The Lazarus Heist

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One of the best podcasts I have ever played it is thrilling and fascinating
Slow whatever 😜
Terrific show. Banter between hosts entertaining and never annoying. Fascinating description of international organized crime.
It seems they didn’t have enough material, or original reporting, to fill 10 episodes so it veers into a dozen different tenuously related, or entirely unrelated, story threads. Also, Jean Lee’s narration is just grating as she tries to make every sentence sound suspenseful.
Just a joy to listen to via podcast, much better than listening on BBC. I look forward to each new episode.
Good lord it’s ear splitting and I wish I was faster to mute
The podcast started off really good. But the episodes have just really started dragging on and it’s kind a hard to follow the story.
Love the hosts, music and suspense in this true story telling.
Words can not describe the amazingness of the podcast also Y DOES EVERYONE HATE THE MUSIC I mean sure it is a little scary but it is not hate worthy!
Really good podcast but the music is way to loud! Especially the intro also I feel like it could have been shortened
I love how it starts out as “did Seth Rogan almost start a nuclear war?” and seamlessly transitions to Korean social and political history and present and into the most bonkers heist. Excellent storytelling
Excellent podcast otherwise
Fascinating podcast about cybercrime. Very timely as this type of crime becomes more widespread and is affecting national security globally.
The presenter are amazing, their voices are soothing, yet keep you wrapped up in the story. The researchers do an incredible job. But sweet baby gesu, the production staff that chose the music need to go back to the drawing board. The intros are ridiculously jarring and the exits make one jump in fright. Otherwise this is a great podcast. But can we get the music toned way, way, way down?


By ricstra
The music is nerve racking and each style segment goes on way too long.
This is a seriously interesting story and the reporting is great. And I like the end music! I agree it’s kind of grating, but it’s cool and it matches/adds to the content.
Very interesting look into North Korea. Don’t let the 1 episode about Hollywood turn you off. This is more about N. Korea as a tech army really interesting stuff
Pretty good podcast, but the music is way too loud and nerve-inducing. It sounds like a giant creaking hinge—makes my teeth hurt.
Really enjoying the journalism of this piece! But holy crap your audio person should be fired. The theme music at the end wants to blow out my eardrums.
Is the point of this to paint Hollywood Californians as total idiots? It smugly does a descent job of this. A picture of vain on vain egotistical violence. A kind of iritainment. The tail wagging the dog yada yada yada and on and on so it goes. Unintelligent wealth looking at itself. “It’s not clear what this is, what it unveils or shows, only that the story lurches back and forth enough to make it suit the short-episode format. In this sense it’s an archetypal narrative podcast, one that left me feeling nothing but seasick dissatisfaction.” Quote by John Phipps.
Basically right at the high bar I’ve come to expect from the BBC. No higher, no lower. No further elaboration required.
The podcast is definitely interesting and worth your time. The opening is so annoying though. The loud siren makes me feel like my head is gonna explode.
Such a great story! And well told. I enjoy the way they tell the story and they have good interviews. Please fix the music and sound effects! They are so much louder than the talking and the intro is wayy too long and grating.
Great storytelling and the perfect level of detail to keep you interested!
What an incredible podcast. Absolutely riveting and full of information, episodes go extremely quickly because they’re so interesting.
Love the podcast. Hate the opening music. Regardless, it’s still worth a listen!
It’s got us on the edge of our seats, and turning on podcasts instead of screens.
Interesting stories. Good narration. Moves quickly through the fascinating stories.
Good podcast, content admittedly menacing, but music is off-putting, especially the fingernails-on-a-chalkboard opening theme.
Phenomenally well produced, unbelievable story and the characters... my only question is: when is the next episode coming???
Very informative and presented in a simple format. Nothing fancy and the way i prefer.
This provides great information. It moves quickly and is fascinating.
Fantastic show. Really well put together and totally fascinating
Great podcast investigating North Korean state-sponsored hacking. Highly recommend!
this show is brilliant. Shining a light on a never discussed (in depth) topic and fearless for doing so.
Great stuff, can’t wait for the next episode!
Gripping, fast paced, and well reported. Music and sound editors deserve a medal.
Great pod!!!
Typical high quality investigative work by the BBC and presented in an easily digestible form that forces you to keep listening!
So well put together I love it and wish there were more podcasts like this
This is a expertly made thriller and is completely facilitating.
Was advised to listen from the global news podcast and there’s no first episode?? All set, thanks.


This is outstanding and I can’t wait for future episodes!
Great work guys! Really looking forward to the rest. Super interesting and well told!
Great podcast that’s very well produced. Very interesting content!