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I really enjoy this podcast. I’m learning so much history in the most enjoyable format. Sadly, I was never a fan of history as a student. But this has changed me. In an effort to understand all the political rhetoric that surround us today this podcast gives me clarity. Thank you!
Meach always delivers. It is slanted to the left but it’s still accurate and presents facts. Sadly the reviews have a heavy partisan skew particularly on the 1 stars.
This is now my favorite podcast. It is balanced, thoroughly researched and thought through, and excellently and professionally delivered, with none of the awkward banter, forced laughter, annoying mannerisms, and detours into personal stories that plague many podcasts.


By Scafani
I am so glad to hear an historical perspective without bias for a change. It’s nice to be able to understand that where we are today began a long time ago. It is time as Meacham says to inquire about the facts before jumping onboard! Too many Americans just listen to “their” side without verifying the validity of the claim. Three cheers for bringing common sense back into the conversation! Carry on!
This is really, really good. I’ve listened to it twice and it is very well written and edited and contains an amazing amount of insightful analysis. It is probably THE best look at the current dysfunction in the US political system that I’ve seen. It gets at the sociological and religious causes and puts it all in a very lucid historical context. Truly excellent work. It should be required listening for ALL young people and probably be TV series.
This podcast reminds me of a CBS radio program of the 1960’s, “university reports” which dealt with history and other topic in an adult fashion. Fate of Fact is even more engaging but accessible to most.


By LaxyDog
The troubling recent history of the Republican party’s plunge into fiction, racism and nationalism. Listening to the podcast is unsettling because it lays bare the underbelly and true basis of the Republican Party and their pseudo-Christian supporters.
Over the past year, I have turned to the wise words of both Jon Meachem and Michael Beschloss. No one truly knows what lies ahead for us, as a country. It’s important to learn from our history to understand how we’ve gotten here. I appreciate Mr. Meachem and his guests, taking the time to create this. It’s very well done, insightful, and not a one sided partisan take. Thank you.
It’s interesting how many comments are from apologists for the rights’ obvious faults. As an independent, this is exactly what I have observed over the years. Yes, the truth hurts, but maybe some Toughlove will bring us an honest and beneficial conservative party.
Great podcast. The right cant handle being called out on their own lies. Shame.
An outstanding presentation of the road that led to where we are as a country. Thank you for your clear and unemotional presentation. The ‘arc of the moral universe’ cannot fail us….
Not sure this is supposed to be about both parties or if this just supposed to be about the Republican Party. Much of what’s in this is podcast, jives with what is in John Boehner’s book. Of course that leans heavily right where he blames the Democrat's for empowering the volume of nuts jobs on the Republican side. Both point out there’s something wrong with the Republican Party. It’s just hard to hear what’s has happened to the party of Lincoln. All ruined by the Dixiecrats.
I will never listen to this again. The amount of advertising they do on other pod cast is ridiculous. You have lost me before you had me.
Absolutely brilliant!
An incredible podcast that takes a deep dive into critical pillars of our democracy. Everyone should be listening to this.
Maybe that’s how historians are (I don’t know any, personally). But he posits that our democracy could fail and sounds so sanguine while explaining why.
Get this fraud off the air
Interesting listen but really to only broaden ones understanding of the lefts mind set. Extremely one sided in branding modern conservatism as racist and bigoted. Expected a more balanced narrative as there is plenty of myths pushed forward by the Democratic Party particularly lately.
I had high hopes for this podcast cause I love listening to John’s stuff but wow to demonize one side for having an opinion that goes against the Mainstream Media. I tried to give it a listen but after the first episode I was very disappointed.
That voice...
Stop running your commercials on my podcasts! No one wants to hear your commercials, much less your podcast. Please stop
Heard the promo for this and it caught my ear. I was hopeful for genuine non biased information. Boy was I disappointed. I’m not a democrat or republican. But dang this is really slanted left. People on the right and left need to wake up and realize that at the core neither political party gives two [email protected] about them. They are simply fighting for power and control. BOTH parties and the POLITICIANS in them only pander to the super PAC’s & lobbyists who buy them into office! That, is a “fact of truth”! The real “FACT OF TRUTH” is that here in America....IT’S “WE THE PEOPLE” as individuals who are the real SUPER PAC. We the people truly hold the power of our nation....but very sadly, too many don’t know, don’t care, are too lazy and dependent, or are to busy claiming to be the “victim” to educate themselves and understand this actual “fact of truth”. No man, woman, politician or government can legislate evil away, nor can the they legislate the emotion of “love” into people.
I was hoping for an honest, unbiased discussion. Instead it is a partisan piece, bordering on propaganda, that is exactly what the podcast describes as being the problem in our country. Was it supposed to be satire? I’ll try a few more episodes, hopefully I’m wrong.
As a former Republican who left the party in 2016 I heard an ad for this on our local country radio station. I couldn’t stop listening. Over the last several years I have found myself with this need for knowledge to figure out what is happening in this country. The amount of history in this in incredible. Thank you.
