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Legendary podcast. Deeper than deep. Longer than long. Awesome.
Years after lost, this podcast has basically turned into mystery science theater 3000 for the show. Love the riffing and also the longer post or pre show discussions. Great fun to listen to while watching lost. Hope they can make it all the way!
This is a podcast for the (now completed) tv series LOST. Claude and Justin have done an excellent job being extremely detail oriented and still very entertaining. Even when they go off on a tangent (which happens fairly often) it is still relevant and on target. Might sound stupid, but I find myself re-listening to these marathon podcasts from time to time. Even knowing now how the show turns out, it is a thoroughly engaging conversation. One of the best!! Len
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By Uyveh
I have to say, this podcast is surprisingly really, really good. I mean, 8 hours of discussion per episode is unheard of, and an incredible feat to say the least. And during these 8 hours (cant say I listen to every minute), a boring moment is rare, and an off lost topic discussion, even rarer. Thanks guys for such devotion, and an unkeen ability to talk and discuss in such detail. GOOD NIGHT
This is by far my favorie podcast and I look forward to it every week. It is the only podcast where I am guaranteed to laugh out loud every single time I listen. I really hope you do a re-watch or somehow continue podcasting after Lost is over. I am really going miss this podcast. Thanks for all you do and for putting in the time!
The actual content itself is great and there sure is plenty of it. My problem is with the sound quality. If you're gonna marathon podcast every show then you should at least invest in a decent mic and not record every episode over the phone.
I listen to almost all the Lost Podcast and this one is my favorite. I love how in depth they go into the show. I also love all the humor they bring in, they always have me cracking up. Each episode runs somewhere between 4 and 8 hours usually. This is so fantastic because I love to listen at work and it can last an entire work day. Thanks guys, keep up the fantastic work.
This podcast does not have as good a quality as other podcasts. I listen in the car, and it is hard to hear at times. I also can't really imagine how someone even begins to record an 8 hour podcast much less time to listen to it. Some of the things they have to say are insightful, but you can get the same comments on a better sounding podcast.
Each marathon podcast is pure genius. These boyz are so funny, so human, so insighful, so hysterical, so articulate -- I just love them to pieces. These are the only Lost podcasts I save and relisten. I guess they are an aquired taste, because at first they sound so goofy and spacey, but the depth of their anaylsis and the breadth of the personal skils and knowledge they bring to the podcast format put them in a class by themselves. Just two obsessed guys having a long conversation about their favorite TV show becomes so much more. I listen to many Lost podcasts, and for both quantity and quality, this is my favorite.
Claude and Justin tear apart the episodes to such a degree that it's like sitting with two of my fellow lost addicts and talking about the latest episode. Most of the other podcasts just frustrate me with theories that don't hold water or info that is just plain wrong.
My favorite of all the LOST poscasts!! Claude and Justin are the bomb!! Wit and humor combined with an intelligence worthy of LOST. Don't let the length of the podcast fool you. I promise when the show is over you will be left wanting more. Thanks for a wonderful show and keep up the awesome work!! You can add #1 LOST podacast to your business card.
These guys really take the cake... the longest and craziest Lost podcast there is. Claude and Justin are funny as hell but at the same time have really interesting thoughts and theories. You could drive from New York to Maine listening to just one episode! Forget what the other reviewers say... The Lost Lowdown is the bomb diggity.
Wow. Just wow. It's nice to see such thorough analysis. A lot of lost podcasters just sort of say "i don't know man, i don't know man, lol... so much different stuff happened..." Good job.
The fact that I can listen to a 4-hour discussion on a 43-minute episode of Lost and NOT get bored says it all. These guys are highly amusing and fun. Keep it up!
I love this podcast! Claude and Justin are a great pair- and provide a thorough analysis of the episode. Yeah- the episodes are long- but to be honest...I wish they were longer. Keep up the great work you guys!
