13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

Reviews For 13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

Great way to spend my time. It is super interesting
I love taylor and this podcast!! very well done and so fun to listen to 💜


Ok but if you called this review out on an episode that would be wow. I love the podcast no one I know is as big of a Swiftie as I am and it’s nice to finally have a family of people equally obsessed
I literally LOVEEEE this podcast! It’s my favorite part of my Tuesday and I’m always looking forward to it throughout the week. They are always thinking EXACTLY what I’m thinking throughout the episodes, it’s almost like we share a mind. I listen to this podcast a lot in the car while I’m stuck in traffic but never stop laughing (or sometimes crying, spiritually alongside Ana) because they’re HILLARIOUS & I feel like they get me. If you’re a swiftie, or want to be a swiftie, this podcast is for you! 💗1️⃣3️⃣
My New Favorite Podcast!!!! Love leaning all the little rid huts I’ve missed over the years!!! Great Podcast Taylor’s Version ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ One Complaint the shies aren't long enough!! 17 min really?!?!? Come on y’all talk fir a living LOL More Taylor More Taylor More Taylor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
So glad that I found this on Tik Tok! This is the podcast that I didn’t know I needed in my life!
I’m obsessed and in love with this podcast! So grateful for all of the breakdowns. I can’t wait for more episodes!
I’m a newer Taylor Swift fan so I’m learning and rediscovering right along with Lacy and Amy. I am really enjoying learning about all of the good songs that I didn’t know I was missing out on. Keep up the good work! I am loving you guys as well as Taylor more and more with every episode.
You guys are driving me crazy! I’ve never been a Taylor fan but have been listening to you independently on KKITM or your podcast, and now I am trying to pick which podcast to listen to. 🤣 Being a working mom I only have a 1-2 hrs a day where I choose what I want to listen to. You guys are making it very difficult. Keep up the great work and who knows I might actually spend my kids birthday money on Taylor’s music 😉
Y’all do such a great job! This podcast makes my T Swift obsessed heart happier than the Queen herself when she adopted a new kitten! I’ve always loved listening to The Kidd Kraddick morning show, and now I’m a loyal listener of this podcast!
Call it what you want it, but this podcast is everything I needed and MORE!! As an OG Swiftie, I remember doing an entire biography report about Taylor swift in middle school and everyone made fun of me but now I’ve found my people!! So happy to be able to listen and get excited alongside these funny and beautiful souls. Never met u guys but I already know we would be best friends.
Low key writing this review in hopes you will read it during a future podcast. I followed Ana on TikTok way before I started listening to TS podcasts. This one is my new favorite! I binged listened to the episodes. I find my self laughing along with you guys!
With every episode, it makes me feel nostalgic while also widening my knowledge of the Easter eggs from past eras! It’s such a fun and insightful podcast and perfect for the die-hard swifties. I learn so many new things about TS! I look forward to it every Tuesday! This is my favorite podcast.
My only issue is trying to listen to this podcast but then wanting to go listen to the actual songs and experiencing internal conflict 😭 But this is awesome I love learning the meaning and history and connecting with y’all through her music. I definitely tear up at least once a podcast! Still think that y’all can make discautobiography a word!!
I have always listened to Taylor Swift’s music and known the lyrics since her first album, but my love for Taylor Swift really took off when the 13 podcast hosts did album breakdowns on their other podcasts and I started to become obsessed with all the little details and Easter eggs. This podcast gives me life and feeds my obsession, and I feel like I have friends I can gush over her music with now.
This podcast feels like home.You don't understand 😭 i love Taylor so much Taylors music shaped me in to the woman i am today. She has been in my life through everything and i dont know how i could of made it through a lot with out her being the sound track to my life. I dont have any one to fan girl over her. None of my friends understand. This podcast is everything i ever wanted to say and more! I feel like I'm accepted and seen. Thank you for this ❤️
Patiently waiting for the next podcast to come out!! I literally know one person as crazy as I am about TS and we don’t work together anymore so I looooove that y’all are doing this! Can we hang out??? Lol Lots of Love from Odessa Tx 🥰
As a Switftie with the honor of sharing a first name with the goddess herself, this podcast is everything I could hope for. T. Swift seems to always be going through the things I am when her albums are released and it’s so great to hear other people with the same experiences. Anna is right, she’s definitely writing these songs about us!
No one in my family is as obsessed with Taylor Swift as I am. I literally talked about her for 6 hours straight once.. this podcast gives me the dose of Taylor that i need to survive 😂 love you guys so much!
I have never subscribed to a new podcast so fast lol. Being a huge taylor fan AND being a huge fan of on cloud wine .. I can’t imagine anything better!! I love this for Anna. Like she IS LIVING her best life & I’m so glad to hear all the new content! (: <3 PLEASE talk about the legendary performance of “should’ve said no” when she wore the hoodie & danced in the “RAIN” at the awards show! Top 5 best taylor moments :)
Let’s keep it simple: Are you a self-claimed Swiftie? Could you spend hours listening to passionate people discuss theories, lyrics & all things Taylor? You’ll LOVE this podcast. Stop thinking and start listening.
This is amazing!!!!! Thank you for making such an amazing podcast!
I am obsessed with Taylor I have been to 1 concert and I started liking her from my OG grandparents Stay beautiful on her first album this podcast is the first I like and I love this I love Taylor through everything and her new re record of Fearless is perfect.❤️❤️ OMG SHE JUMPED FROM INTERVIEWS LIKE HOW SHE JUMPED FROM COUNTRY TO POP
I love this podcast so much! Thanks for breaking down everything so I don’t have to put in the hard work myself, lol! Will there be a podcast breaking down any Taylor Swift memes.......? 🤔 The on cloud wine, loose lips, and shut up album review cross overs are always my favorite episodes so I’m happy to hear you guys all in one place!!
I love listening to people that love Taylor as much as I do! They are fun, passionate, and bring some new info and Easter eggs I never knew about! My new fave day of the week is Taylor Tuesday!
I had a marvelous time listening to all episodes thus far!! This podcast breaks down Easter eggs, fan theories, songs and so much more. Ana, Nick, Amy & Lacey aren’t afraid to share their love and personal connections with Taylor’s music, which is something us Swifties can all relate to. If you love Taylor, this is the podcast for you! It’s fantastic and you won’t regret listening!💕
Swifties need this podcast!
Started listening yesterday and kept adding my own commentary out loud. Can we be best friends? :) I love it.
I’ve loved listening to the previous album breakdowns and am so excited for this podcast dedicated to all things Taylor Swift. Two episodes in and I’ve already laughed and cried along with this crew. Can’t wait for more!
Love this podcast! I just binged all of the episodes in one day, and now I’m sad I don’t have more.🥴🥰
Finally people who understand! Now my husband doesn’t have to (sweetly) pretend to care about all the TSwift things I talk about on a daily basis, or try and understand why so many of the songs make me weepy.....Ana gets me! Taylor+my favorite people in the radio? YES.


