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I’ve always been a Jeff Jarrett fan, and was completely stoked when I heard Conrad got him to do a podcast! I love how he goes into great detail, and he’s a great storyteller! This has become a must listen every week!
This is pretty simple: listen to the Owen Hart episode. That will be enough to convince you to subscribe.
I love how this podcast goes into detail and doesn’t just do a surface level recitation of stories fans already know. Keep up the detailed format.
Thank you Jeff for sharing, quite literally, your world with us. I’ve listened to all of The Podfather’s podcasts and yours is head and shoulders above the rest, like Charlotte Flair compared to the rest of women in pro wrestling better. I love the sidebars you go on to expand on the story. As far as I am concerned you have the most unique perspective on the industry, both as a talent and a promoter. Keep up the good work. Never really was a fan before, but I am a fan for life. If you have a live event in Cincinnati ever I will be there to offer my support. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me and the rest of podcast world. Thank you, Jonathan Vaught
I grew up in Memphis. I watched Jeff get started. I remember him refing his first match. I was not expecting this to be as good as it is. Jeff is really smart and tells a great story. Thanks for hitting another home run.
A great listen! I want to hear about his interactions with Grado of Insane Championship Wrestling in The UK, and also whether he had any guitar problems like the Honky Tonk Man did, or had WWE props remembered to give Jeff the right guitar? Well done, Jeff and Conrad!
I’ve been a long time fan of Jarrett’s work since I was a kid! (43 now) Listened to the first episode today and wasn’t disappointed, very cool to hear about all the different hats that Jeff has worn throughout his awesome career. I’m definitely hooked and will look forward to new episodes dropping every week! Keep em coming great job to Jarrett, Conrad and team! Thanks for the awesome content!

By cwr2
Yet another top notch wrestling podcast from Conrad!
The Owen episode got me. WOW!
Being a life long wrasslin fan, Jeff Jarrett was never on my favorite wrestlers list. Knowing only what was on TV, JJ's character was so unlikable and didn't click for me. Much like Conrad's comment about being the human fast forward button, there just seemed to be much better content going on. Now that I gave Conrad's ad-free shows a try, JJ is now one of my favorite people. The character seen on TV is such a huge departure from the man Jeff Jarrett really is. He is a truly humble, thankful, and positive guy. He has been in some honestly horrible situations and still holds his head high with a great attitude. His stories are heartfelt and honest. Give it a test drive and check it out. You'll be glad you did.
Just like Conrad riffed, I was one of the people who was skeptical about a podcast with Jeff Jarrett. Can’t put my finger on why. But facts, this is my favorite wrestling pod now. Storytelling is fantastic and the gym on Tuesday mornings now hits different w My World.
Double J is the man, always hated his guts from his God awful gimmick to the tna drama and gotta say after one episode I’ve flipped my feelings of years completely. Mans a gift to this world and glad to hear him open up about his. Thank again. Keep up the great work and bless up. Your pal, Chaz
Jeff Jarrett said he was the hottest heel of 1998. Sure thing.
I’ve loved this show so far. I can’t wait to hear about the Memphis/USWA/CWA days. As a kid in Louisiana in the early 90’s I got to see those shows every week in syndication. Cactus Jack, Iceman King Parsons, Eric Embry and Double J to name a few.
I didn’t expect to be as in to this as I am I didn’t know Double J has this much depth to him I’m looking forward to hearing more
Conrad and Jeff Bring stories from the hold up of Vince McMahon the true story. To the public firing on the simulcast. The Dark Side of the Ring I looking forward to a great Podcast
No one knows how to manufacture a hit, you just know one when you hear it. This is a hit.
Conrad has done it again, and maybe outdone himself. Double J and Conrad have produced the best podcast out there. Not in wrestling. Not in sports. The best dang podcast. Period.
We’re do I start this is neck and neck with the Grilling JR as best podcast from the pod father himself. Was never a big fan of Jeff Jarrett but hearing the stories he has and the honesty he brings out is refreshing and now I have a different outlook about him. I’ve only listened to the first 2 and can’t wait to hear the Owen one. Keep up the good shows guys. Chris from Wisconsin
From USWA to WWF to WCW to WWF to WCW and then TNA. This podcast will have it all. Check it out.
