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Seems like this is simply AP lite. No added value.
Halarious, informative, and just plain funny. These guys not only know what they're doing, but do a good job doing it while still managing to have fun.
I just got home sick, feeling crappy when iTunes showed me your podcast. I put it on and I'm starting to feel better! Thanks for helping me through this guys!


By l3l0uch
Good job! This is a great show that includes everything...kinda...including the newest junk that we can buy, newe movies, new manga, old news made new, and funny stuff[captions, high voices, low voices, bad voices,etc.] so...enjoy it at your own pleasure!!!
This podcasat is exciting fun and informative. Anyone should listen to this who is an avid anime lover or (otaku). I wish everyone would come back tho. Its kind of sad you sittin there by yourself. I really hope this podcast stays open for years to come. Pce.
I haven't listened to this podcast but does anyone know where you can find anime episodes? I've looked for them on iTunes and I've looked for the songs but I can't find the one that I'm looking for.
These guys are halarious as always, plus they gring you up-to-date news, I do hope that chigo is going to come back to stay this time and I wish that the next episode was up by now.
this pod cast is awesome! it's hilarious too :3
absolutly brilliant podcast guys
Great podcast every otaku sshould listen to this.
Great Podcast!!!!!!Dont have time to google your anime news? let this guys bring it to you. up-to-date for what is coming up for the week, the month and weeks ahead. 2 minutes of survival phrases and commentary. not longer that 15 minutes.. you're in and you're done.
wait how did u have clean on it that aint true. w/e u guys RULE!!!!
A hilarious take on the world of anime.
this podcast hosted by the guys form Anime Pulse, Ichigo ang Batou(with re-ocurringg uest ChibiGodzilla), bring you a quick, often hilarous, look into the world of anime, manga, and japanese culture. great for the ride to work, school, or even sitting at home. great.