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I really wanted to love this podcast but the constant interruption by the narrator made it very difficult to get into in. Save until the end.
Arresting stories, witty hosts. Great stuff.
I absolutely love this podcasts. It makes me laugh so much. It’s the funniest way I have ever learned about historical events.
This is primarily infotainment / comedy with hosts making quips. It worked well on the first season but when the first two episodes of this series are in the lead up and intimate moments and description of someone’s suicide it really isn’t funny and is poorly thought out....
Good chemistry between the hosts and story telling. Hopefully a lot of seasons to come.
Just found this podcast after listening to another, quite different, podcast A.L. cohost with her friends (about pomegranates and stuff 🤣) Absolutely love this podcast. The story, the suspense and the fact that it got me so intrigued i even downloaded some books. Cannot wait for more stories.
Nothing like British humor :)
Was excited for the content and story. Unfortunately the hosts banter and interruption was very annoying. If it was just the story it would have been a home run. Getting interrupted every minute by hosts was a thumbs down for me. Deleting.
The material was so interesting and provided a great value. The male host incresing became more and more annoying with his attempt at lame jokes. This detracted from the material in the podcast. Sadly, I will delete this podcast from my subscriptions.
I love everything about this podcast! Both hosts are great, with chemistry, perfect timing and the ability to deliver serious subject matter mixed with humor that combine to deliver a listening experience I look forward to each week. Please keep these episodes coming!!
Really interesting story ... I love the rapport between the hosts... not sure I should have been laughing so much during a podcast about a spy being poisoned!!
Wonderful job, I love the hosts so much I want more more more!
This podcast would be much better without all of the silly and distracting chitchat. Stick to the narrative!
The stories are great and the hosts are even better!
They’ve got a perfect mix and chemistry here. Sharp, smart, & witty, but not snobbish. Give us more!
Engaging, interesting, a bit of humor and banter. I like it. I don’t think it’s overdone. Both hosts do an excellent job, one as the story teller and the other to add a bit of humor to an otherwise dark narrative. I love their voices too.
Thanks a lot.
Great storytelling, interesting content, but you two as the hosts make the show. I love the banter, laughter, and sidebars intermixed with the serious story. Can’t wait for the next story since I just binged your first one!
Alice does a great job here. The narrating and sound effects are great! The guy is funny too. I wish there could be a Belinda themed episode, after all, she IS a British scandal!
These are great stories that are poorly delivered with silly comments and jokes that derail you from the narrative.
A truly entertaining glimpse of a terrible event, we’ll done!
This podcast and the American version have too many annoying ads.
Sounds like you’re having fun and letting us come along. Great podcast... so far.
Love the story itself, love the British accent, love the British wiry sense of humor, love the banter between Alice and Matt. Can’t wait for the next podcast from these two!
Love the show, hate how the chubby guy is always chiming in. It’d be much better if they just let her tell the story
Love the story because I remember following it as it was happening, so I was excited to dig into this new podcast. What I don't love is the constant jokes every five seconds. It messed up the flow. Every now and then, sure but here it's too over done.
The hosts are wonderfully funny. I love the cutaway style and the story telling.
Love the story but kept getting lost because it was interrupted so often with the banter. Kind of a bummer.
This is a story that I find interesting no matter what, but was pleasantly surprised by the comedic touch that had me spitting out my drink laughing yesterday. The hosts play so well off each other with the same great sense of humor and I could listen to them all day. The story is well written and told with the right amount of detail though I would personally listen to longer episodes. For the folks that don’t like the humor, just move on-it’s part of the show!


By far my favorite podcast this year. I really enjoy the hosts. The story is well told and the hosts have great banter. Great!
5 stars for the content but matt's jokes interrupt the storyline and it is incredibly distracting
The case is interesting, with good detail. However, the male presenter acts as though this is a drunken lark causing this interesting spy story to be treated as a joke. The female presenter was adequate. Very sad. I expected much better.
The interruptions of lame jokes and ads in the middle are Incredibly frustrating. Only one host is needed.
Too many jokes, this story could be told so much faster or in more detail if the hosts would stop interrupting each other with corn ball jokes.
Hurry up and investigate another please.
Seriously, what’s the point of having Matt Forde host when all he does is acts like a spoiled school boy who desperately wants to be funny with tasteless zingers.
Love this podcast. The hosts are so funny and strike a perfect pitch between suspense and humor. Highly recommend.
I enjoyed listening to this duo.
Very interesting topic with a splash a humor. I hope you cover the UK Post Office scandal in the future.
This podcast is fascinating, but given the seriousness of the Litvinenko poisoning, the snarky, humorous banter between the hosts just isn’t appropriate. If the subject matter was lighter or more absurd I’m sure I’d find them funny, but with this story it doesn’t work.
If you don’t like humor mixed in with the true crime, then skip this one. Personally that’s the appeal and keeps me listening. It’s a serious story but the side commentary of the hosts are the types of questions and comments I would ask/make when discussing with friends. 😎
Really frustrating. This is a great show but halfway through talking about someone getting poisoned, they break into some terrible jokey small talk which is not funny and breaks the suspense created in the main peice. Shut up and just tell the story….if we want comedy we’ll choose something else (and funny!).
Great storytelling and the hosts are hilariously funny! Can’t wait for more!
Wow. The hosts manage to both captivate with strong story telling and delight with fun quippy commentary. I’m hooked.
I liked the content, but the hosts are annoying. I didn’t find the comic banter funny, and it seemed inappropriate given the storyline. I couldn’t make it past episode 1.
Love the details but it’s not boring abd SBDOKUTEKY love the humor of the hosts- not scared to nane check places for fear or j on swsuits but still done in humor, but yet, so true......thus why I bring a UV flashlight with me when I travel btw.
I love the story but love these two MORE!!! Give me more! From Tennessee!
I love the story and the historical facts, only downside to this show is the attempted comedy and commentary made by the hosts (to be fair I did laugh a couple times). I think the side jokes interrupt the dark tone of the show and detract from the seriousness of political assassination.