The only thing I love more than Lacey, Amy, Ana, and Nick is Taylor Swift. So pumped about this dream team podcast!! 🥰
I am a big swiftie and a lover of this podcast! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would relate to a podcast as much as this one. I was not ready for it! I’m so happy I found this podcast and a wonderful group of fellow swifties 🥰
I don’t know what I’m more obsessed with.... Taylor swift, cats (the animal, not the movie) or this podcast! So awesome to hear such fun people discussing and dissecting Taylor’s music. It’s like talking with my friends but better!
My family and friends do not like listening to me talk about Taylor Swift. In fact, my sister was gonna have a Taylor Swift themed birthday party this month for her 22nd. She changed her mind because I apparently talked about Taylor too much. I love this podcast because these are people who love Taylor as much as I do. 🤪 Great podcast!
Was an average fan now turning full Swiftie thanks to 13!
I’ve always loved Taylor’s music but this podcast is making me appreciate and love Taylor on a whole new level!
As a long time Swiftie, this podcast is gold! I have been looking for a good podcast about Taylor and none have matched this. Such a great group of people already! Love it here.
i saw this on tiktok and now i’m obsessed! also i’m a hugeeeee swiftie! love ittttt 💕
I needed this podcast in my life!
This podcast helps me tell myself I don’t have a problem, since I get to hear other people who obsess about Taylor Swift as much as I do!
Finally a podcast where I can relate and obsess over!
I found out about this podcast on tik tok and now i’m obsessed! it’s so good.
Love listening to Nick and Anna on Kidd Kraddick in the morning and I’m so excited for this podcast! I love, love, LOVE Taylor Swift and I’m so glad to hear other people obsessing over her songs and lyrics as much as I do!
I’m more shocked and excited than Taylor Swift when she wins everything! Can’t wait!!