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I'd really like to enjoy this podcast. I keep coming back to give it another chance, it has interesting information.... But, I find the host hard to listen to, always seems to be complaining and negative about more then half of the topics. I know there used to be a co-host. If he doesn't plan on coming back I'd like to see someone else come on the show to be a new co-host. It might save the show for me.
Seems like this is simply AP lite. No added value.
Halarious, informative, and just plain funny. These guys not only know what they're doing, but do a good job doing it while still managing to have fun.
I just got home sick, feeling crappy when iTunes showed me your podcast. I put it on and I'm starting to feel better! Thanks for helping me through this guys!


By l3l0uch
Good job! This is a great show that includes everything...kinda...including the newest junk that we can buy, newe movies, new manga, old news made new, and funny stuff[captions, high voices, low voices, bad voices,etc.] so...enjoy it at your own pleasure!!!
This podcasat is exciting fun and informative. Anyone should listen to this who is an avid anime lover or (otaku). I wish everyone would come back tho. Its kind of sad you sittin there by yourself. I really hope this podcast stays open for years to come. Pce.
I haven't listened to this podcast but does anyone know where you can find anime episodes? I've looked for them on iTunes and I've looked for the songs but I can't find the one that I'm looking for.
These guys are halarious as always, plus they gring you up-to-date news, I do hope that chigo is going to come back to stay this time and I wish that the next episode was up by now.
this pod cast is awesome! it's hilarious too :3
absolutly brilliant podcast guys
Great podcast every otaku sshould listen to this.
Great Podcast!!!!!!Dont have time to google your anime news? let this guys bring it to you. up-to-date for what is coming up for the week, the month and weeks ahead. 2 minutes of survival phrases and commentary. not longer that 15 minutes.. you're in and you're done.
wait how did u have clean on it that aint true. w/e u guys RULE!!!!
A hilarious take on the world of anime.
this podcast hosted by the guys form Anime Pulse, Ichigo ang Batou(with re-ocurringg uest ChibiGodzilla), bring you a quick, often hilarous, look into the world of anime, manga, and japanese culture. great for the ride to work, school, or even sitting at home. great.