I have listened to and loved almost every Something To Wrestle. From an emotional standpoint Bruce’s perspective of Eddie Guerrero and, of course, Pat Patterson were untouchable, until today. Jeff Jarretts recall and telling of his story about Owen Hart, just simply the best single podcast I have heard. And I listen to A LOT of podcasts. Thank you Jeff for sharing and thank you Conrad for fostering this kind of environment for these stories to be told and shared. I can’t wait for more of the fun but this was riveting. It hits home. I’m on the verge of losing my mom to cancer. I know the situations are vastly different, But Jeff’s advice at the end of the podcast is something that I will carry with me in the days and months ahead. God Bless you both.
Another podcast hit out of the park. “The Podfather” does it again from the palatial Conradisson! Keep cranking them out guys and I’ll keep listening! I figured Jeff would be a great storyteller but not THIS GOOD!
Man, I shed tears during the “Remembering Owen” episode. I’ve never cried because of a podcast. Thank you Jeff for being a great friend to the King of Harts. Thank you Conrad. And Thank You Owen Hart. 💕🙏🏽
What a show today!!!! Bravo fellas. #Owenisforever #100%
This has been the three strongest episodes in any podcast I’ve listened to. This is a great show highly recommend.
This is one podcast that this little slap nut will never miss 🤘love the show guys #Ilovemyworld
I was skeptical but as usual Conrad finds the gems! Episode 1 made me love ole double J!
Conrad has done it again and has yet another fantastic podcast with J-E-Double F! Loving everything about this so far! Can’t wait for more episodes!
I’ve been a fan of Jeff Jarrett since ‘86 in Continental Wrestling & followed this career all the way to today. When I heard he was doing a podcast with none other than the Podfather Himself, Conrad Thompson.. I knew it was going to be incredible and I am blown away! Jeff is open, honest and has an incredible legacy and story to share with us all!! Love the show and can’t wait for more!!
Yet another great podcast from the Podfather, Conrad Thompson. I went in skeptical as I was never all that big of a Jeff Jarrett fan but have found his stories and details to be captivating. I cannot wait to see where this show goes but I will definitely keep listening week after week!


By theeEc3
Can't lie I wasn't expecting how great the 1-2 combo of Double J and the Podfather would be, enjoying this experience. Worth the price of being a #TopGuy!
If I’m being honest I didn’t really know what to expect when Jeff’s podcast was announced. Everything Conrad puts out is great but this was the first one that I was slightly skeptical about. Boy was I 100% wrong. Engaging, sincere, smart, witty...Jeff is incredible. I am now a JJ fan and have gone back to watch his career with a whole new mindset. I appreciate Jeff and, if you listen, you will too. Give it a shot, you will not regret it! The Podfather never lets us down!
Instant chemistry between Jeff and Conrad! Jeff is open and honest!
Conrad does it again! I had no expectations for this show because during his career I was only so-so on Jeff, but BY GAWD he was born for podcasting. He has had the most insane career and holds nothing back during the shows. This might be my favorite podcast period.
This is the greatest wrestling podcast since... “Well, you know...” Jeff brings us on his unique journey with a head strong, heartfelt, and humble manner that only Double J can provide. Listen and you won’t be disappointed!!!
Listening to Jeff’s podcast has truly been enjoyable listening. There’s not been a perspective like Jeffs. High recommend this show to all whose ever been curious about prowrestling.
I was looking forward to this for behind the curtain TNA stories but the amazing story telling that Double J does blows everything out of the water. Three episodes in and we havnt gotten to TNA yet and I couldn’t care less. This show is simply amazing.
Jeff Jarrett was one of the most diversified wrestlers I’ve seen to date. I honestly believe the whole statement about you get better with time had Jeff in mind. This man’s legacy & career from start to finish is down right remarkable. He came up in the territory days, went to WWF, then WCW, then did some Indy, then help launch TNA with all his wisdom is amazing. I love his stories, his emotions when reminiscing about certain wrestlers, & the genuinely of love he has for the business & people shows his passion. Also, I love the fact that it’s a nice flowing lengthy podcast as well.
One of the best in ring competitors in the wrestling business and promoters. Hearing his incite is astounding and very informative, he’s not afraid to pull punches and tells it the way it is. Simply because he is J e double F J A double R E double T Jeff Jarrett!
