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I only wish there was a way I could email them to tell them how much I love the show.
Great to listen to during tub time
It’s ok, a little more negative and self indulgent than it used to be. It’s OK to be critical of video games and the industry, but the pessimism and the dystopian hyperbole of this podcast doesn’t make it fun to listen to anymore. I even sense the other crew members are tired of it yet it hasn’t changed. These video game experts and enthusiasts even whined and complained about being at e3, an event which the average video game fan will never get to experience.
Unfortunately I think the podcast has gotten boring since Dr Metts left. The New Business segments (which are my least favorite) tend to be overly long and drawn out. I preferred it when there was more news, industry talk and debate. There was actually a lot more interesting discussion when the Wii U was floundering, sadly enough.
The good variety of vocals makes a rich podcast. I find the cast to be quick and the humor is natural. I like that the topics are investigated and discussed at length. So glad I found you guys, wish I had looked past the meh logo sooner. Thanks so much, keep it up! New Fan
A lot of whining and complaining, they don’t seem like they like anything or are even enthusiastic about gaming.
Hilarious and clever, this podcast is prime material for laughing at chaos and shenanigans.
An absolute national treasure. Three nations represented, a certain institutional seriousness, cursing, hidden switch games, deep dives from past systems. The best Nintendo podcast. (It’s not close)
Like your style but your episodes go on too long.
This show used to be the go to show for Nintendo podcasts. I've been a listener going back 8 or 9 years. However, in it's current form, the quality has dropped considerably. Most of this is due to the demeanor of the current host. Unfortunately, this has affected the rest of the crew and the show suffers for it. The show comes off being negative because the host (specifically James) is constantly looking for instances to troll. Bad games are played for the sole purpose of having something "funny" to discuss on the show. It seems questionable emails are selected to be read on air based on trolling material rather than current relevance. Anytime a recent event is discussed such as a Nintendo Direct, it becomes fodder for groaning and complaining about whatever was announced. It's too bad because these guys are very intelligent and experienced gamers. As is, I'm about 3 months behind in their podcasts because I find it hard to listen to anymore. Truth be told, I've started listening to their older podcasts when Johnny was still the host and the quality was unmatched. If you are looking for a Nintendo podcast with current events, there are way better out there.
Enough said. Told my wife this: “a podcast about Nintendo games done by cynical middle-aged men.” It’s perfect.
These people love games, especially Nintendo games, though occasionally they talk about something Non-tendo. These moonlighting fanatics who are mostly non-scripted real people who just have fun bringing us entertaining news and commentary on sometimes insanity that is Nintendo news and games. Great stuff. Though they could bring back the now playing section. It was amusing to see how far they could get through the script without losing it.
Ok so I've been listeing to this podcast for about 2 years now and I have to say these guys are very interesting, very unique, great personalities and at times can be funny. Here's my gripe, the topics they choose are sometimes uninteresting and just drag on. It's great that they talk about indie games but they need to choose better games or at least cut down the time a bit. Sometimes I'am just banging my head waiting for them to move on. Then when they get to listener mail they spend nearly 30 minutes on a single question. I mean seriously pick up the pace, let's try to get through more than 3 questions. It's bad enough each episode is 2 hours long. I do like when they have guests on such game developers and the ending music is always fun. Please just work on your pacing issues.


Would be much better with a host who wasn't so annoying. He's the only person on earth still talking about 1 2 Switch...3 months after launch.
This weekly show brings you news and discussion regarding the world of Nintendo and beyond. It is solid and reliable.
First off, I just want to say that this was the first podcast I had ever heard and is still my favorite. Other shows I enjoy are NVC, Game Scoop, Kinda Funny Gamescast, and FunHaus Dude Soup. If you even like one of these you'll find something to enjoy with RFN. This is one of the longest running video game podcasts with over 500 numbered episodes with most of the current cast starting around episode 82. This podcast had been around for the entirity of the wii life cycle all the way up to new Nintendo Switch. Where to start: I would recommend listening to some of the Retro Active episodes that routinely cover a game during the 2nd half of an episode that was voted on by the fans on an older title that has appeared on a Nintendo console. Previous titles include Enternal Darkness, Super Mario RPG, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Metroid II, Twilight Princess, and Blaster Master. If you enjoy those episodes then start at 82 and make your way to the dreaded episode 103 because you know, "It's the podcast people!"