I am an avid reader of American History. When Meacham came out with his first podcast, I couldn’t wait and was not disappointed. His second podcast began becoming a bit more ideological, and this podcast takes the cake. He blames the entire disassociation with reality on conservatives and Republicans. He makes no apology for his liberal viewpoint, and tries to use his enviable knowledge of history to prove his point. In essence, with his spin in this podcast, Meacham becomes part of the problem of which he complains, with false premises and generalizations of all conservatives. And with his concern of political polarization in this country, his approach adds fuel to the flame. This podcast is nothing more than a slam on all things conservative not befitting to a historian with Meacham’s qualifications and prior creditability, which in my opinion, is lost. What this really is is a cheerleading platform for all things liberal and Democrat.
This is an amazing podcast that examines the questions we’ve all been asking about our country since the dawn of Trump when we saw our nation try to claw back into the dark ages. If you’re concerned about the future of America, look here and let it inspire you to be an agent for change and progress.
Excellent it is good to dialog around ideas and not a personality. I am scared as a person of color that my way of life is going to change if the republicans gain power. They are against everyone who doesn’t believe like they do. I thought we were free but I guess that is only for some. Keep up the work as scripture says don’t grow weary in well doing for in due season we will reap if we faint not. Be Blessed!
I’ve enjoyed Meacham’s other podcasts and gave this a try. Despite having left the Republican Party in 2016, I remain a conservative at heart. I have to agree with other reviewers who said this podcast is biased. It showcases the worst of the Republican Party and presents this as “what conservatives believe.” We don’t, any more than all Democrats believe in “defund the police” or “looting is justified,” or whatever crazy left wing activists push. Conservatives are like liberals, we have some basic beliefs but we don’t support most of the crazy. Trump fanatics may believe he won, just as BLM supporters may believe police are killing massive numbers of black men, but neither belief is true. The crazies on both sides get all the attention and the rest of us are fairly normal.
Jon Meacham’s podcasts are jewels. Insightful and thought-provoking perspectives on America’s tumultous political history. Well written, crafted and produced. Podcasts don’t get much better than this.
Jon Meacham is a thoughtful, powerhouse of a Presidential scholar who brings in other Presidential scholars in this excellent podcast. I have tried to help others connect American History from the 1960s to our current reality. Jon Meacham, of course, surpasses my knowledge and insight. Jon Meacham explains the history and reality of why Nixon was really more of a liberal than a conservative. Most importantly we hear the insights of George HW Bush who, in essence, predicted what we are seeing in the Republican Party today and the move away from governing.
No matter what’s wrong with your life, all you have to do is go online and you’ll find reams and reams of resources assuring you that the right is to blame for your problems. Don’t like the polarization in politics? It’s the right’s fault that your side tells lies about them. Sick of the proliferation of conspiracy theories and misinformation? Blame the right, even if your side believed Trump was going to declare war on USPS to win the election and then repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Mad that your conservative neighbors don’t trust you? Clearly it’s Trump’s fault. The fact you made a podcast blaming them for problems your own side caused has nothing to do with it.
Fascinating review of recent history that draws a line to what this country faces today with the rise on extremism in our politics.
Mr. Meacham draws an interesting line from FDR to the present. He guests are historians not politically motivated by one side or the other such as Michael Beschloss. For those reviewers who claim this is left-wing, you obviously don’t know much about John Meacham. I found his position saying conservatives in America were, over and over, duped by their candidate once that person got into office, an interesting explanation of how they got to this point.
This podcast is a gem. It discusses how history has shaped our political present. I’m a little confused by some of the negative reviews I’ve read. Propaganda? It’s American history. It’s stuff that actually happened. How is history propaganda? 😳 Anyway, John Meacham is a superb storyteller, and I’m looking forward to future episodes!
Jon Meacham is always on point and incredibly articulate. This nee podcast is no exception. Well worth the time to listen!
Jon Meacham has real credibility that gives this podcast all the more authority.
Jon Meacham’s comforting voice guides you through a fascinating look at the paranoid style of American politics that led us to Trump. I binged the first three episodes because once I started listening, I couldn’t stop. Fantastic walk through history.
Interesting, enjoyable, educational. Look forward to podcasts four and five. What a delight to be able to listen to these. Geig
Party propaganda, Fate of Fact the new Ministry of Truth.
If you invested in this. Get your money back ASAP. Mind-numbing.
While I have historically been middle of the road, I have left myself open to hear both sides. I do not feel this podcast does anything other than paint with a broad stroke what each side feels or thinks. This is a way to subtly instill propaganda and lies to mislead you about what the other is thinking. Don’t be fooled…use discernment. You are smarter than this!!!
Immensely professional productions for extremely valuable and enlightening content! I look forward to episodes 3 thru 5. Thank you.
I love how he reviews the history of the conservative movement complete with quotes from relevant people. But hopefully there are more episodes coming because I was left wanting more.
Don’t waste your time
My day has certainly been made by discovering Jon Meacham’s Fate of Fact podcast. Having listened to the intro and first three podcasts, I can highly recommend this stellar podcast from America’s foremost historian. One of his qualities that captivates me as a listener or reader is his ability to select historical events and present them with an explanation of their correlation to current events. I could listen to his discussions all day and always learn something. Truly, if I could choose a living person with whom I could spend an afternoon of history and politics, it would absolutely be Jon Meacham. You will find your time listening to his podcast to be time well spent.
The extreme polar positioning of right and left are taking us over a cliff. Unless we can find a middle ground it is going to continue to be chaotic
This podcast is nothing but left-wing garbage masquerading as “fact.”