Reviews For The Deep Dive with Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael

June & Jessica are the duo I didn’t know I needed!!! Funny, insightful, and 1,000,000 other delights wrapped in a podcast!! Count me in as a forever faithful listener!!!


By elw5478
I love this podcast so much. The real conversations between Jessica and June Diane are relatable and appreciated. Keep it coming ladies!
This podcast is simply the best! It's like having happy hour with your best girlfriends; where the conversation flows, the discussions are unconditional, and it goes from deep thought provoking topics to hysterically laughing, in the blink of an eye. Love, love, love. Nice work ladies!
I love everything these women do in their professional lives, and now I get to feel like I get to be on of their BFFs. They’re exactly what I need - thoughtful, hilarious, brutally honest, vulnerable, and so much more. Thank you June and Jess for putting yourselves out there for us. 💜
This podcast is everything I’ve ever wanted. I love these women so much I could cry. And I will.
I’m a young stay at home mom with two toddlers. Listening to June and Jessica makes me feel like I’m part of a groups of girlfriends! Wednesday is a bright spot in my week thanks to this podcast.
I adore these ladies and love this podcast so much. I have never felt more seen by strangers 🤣
Okay, so only in my dreams! As a woman that cherishes my female friends…it is such a treat to listen to these two queens share their bond. I’ve lost count how many times I have laugh/cried at their stories. Their hot takes on Side parts, gingham and gold parties, and voicemails….I feel seen. All the LA magic they are tossing around….I’m here for it. Astrologers, school of self image, sauna blankets…just take my credit card. I heart these two and the wisdom they drop.
i literally look forward to every wednesday now!! so so good!! thank you for making me laugh every week!


I just love this podcast.


I have listened to one episode because I saw a recommendation to listen to a very small part about having only one child. That part ended up being at the end of the hour long episode (the last two minutes) I listened and it was a roller coaster. It was like a train wreck but I couldn’t look away. I thought “omg, I don’t know if I’ll listen to this podcast again, it’s all over this place.” But, yet I’ve subscribed and will be listening. I was laughing walking down the street walking my dogs looking like a crazy person. 5 stars!
I love June Diane and Jessica so much, this podcast is like having a convo with your friends except they don’t hear your replies. They really do go deep on some topics and also have silly banter that shows the love they have for each other.
I AM so grateful you are doing this. I feel like these sister women are my kindreds. Equal parts intelligent, real, spiritual, authentic and FUNNY, this is my special time to listen while I walk. I feel supported, lighter and part of the Divine feminine after each episode. Much love. With Gratitude :)
I have never felt more seen than listening to these two ladies. I could listen to them talk about life for hours (make the episodes longer, we are here for it!) I truly never write reviews, but felt compelled to because I laugh, I cry…I swear, it’s like therapy. THE BEST. LOVE these ladies.
I wish I could give this 10 stars
I’m obsessed with this podcast only complaint is that it’s too short! Here to request at least a 3 hour runtime. I’m selfish I know! But this podcast is like a breath of fresh air in the space of so many podcasts that make me feel nothing. Thank for being you and for your honesty and openness. My favorite time of the week is diving deep with you!
These ladies are deep as a puddle. Snoooooooooooooooring!
These women are thoughtful, quick, wise and HILARIOUS. I am obsessed with these two and their chemistry. I NEED MORE!!!!
Oh my stars. I was entertained by you guys before your podcast and now to hear that you are part of each other’s tribe! It’s gold hot fire!! This podcast is so true and relatable at some point in the show. You might not get it at first but just keep listening you WILL MOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! Keep taking that deep dive!!!
I am a fan of both of you and discovering your podcast was 🔥 Special message to Jessica I am french and we do send our kids to bed early and F no we don’t play with them as much as you do here! Overall this is a place where you can hit pause and spend time with friends you don’t even and you don’t have to participate to the conversation even better 😉
Real friendship, vulnerability, and humor are all beautifully weaved into every episode. Great guests too!
I feel like I’m listening to my inner thoughts when I listen to these gals! I love their wit, smart, insightful banter. I wish it would go on forever! I just turned 50 this year and have a 6 year old son and step daughters. I’m a working mom and married and many of the topics they talk about are as though they read my mind! LOVE!!


