOAT! Trump 2024
Sure have missed Virginia, and she’s back with her easy to listen to and informative style. Good information and ideas.
Granular and methodical analysis proposing forward-thinking, simple solutions to securing our government. Fascinating cases and pragmatic logic. Loved it!
This is the biggest bunch of nothing I’ve ever listened to in my life.
Just more leftist propaganda.
Extremely informative, even to an average person such as myself. For 4 years we saw the president abuse the office for personal gain but nothing was ever brought up about how to stop these disgusting practices. Finally we get well thought out ideas on how to prevent much of this in the future. Eagerly looking forward to future episodes of your podcast. THANK YOU
An informative and important podcast. This is what we need to hear so that we can be assured as citizens that our President is not using his office for personal gain.
Essential listening for anyone who wants to fix what led to Trump in the first place.
Reliable sources, entertaining storytelling, important journalism. Thanks LF
If you listened to Trumpcast this is the natural continuation. Same great host and knowledgeable, insightful guests discussing how we get out of the hole that was dug for four years.