The Handmaid's Tale

Reviews For The Handmaid's Tale


I haven’t read the book so am just going off the podcast, but the content struck me as formulaic, white-washed (read: white) entitled pablum.
In 15 years this could very likely be our reality. These evangelicals have been getting into positions of power all over and people have been begging for our 1st and 4th amendment rights to be revoked
This helps me refresh my memory from season one. Great Wondery podcast!
Shocked at how little promotion this show got and how little reviews this show has. Maybe it’ll be promoted more in Audible or on AmazonMusic? It’s great! I’m telling everyone I know.


By aj4060
I love the book. This podcast is so much fun! I love it.
I love the Hulu series, but I fell in love with the novel many years before. This follows the book very closely and brought back that fascinated, uncanny, frightened feelings that I get every time I’ve read it. The voice acting is superb and I had to check the credits to make sure Ann Dowd wasn’t smuggled in to voice Aunt Lydia. The Commander’s voice was eerily similar to what he sounded like in my mind, as was Offred’s.
Would love to watch but episodes come out so slowwwww


By Mj6986
I binged this on Wondery+ when they released it there last year and it was amazing. Really great storytelling and sound quality.