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Simple minded men talking about very complex subjects. Limited world view doing their best to change yours.
Jared, Adam and Shane are great. Well maybe not Jared and Adam. I'm kidding. The show is awesome. Love the movie reviews and news. Keep up the good work.
This podcast is amazing and a must listen! Jared, Shane, and Adam never fail to bring the funny and I always break out with laughter (or at least a few solid snickers) during the episode. If you're looking for a sometims sporadic but always fantastic podcast which appeals the Minnesotan nerd in us all, then this show is for you! As an added bonus, they are now streaming the podcast live! Subscribe now!
The Scope is a well-produced podcast full of fun discussions. I look forward to each new episode!
The Scope show consistently funny, well produced and one of my favorite downloads. Check it out!
Hmm just reviewing some of your reviews -- 'arrogant jerks' ?????? I must be a fellow jerk because that is part of the charm that I love and have listened ever since I stumbled across your podcast from metrobuzz's podcast trivia challenge. Keep up the awesome work ---- my drive to work is NEVER dull!! (people just wonder why I'm laughing to myself a lot). -- do you see the men in the white coats?
I love the show. Great pop culture reviews mixed with funny banter and don't forget about the best part... Adam. I love the fan-fic phone calls as well.
This is a good podcast to listen to if you need to catch up on pop culture (and occasionally sports) like I do. I hope to hear more of the game where they ask Shane's cousin all the history questions, and more slash fic!
The splendiferous offerings put forth by this trinity of pop-culture gurus put in me in a bi-weekly state of nirvana. The hosts themselves are super witty, always prepared and well-informed, and know what order the segments of the show go in. A personal favorite aspect of the show for me is their use of fictional recurring characters like the Cloverfield monster, Adam-atic, and Earl Luckes. Many LOLz all around gentlemen! Huzzah and Scope on, my bretheren!
When I first subscribed to them, I thought they were funny. But the act gets old after a while because they're kinda arrogant jerks.


By jrt1
me and my friend agreed we would listen to at least five episodes of the winning podcast in the metrobuzz trivia tournement. your podcast is amazing and ive been hooked on it ever since metrobuzz. Dont tell them, but i think this show is way better than metrobuzz -Jack from CT
Like everyone, it seems, I discovered The Scope through the Metrobuzz Podcast Trivia Challenge and I must say that I'm only sorry that I didn't start listening sooner. Despite the hosts' occasional self-deprecating comments about their own show, this truly is an excellent podcast and might be my absolute favorite. Jared, Adam, & Shane offer a well-rounded overview of pop culture every fortnight, with a dash of geek bias thrown in for good measure. They're always hilarious and really, how many podcasts have Tom Cruise as a special guest host? Keep up the great work, guys!
I also found this Podcast after listening to them on the Metrobuzz trivia challenge. It's since become one of my favorites. Keep them coming, guys!
4 Stars! Jared does an awesome job of putting this show together, Shane keeps the show rolling and serves as the backbone of the show, and Adam keeps it real with all his witty Jewisms... Thank you guys for putting out the show, and keep the Scope coming. Definately give these guys a listen, they deserve it.
This is one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. The guys have a great sense of humor. Podcast sounds great and love the segments. If only they would follow me on twitter (@thekush, hint hint) Seriously, check this podcast out. You will be glad you did.
Really love this show and it's very funny. They play off each other really well. The sound effects are great even though David Lee Roth is better than Tom Cruise any day of the week. I'm also writing this review so they can fill their quota of 20 reviews, hope this helps and will be waiting for the next shows.
This is the first time I have ever reviewed a podcast, but felt the need to say thanks! I am able to listen to podcasts all day at work and you guys keep me entertained. My co-workers sometimes think I am crazy, but it is all good. Keep up the great work.
This podcast, literally, makes me laugh out loud at least twice every time I listen. The format flows well, the content is appropriate for the subject matter (pop culture), and the hosts Shane, Jared, and Adam are extremely funny. The production quality is second to none. I just started listening to this podcast this year and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite.
I discovered this podcast about 6 weeks ago, when the guys went came on Metrobuzz. I couldn't get over there clever banter, and immedeatly I was hooked. I started downloading there podcast, and it was beyond my wildest dreams. I went as far as to download all the previous episodes of The Scope, and got about three weeks of free entertainment (alibi some of the material was a bit dated as it is a topical show). There jokes are hilarious, and I can't believe more people aren't downloading. Possibly the most underated podcast of all time. Anyway, I thank them, as it makes the hellish hour long commute to school every day much more tolerable. In fact, some days I catch myself looking forward to driving, as I know I will be accomponied by Adam, Jared and Shane. Great podcast guys.
I have only listened to four episodes, but it is enough. This is a great podcast. It is long and funny. Never gets boring and hits all the marks on pop culture. Listen and enjoy.
I'm in the minority but I would kill Tom.
I first started listening to these guys because of the MetroBuzz Trivia Challenge and can not stop. (No seriously, every time i try to delete it I can't becaues i feel that Shane is beside me threatening me with a comic book) Keep up the good work.
I found out about you guys through the Metrobuzz trivia challenge, and I'm hooked! I like how you guys give an interesting and funny spin on all things pop culture, especially the section on things coming out for release like movies, cds and books. It's even fun to listen to y'all "geek out"! And I'll just say that even though I'm a right-leaning moderate, I really enjoyed your take on the election...I feel like there is substance behind your views and it makes for interesting "food for thought." Oh and the North Shore trivia is what reeled me into subscribe! Keep it up!!
I first her these guys on the metrobuzz trivia challange and have been laughing every sense. They make you feel like you know them forever. It turning in to one of my favorite podcast.
This is fast becoming my favorite podcast. I love the interaction of the Jared, Adam, and Shane, they do a great job of feeding off of each other and making me laugh out loud. If you love pop culture randomness you will love this podcast. They are always on top of the latest pop culture news and always have something that you might not of heard but after listening to the podcast you want to check it out. Keep up the great work guys!!! PS: How about a little more Molly time, I love that girl.
Shane, Jared, and Adam, along with their guests both real and recorded, provide a very entertaining show and you really feel like you've known them forever, from just listening to one or two episodes. Their banter is top notch and always provides good times, along with unique segments, and an overall good spirit to the show. The Scope Score is.....5 out of 5 stars!
I've been a listener since episode one. Excellent insight on geeky-type things: movies, music, conventions, comics, and the occasional sports talk (blah). Congratulations achieving episode #50! Keep 'em coming, you have a listener for life.
If so, then Adam is the host for you. If you like snark and a man who has a hot wife... Then Shane is the host for you. If you like subliminal audio assaults and sound effects The Jared is the host for you. And after that, what more do you need? Movie reviews? Check. out of place music reviews? Check Pop culture insights from a geek perspective? Triple check. I started listening around episode 15 and haven't stopped. Fairly regular podcast, and fairly amusing. Definitely worth your time.
Thanks for a great podcast guys.... Rock on Adam!!!
I don't remember why I first subscribed to this show but it's a keeper. While it's all good, my favorite shows are the game shows. They do random television reviews as well as review movies and bands. The shows are kind of long but they are so entertaining I don't notice. Production values are surprisingly good for as many guests as they have. Check them out for a couple of episodes and get a feel for this podcast--you'll be glad you did. ~Laura from Coffee and Tea Show and Rocky Horror Pod Show