If you love Lost, and have a six to eight roadtrip to go on, this is podcast for you! Seriously, I took me a while to get past the host's (Justin and Claude) annoying way of speaking. However I'm now on board. I'm continually amazed how two individuals could talk about a 42 minute broadcast for OVER SIX HOURS!!?!! They've got my respect. Also, they have some really intelligent, rational theories about the show -- in between the long tangents and corny puns.
A LOST podcast that actually takes the time to disect the episodes and have real conversations about them. Claude and Justin are absolutely fabulous hosts, and this is easily the best LOST podcast out there. It's longer than most podcasts, but it's great because no one talks about the show in as much detail as they do. I love this podcast!


I've been listening to the Through the Looking Glass podcasts for 2 weeks now and these guys rock! I listen to all the lost podcasts and the Lowdown is the best. Cant wait until Feb for you guys to start on Season 4.
These guys spend a good deal of time discussing Lost . Nothing wrong in that . My only concern with this show is the hosts seem somtimes bored , uninformed .This makes it frustrating . Some of there discussion CAN be very funny ....... There are no bells and whistles . They had this lady on once as co-host. I swear she was so out of it ; I thought it was a joke. Its a great podi , that could be the best. Thanks guuuuys .
This is easily one of the best LOST podcasts available. This is not a general recap podcast. Claude and Justin are very knowledgeable and detailed and take the show and podcast seriously, with just the right amount of humor thrown in to keep the show moving. I've listened and subscribed to most all of the LOST podcasts since early in season 2, but The Lost Lowdown is all I listen to now. If you're a LOST fan, give this podcast a shot- you'll wonder how you ever watched the show without it.
I used to listen to several podcasts about Lost. I now only listen to the Lost Lowdown. Claude & Justin go scene by scene to discuss each episode. This makes the podcast anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours. That sounds like a long time, but I find the time flying by. Listening is like having a discussion with friends. They usually stick to the topic, but I often find myself laughing hysterically especially when they do get off topic. They seem to enjoy the discussions and each other and can even poke fun at themselves. I look forward to each new podcast to see if there was anything I missed or misunderstood while watching Lost.
No repetitive recap of the episode is found here. Claude and Justin offer relevant exploration of plot and theory coupled with some of the most creative divergence captured in audio form. As I have said before, listening to this podcast is like the discussions that you have on a long car ride with 2 good friends. If you are looking for quick-and-easy-just-the-facts, you may need to look elsewhere!
Really detailed and fun to listen to. A++ will listen again.
You may be intimidated by the length of each podcast, but fear not! These guys take the time and go in depth scene by scene of the episode without making it just boring recap. They interject theories, criticisms and jokes. And I actually really enjoy their sense of humor and occassionally find myself laughing out loud. That said they are pretty good about not straying off topic for too long, and when they do it's still entertaining. Claude and Justin seem pretty laid-back and are super knowledgable. I just came across this podcast a month or so ago, and it's quickly become on of my most anticipated LOST podcasts I subscribe to. With so many out there this is (in my opinion) in the top 2 or 3.


By kjrsg
I just recently discovered this podcast, and am so glad I did. These guys have me laughing until I ache. I love the fact that the podcasts are often so long, and done in a casual manner, because it makes me feel as if I'm in on a cool conversation with friends. I'm looking forward to going back and catching up on what I've missed.
enough said
I LOVE you're show.. especially the call in one! THAT was SO Funny!!! > <wink>
Enough can't be said about how much these guys don't seem to like Lost! The show runs so long too. One episode is 6 HOURS LONG! STAY AWAY
This podcast has potential, but just misses being useful. The hosts provide plenty of insight, but I'm not sure they like the show very much. They're too critical and it ruins the experience.
claude and justin offer much more than other lost podcasts. rather than merely summarizing each episode, they analyze the characters, scenes, important themes in a very intelligent way. and they are hilarious, without being stupid / obnoxious like "generally speaking" and "jay and jack".