Just started listening to this podcast and I'm absolutaly loving it. Great podcast. If you are looking to listen to stuff about the new Nintendo Switch. This is the podcast for you. Awesome people and a great cast.
listening to the gang talk is enriching, indulging, inspiring and gets me excited about playing nintendo games. the discussions are thoughtful, insightful and offer a range of opinions
These people have been in the game for a while and know their stuff. Great balance of personalities and humor.
Attempting new nintendo podcasts and have to say this, though probably has better episodes, drags on waaaay too much and hardly covers gaming. The first episode i try is 15 minutes of just talking about the situation theyre in on the podcast, websites unrelated and people related to events or being vague on references. Just really slow start to stay focused on the subject.
This is the only podcast I have listened to for 6 years an on
This is a great podcast covering all things Nintendo! The hosts talk in depth about news, games, and everything else involving Nintendo.
Really long and I enjoy every minute of it! Fun to listen to every week.
Absolutely love this podcast! It's funny, informative, thoughtful, interactive, and the list of adjectives goes on. James, Jon, Guillaume, Greg, and even though no longer apart of the show, Dr. Metts are all great and vastly different personalities that create a dynamic recipe for amazing chemistry. They also do a wonderful job of creating and maintaining a fluid dialogue with their listeners through listener mail, retroactives, and other segments. It really has become a highlight of my week when a new episodes comes out. You have a lifelong fan here. Keep up the great work gentlemen!
I just got back into gaming after a long hiatus and into Nintendo for the first time since the NES. This show has improved my enjoyment of gaming immensely. The hosts' personalities are pleasant without being uninteresting or bland and their repartee is entertaining. I can't recommend it enough. I listen to the new episode almost as soon as it's posted and I am making my way backwards through their catalog.
I’ll give high star rating because i want more podcasts to exist for Nintendo, but 2 things really bother me about this podcast. They ramble on forever about games that most people don’t care about. I end up just skipping 10 seconds forward for a while until the next game comes up. But sometimes i have to click that 10 sec skip like 20 times for some random game like drill dozer or something like that. Anyways, my biggest gripe.. Swearing.. I can’t listen to them with my kids. If I’m in the car with them I won’t play their podcast.. I just hope my kids never mess around with my podcasts to discover how dirty their mouths are. Its Nintendo for crying out loud. Only one person, the new host who replace John (who was very soft spoken). He is the one that sort of sets the mood. And with F bombs throughout, i can not recommend this podcast for families even though Nintendo to me equals family fun. I mean their first system was Famicom (Family Computer) might as well rename it to F$#@Com. Also, IGN used to swear. But they started bleeping out accidental slips. Which i totally commend. But I do understand why RFN doesn’t bleep out their swearing.. it would be impossible to locate the timecode in their 2 hour rants on games we don’t care about.. Aside from that. Its a great Podcast.. I just hope they hear and are opened to changing their ways. Think about all the listeners you would get if Explicit content was removed from your podcast tag..
These guys know what they're talking about. If you even mildly have an interest in video games; subscribe! The depth of the analyzing that these podcasters go into is intense. Even games you never heard of or thought you'd like can be entertaining or enlightening. Also the chemistry and camaraderie are what keep you hooked and coming back for more!
I think these guys are so great. They're all very different in the games that they play, and ways have different view on every game. Also they're pretty hilarious. Any fan of games should give this a listen.
Great podcast and great chemistry. Kinda negative and James jones almost brings the whole thing down. He's loud, annoying and makes you almost unsubscribe.
This Nintendo focused (but not limited to) podcast is a great time capsule of how the Nintendo gamer felt and perceived from the pre-Wii era until the present. These men of leisure are professional, unpretentious and mean BUSINESS.
Why on Earth do they let James Jones be a part of the discussion? I have heard better arguments from children during recess after a binge of kool-aid and go-gurt. Most of the time he has nothing to add to the conversation. And when he isn't cackling (loudly) into his mic he stumbles to describe the games he is playing with notable catch phrases such as "it's just stupid" and "it's dumb". He also seems to have an obsession with John for some reason ("John, John, John"). I trudge through these podcasts just to hear the other crew speak their mind but I hover with a shaky hand over the unsubscribe button every time i hear that man-child spit his way into the convo. All in all please keep up the good work.
Some of the more grating and annoying game podcasters here. Especially James Jones, he seems to love the sound of his own voice. Its overly snarking and nit picky. Its just bad. Pass on this one.
