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No complaints, just wish there wre more frequent podcasts! Great insight, and hilarious! This podcast belongs on the "A-Team Player" status!
You'll come across a lot of wrestling podcasts that TRY to be funny, but aren't. This, on the other hand? In addition to taking an insightful trip to memory lane, Joe and his guests also manage to put you in stitches with their wit, references, and genuine reverie for all that's great (and terrible) about professional wrestling. Wrestling Society X sucked so much, Kevin Marshall
I’m just not a fan of this podcast at all. Never mind the fact that host Joe Gagne’s voice is boring and monotonous, but he himself also comes off as a sarcastic, elitist snob who, whenever he comes to dislike a product, gives it very little credit (if any at all) and allows the most superficial of flaws in said product to cloud his judgment of it. I specifically remember his review of Wrestling Society X from January 31, 2007, where he and his guest Tanvir Raquib basically shot down every little aspect about that show after only one episode, and though I myself have to admit that there were plenty of problems that WSX had suffered during their tenure on MTV (poor sound quality, sloppy booking, overreliance on special effects and insanely dangerous spots over psychology and believability, an unfavorable 30-minute timeslot that limited the amount of time Big Vision Entertainment had for character and plot development and the potential for superior-quality matches, etc.), but Joe and Tanvir both did very little—if, quite frankly, anything at all—to pinpoint what WSX did right (e.g., wrestler’s performances, atmosphere, roster, the fact that the show DID have characters, and overall product uniqueness at the time). In fact, it got to the point where Joe and Tanvir were downright nitpicking the product to death, and for Tanvir to get all wound up to where he blurted out “What the f***?” on a podcast that is SUPPOSED to be clean and not contain any sort of explicit material didn’t sit well with me at all. Honestly, RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk ripped WSX to shreds on their own podcast, but even they were willing to give the product more of a chance and pick out things that they actually liked about WSX (e.g., the better-booked, better-produced Internet-based WSXtra matches) to more of a degree than Joe and Tanvir did. In short, regardless of how well-informed Joe might otherwise be about the wrestling world, there are aspects about his overall attitude and self-presentation that I just don’t care for, and I just hope he has improved since I last heard him so that other wrestling fans will have a more pleasant time listening to his podcast than I did.