Laid back, pleasant, smart...
they spend half of the time either making fun of charlie and claire or getting the plot and he charecters name tey are SO stupid if you want a GOOD lost podcast listen to: the official lost podcast, jay and jack, cliff and stefanie or lost casts
i love this podcast. it's funny, i love the podcasters, and they have good theories. a lot of people have criticized them for not having a listener feedback section, and no bumper music. i think it's a lot better without it. this podcast reminds me of my freind and i talking about lost, rather thatn a radio show, and i like it. if you need it to sound professional, then you won't like it,but if you are like me, and all you want is a good, meaty, funny podcast with excellent personalities, listen to this podcast.
This is one of the best LOST podcasts out there. I only wish the podcasts were a little longer.
Listening to these two discuss rules of evidence, philosophy, and other non-relevant topics without displaying any knowledge of those subjects is annoying enough - but the phrases "I mean" and "like" repeated over and over finally pushed me over the edge... Save your time and find another lost podcast!


These guys do a terrific podcast - it's wonderful listening to their opinions about the show. They're amusing and great and it's very enjoyable. Thanks guys.
Of ALL the 'Lost' podcasts, this is by far my favorite! These two guys are not only delightful but also insightful. Their extensive coverage and re-coverage and additional coverage of every 'Lost' theory, nuance, detail, flashback, clue, sub-plot or reference is entertaining and compelling, augmenting one's immersion in the 'Lost' ouvre. Like a four-toed stone statue, 'The Lost Lowdown' podcast is totally solid!!
I can hardly ever wait for this podcast! After every LOST episode, I look foward to the in-depth coverage that Claude and Justin give. They ask the questions that I myself ask, and they approach their reviews with a realistic perspective. They also are hilarious, at times like a mini comedy within great LOST review! Claude and Justin are detailed in their layout and their comments are highly intuative. I greatly enjoy this podcast. It is the podcast that any involved viewer would benefit from. KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS!!
This podcast has to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard. Yes, the boys are very knowledgeable, and go into excruciating detail about each episode. But the real story here is the crazy back-and-forth banter, non-sequitors, and off-the-cuff theorizing. The most recent episode (clocking in at over 5 hours) kept me awake all night on a midnight run from San Francisco to LA. These guys just crack me up!
I saw this podcast appear on the Lost Podcasting Network list and it was downloaded as part of my subscription to LPN. I took an intial listen and I groaned. I didn't listen for more than a couple of minutes to an awkward greeting by 2 guys who sounded clueless and stoned out of their minds. Some time later I was bored and looking for any Lost podcast to listen to, so I put on episode 6 - the most current at that time. Wow, I was floored. Again, after an initially awkward beginning, these two guys started discussing several season one episodes in an extremely intelligent, insightful and pleasant manner. I learned so much! I was totally blown away with new ideas. I would get so happy when they interpreted something the way I had. Even when I disagreed with them, they sure made me seriously examine my own theory. These 2 guys are laid back as well as intelligent. What's more, they really seem to like each other. There is no fighting for the mike or attention. They agree and disagree in a laid back way that I like. Most of all, however, I really really enjoyed listening to them feeding off of each other. This show really never does answer anything.. it just keeps coming up with more and more questions. Their 4 hour 7th episode was wonderful. I listened to it over a period of 2 or 3 days. I really got into their theories and it was a total learning experience and fun time. I was actually sorry it ended! Now I am going to download their earlier podcasts. Oh yes, and try to answer all their questions on their test. I am really looking forward to this. What an easter egg after 2 loooong months of Lost withdrawal. I am really excited about hearing their earlier podcasts.
I usually download the Lost podcasts because the podcasters usually have so much more information and have done so much research that it is so informative. This one-- not so much. It's annoying to listen to--- one guy seems like he is half asleep while he is watching the show so his comments are so wrong!! I was excited to see a 6 hour podcast so I would have something to cool to listen to for a few days on my commute to and from work but I couldn't make it past the first half hour of this one. Lostcasters is much better and by far my favorite. The other one with Jack and Jay is okay too.