I've respected these guys ever since they said they didn't want to start a Patreon to ask for money just because they thought they could get it. Listen up, Player One Podcast.
Pretty informative podcast. I've enjoyed most of the banter and the information is very good. One of the members of the podcast seems to enjoy using unnecessary profanity. It takes me out of the experience when I hear swearing every other minute.
5 star, thanks for the great show.
Most of the time topic transition is very smooth, but the main host seems to talk about a game or topic to death. Leaving no mystery and reiterated an idea over and over. James is good about not doing this. He gets to the point and explains things perfectly. Great Podcast keep up the good work.
I can't say much more than that.
RFN podcast is a great source of nintendo news, very informal, great opinions, and done by a cast that are memorable and eventually lovable. Lets not forget about Greg though, Greg was awesome.
I have listened to RFN for several years now and consider it to be a terrific source for the latest gaming news and thoughtful commentary. It is evident that the guys put a lot of effort into producing the show each week and in an era where it has become fashionable for commentators to bash Nintendo, the RFN team provides a welcome forum for both positive and negative discussion. Without a doubt one of the best gaming podcasts out there today.
No one does it better! This is THE Nintendo podcast that you can count on to bring you the coverage you crave. Keep up the great work!
I listen to a lot of podcasts while I commute and RFN is always one of my favorites. It has, by far, the best Nintendo coverage you can find in podcast form. The hosts also cover a lot of non-nintendo games while still keeping Nintendo content their central focus. They do a fantastic job of discussing Nintendo in the context of gaming as a whole. I would recommend this podcast to anyone even remotely interested in keeping up with Nintendo or gaming current events.
I love the show, it's got great banter and is frequent enough to stay up on big news. However one host is just unbearable. He is pretentious and just seems to hate things to be different. I have had to fast forward through his reviews multiple times because of his obnoxious tone. I've been a diehard Nintendo fan since the NES days and with this and IGN's NVC I get 2-3 hours of great Nintendo discussion every week.
Interactive discussions about video games... Affable hosts... Special retro game segments... Lindy rapping... WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT INTERNET!?!? If you want an interactive podcast where you can send listener mail and get a real and enlightening discussion from it, participate with the hosts and others in retro game playing, and having a great freaking time STOP READING AND DOWNLOAD THIS PODCAST NOW.
Very balanced discussion of Nintendo and the game industry. This is not a fanboy podcast, thankfully. Also frequently funny. I found James's over-opinionated attitude annoying at first, but his natural comic wit balances that out. New listeners, he will grow on you.
This is a phenomenal podcast for fans who have grown up playing Nintendo games. The show is structured, yet the conversation always feels organic and ernest, never scripted. If they digress from the topic at hand it is always to the benefit of the show and always over an issue that warrants discussion. It never gets too long, boring or strung out. A good place to get your Nintendo news, as well as some perception from the members of the cast. I am pleased that I discovered this podcast, and Nintendo World Report. I listened to NVC on IGN for years, and I still do. But i now find myself looking forward to RFN every week more than NVC.
I may be a Nintendo fan, but even if I wasn't, these guys are the most level-headed, fun to listen to, and generally insightful gaming podcast. Great ideas, great conversations and fantastic discussions about all games, not just Nintendo. But their love for Nintendo is certainly apparent, which is gravy.
As a huge Nintendo fan, this is my favorite video game podcast. The panel always conducts intelligent debates with one another. They encourage fan participation through listener mail as well as their retroactive segments where they talk about classic games. Sometimes they even orchestrate live shows, which you can participate via chat or Skype call in. They even talk about what non-Nintendo games they are playing which is refreshing. I highly encourage you to subscribe and check them out!
This is a quality podcast for people who own Nintendo consoles or just love Nintendo games. The crew does a good job with the "new business" segment, outlining games that they are playing, which are mostly new releases on the Nintendo consoles. I like the people on the podcast, and when the chemistry is going well between all the personnel it's as good as any other video game podcast out there. Recommended for all gamers.
I just recently started listening to RFN and I have loved every episode of it. Really one of the best gaming podcasts around with a very diverse and knowledgable cast. These guys know their stuff and have very intelligent discussions (mainly Nintendo related) about the gaming industry. It's also important to note that these guys are Nintendo fans, not fanboys. So you won't always here them praise about Nintendo, they call Nintendo's BS when they see it. If you're looking for a great gaming podcast where you'll get to listen about the best games you've never played you owe it to yourself as a gamer to check this out.