I listen to all of Conrad Thompson’s podcasts, but he may have found the diamond in the rough with My World with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett’s story telling is amazing and it’s at the top of my list for wrestling podcasts. Jarrett has been to Memphis to WWE to WCW to TNA and everywhere in between so there are many different stories for any wrestling fan to enjoy. Five stars easily!
When I heard that Conrad Thompson was doing a podcast with Jeff Jarrett, I knew I had found my new favorite podcast. After listening to the first three episodes, I’m hooked. The chemistry and friendship between Jeff and Conrad permeates through your speakers, and Jeff is as candid as anyone I’ve ever heard. You’ll laugh one minute, you’ll cry the next - but you’ll enjoy them all. If you weren’t a Jeff Jarrett fan or have never been interested in him before, I implore you to give this podcast an honest chance. His story is one for the ages. Can’t wait to hear the next episode. After twenty-five years, we can all say without question - “ain’t he great?”
One of the most honest and open podcasts you will ever hear! Regardless of how you feel about the wrestler, Jeff Jarrett the person will give you a pure look into the good and the bad. I hope we will get to hear Jeff’s stories for years to come!
The first few episodes have been great and this podcast has beyond exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure that I would be like it as much as some of the other Conrad Thompson podcasts but after a couple of minutes into episode one I could already tell this would be one of my favorite ones. Jeff is an excellent story teller and I’m glad that he is now telling his story and that he’s a part of the Ad Free Shows family.
2 episodes in and My World is already a must listen for me. Jeff and Conrad are amazing together and have wonderful chemistry together. Jeff is extremely open and honest concerning his career. Thank you to both for doing the show. Daniel
I cannot recommend this podcast enough. I was skeptical at first but I gave a listen to Episode 1. I’ve heard of the Jeff Jarrett story about holding Vince up but never did I expect the podcast I got. Jeff takes you on a roller coaster of emotions from laughter to tears. As a member of the Ad Free Show family I got the opportunity to listen to Jeff Jarrett’s tribute show to the late great Owen Hart. That episode is the most raw and emotional podcast that I have ever heard. Jeff bares his soul to all of us about his long lost friend and brother. Thank you Jeff for sharing your life story with us. I will be looking forward to more stories from the one and only Double J!
I grew up watching Jeff Jarrett on USWA. My earliest memories as a wrestling fan is watching USWA (or Channel 3 wrestling as it was known around my house because that’s what channel it was on). Jarrett and other wrestlers from the USWA used to come to my hometown and wrestle and it was an exciting time for my small town. When I heard Conrad Thompson was adding Double J to the AFS line up I couldn’t be more excited. His history in the business is second to none. Growing up the son of a promoter, Jeff has a unique look at what it was like breaking into a business and the hardship of not only being success in a tough business, but also shredding the stigma of being a promoter’s kid. From there, he went on to to be the only wrestling during the Monday Night War to start with one company (WWE) then sign with WCW only to go back to the WWE then back to WCW. He was part of pro wrestling’s “best of times” and also some down times with WCW. Sometime after being “fired” by Vince McMahon after he purchased WCW (the topic of episode No. 2), Jarrett started his own promotion (TNA) taking several of the teachings he learned as a promoter’s son as well as weaving in his own creative ideas. He’s done full circle after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and returning as a backstage producer. Jarrett has traveled the world and has a mind strictly for the business. With so many wrestling podcasts, I cannot recommend My World enough. If you are going to listen to one wrestling podcast, My World should be atop of the list.
My world is my favorite of the Conrad podcast. From Jerry Jarrett to Vince McMahon to Dixie carter and being his own boss in this wacky world of wrestling; anything from any aspect of wrestling that you could want to know Jeff Jarrett has done and experienced first hand so hands down the wrestling world is Jeff jarretts world
When I first heard Jeff Jarrett was the latest addition to the Wrestling Podcast space, I thought. “Well You Know” it’s another podcast. Then 15 minutes into episode 1 I realized this was THE podcast. Whether your a WCW, WWF or TNA fan or just a fan of great storytelling this podcast is for you. ” My question is how soon will you make this phenomenal podcast , a weekly part of your world?
I had the pleasure to meet Jeff in person at a TNA show in Norfolk, VA and he was so respectful. Jeff’s new podcast with Conrad is amazing!!! Storytelling never gets old or boring. My favorite show on! #ILOVEMYWORLD