These two are insufferable.
These two women are titans in their own right but together this is the conversation I didn’t know I was missing. I have cried and belly laughed at every episode and cannot recommend this podcast enough.
Initially listened because I’m weirdly curious about celeb friendships and very quickly became a dedicated Deep Diver. It’s like being invited out for coffee with the cool girls and learning about things you should know but no one ever told you; like saying yes to spray tans, no to hairstyles that you know aren’t you, and the power of your light team. Equal parts fun and frivolous while also emotional and honest. I regularly tear up one minute and laugh with them the next- highly recommend! I’ve loved every single guest!
I’ve been a long-standing fan of both June and Jess, and never have I wanted more to be a part of a friend group. The ladies are so open and vulnerable and make me laugh and cry and then laugh again, every GD episode!
I recommend this podcast to everyone! It was nice to know that I’m not the only one that makes mental “moving on from untimely death plans” when I haven’t heard from my spouse in a while. I too would sell the house and move into something smaller. I laugh and I cry in every episode!
This podcast is the marriage of laughter and tears and love and grief and friendship. I simply couldn’t love it more and hope June D and Jessica create many more masterpieces together.
Thank you Jess for sharing your breast cancer journey- the ups and the downs and the growth that comes after. I recently got diagnosed at 28 and went through a mastectomy and chemo to follow in July. You both starting this podcast is divine timing for me. This weeks episode with June sitting you down and knowing so genuinely that you were not going to die is exactly how I have felt from the moment my dr told me the diagnosis. Really hit home. Thank you ladies for this amazing podcast 💕
Your conversations about grief and the loss of a parent are so moving and spot on. I lost my Mom in December and you put into words all the emotions I’m feeling. Thank you.
The entertaining rapport between the affable Jessica & June Diane is undeniable, however the avid participation in astrology, dianetics (Scientology) and such pseudo spiritual / medium-like services really puts me off. As an east coaster it just seems so out there with the woo woo LA whacko Vibe. Not what I was expecting from these woke women, but I'm fascinated. The podcast is at its best when the hosts are recalling stories about friendship and womanhood. The average person doesn't have the money or time to devote to a life skills relationship course, transcendental meditation guides, or astrology / empowerment retreats. Still going to listen even if it's a bit because I will snarkily relay the crazy stuff I hear on the episodes to my husband & girlfriends.
I generally love these women and their real conversations which have at times moved me deeply...but to take this last episode to promote the mass fraud of astrology and direct vulnerable and hurt people seeking answers and comfort to an industry that takes advantage of these people by drawing magical charts and selling crystals instead of providing useful counsel is extremely disappointing. I cannot understand how June in particular can be so right on the mass fraud of the pseudoscience of Scientology (her special episode of HDTGM had me cheering) and so wrong about another mass fraud based on pseudoscience. I mean what’s next, QAnon? Each are mass deceptions appealing to vulnerable people for profit and it saddens me that two otherwise bright, wonderful, thoughtful, kind and considerate women have been so hoodwinked by this snake oil saleswoman.


This podcast is just what I needed in my life. Women are where it’s at. I love the whole vibe.
This podcast is so good for the soul! Jessica and June are so open and authentic that it inspires me to be a better version of my self. Thank you for giving us a small peak into this beautiful friendship group. 💕
I came to this podcast by way of “gateway drug” Bitchsesh (a real housewives breakdown podcast). A truly deep dive into all things women, earthy, and eternal. Just two gals and their friends simply having convos that aren’t simple at all, yet relatable, and Ernest (aside from their expensive lifestyles). I think any women who is working to hold space for herself will enjoy this. It’s funny, honest, brave, insane and basically the conversation we have with our closest friends all in a podcast.
I would not, in normal times, miss an opportunity to be entertained by Jessica and June. But I did not realize, in the months after my mom died suddenly from COVID, that I would feel such sisterhood in my grief with these women and their guests. It is not a dark conversation at all, it is like grief - it is mixed in the conversations about daily life and pops up in random ways that fits in with what’s going on with ALL of us. Thanks for taking the deep dive! It is so necessary for my mental health. ❤️
I love the guest episodes and I love when it’s just the two of you. My only complaint? That you guys don’t release two times a week. Thank you for this piece of joy.
I am so in love with this podcast already and have no doubt it will remain a favorite forever. Love, laughter, deep truth, and surface level but deeply relatable stories make this the best hour(ish) of the week. Thank you, June and Jessica!!
This podcast has given me such unexpected joy in their friendship, their personalities, their brutal honesty, and their absolute hilarity. Still unsure if I want to be June’s best friend or if I am terrified of her, but I look forward to finding out as I continue to listen!
Love, love, love this podcast! I listen to tons of podcasts (like most people) but this one is truly my new favorite. It feels like a treat every time I see that there is a new episode available. I love June and Jessica’s honesty, transparency and their beautiful friendship. I know June likes to admit that she’s not relatable, but seriously she is! They both say exactly what we’re all feeling and I can’t thank them enough for putting this show out into the world. I’ve already listened to episode 5 twice but they’re all my favorite! Thanks again ladies, you are wonderful!!
I look forward to this show every week.
This is a beautiful space you have created for the ladies but it would be so helpful for positive male growth, if more men were to listen. Truly something special for everyone!❤️❤️❤️
Loving the show and I gotta say, episode 5 was pretty stand out
Don’t overthink it; just enjoy. 🪁
They joke in their opening that no one asked for this but that’s only because we didn’t know we could!
Whoa this podcast is a lot! But it’s everything you talk to your girlfriends about and MORE, much more 😐 It’s like a counseling session each week and I AM HERE FOR IT! Love these women, and I appreciate them for baring their souls because each of us have something to gain, or learn, or understand, or relate to. Wendy Florence, Arizona
Exactly what I needed, a perfect podcast.