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This podcast is truly helpful. I listen to the different episodes over and over… thank you Dr.Nicole!
I am honestly blown away by the level of the commitment Dr. Nicole and her team have to making this work free, accessible, and completely without ads. This is amazing
I don’t write reviews very often but I just had to tell you Nicole and Jenna, your work is so incredible valuable. It has made such a difference to know that so many people have experienced things that I have felt and lived my whole life. I’m doing the “work” and I’m not seeing any changes in my relationships yet because I just now really am changing how I think about all of this. I knew about my inner child before I discovered Self Healers but not to the extent I’m learning now with your podcasts and book. This is really hard scary work but so worth it. You know exactly how to explain things in a way I relate to and understand. I could say so much more by please know that I am so deeply grateful that you have shared all of this and that I have discovered you and your work.
I love your instagram and just listened to your inner child episode. As an overachiever I recognized myself right away and understood where that need came from.
I adore this podcast. You can always come here and learn something or get another tool for your self healing toolkit .
Love you guys, but you have a compressor on your mics input channel and it’s ducking the volume of your vocals pretty bad. Take it off or pull up the threshold, reduce the ratio and/or make the attack/release longer. Hope that helps!
Looking at myself as a whole that functions all together makes so much more sense to me now. Am I able to disarm my sympathetic response? Not yet, but I’m motivated to practice until I can get some relief.🙏
Absolutely love the rawness and truth coming from these two ladies. Healing is an ongoing, hard but rewarding process and they support you and remind us to show up with grace, compassion and self love. I look forward to listening every week because it furthers my healing.
It’s an amazing podcast with so much insight about healing and self realization journey. I do a lot of work and this brings it to the point. Easy to understand and to implement in life. I recommend it to all my clients to step into this content as it changes lifes and bringt light into the world! It’s brilliant!
I am my best healer indeed!
I love hearing the extra insights that the book didn’t hold. I also really love when both hosts share personal childhood memories, because it helps me to connect to my own.
I eat up every word that Dr. Lapera says or writes as The Holistic Pychologist and this podcast is such a great companion to the book!! I love that it is conversation with Jenna and that both share so much of their own struggles. Love it!!!
Yet Dr. Nicole’s teachings already make sense intuitively to my mind, body, and spirit... It’s ancient wisdom that she is—so happily for all of us—bringing into the larger mainstream culture. She gives me a lot of hope, empowerment, practical steps, and brings together how to incorporate subtle mind, body, and spirit shifts to make great change in my own healing journey.
Enjoying the Podcast but not a lot is addressed on relationships .. the work may not always bring relationships together .. but the result may bring pain in relationships lost through the work
My wife and I are reading/listening to the book. These initial episodes are a wonderful addition to understanding and applying the material on our self healing journey.
Im very excited about this podcast, I think it’s a great way to continue to explore the topics in the book. I am currently reading the book and a huge fan! It has helped me personally and professionally. As a holistic psychotherapist myself, I have always believed in the mind, body, soul connection. It’s wonderful to to be able to read a book encompassing all three aspects related to the healing process. I began recommending the book to many of my patients. The book allows a wonderful framework for my patients to use as they begin to “do the work”. Super excited to hear more, thank you for opening up more paths to helping people heal. #selfhealers #love #theworkisworthit
Dr. Nicole and Jenna are absolutely wonderful to listen to, the way they compliment each other when exploring different topic is nothing less than brilliant! I am blown away by the generous way this podcast has been rolled out, just like all of The Holistic Psychologist’s content... the main focus is to encourage self healing! I appreciate that I am supported by the podcast as I read, How To Do The Work! Thank you both for aiding in the collective shift in consciousness! ~ Much love, Leah Abraham
I have purposely removed myself from all social media in order to really ‘do the work’. So glad u decided to do the podcast. It really feels like I have a mentor holding my hand thru it. Thank u 🙏🏼🙏🏼
I’m so glad to see the progression of Dr. Nicole’s efforts. Being part of the Self healing circle was a cathartic experience.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. LaPera for this incredible addition to the work that has helped me so much. I am looking forward to using this as a guide while I go through your book. Thank you for the beautiful vulnerability that has brought so many people together in new ways. You’re awesome.
Nicole is great and it is easy to understand why she has millions of followers on Instagram. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the content run deep. Her cohost is dry and monotone and often just reiterates what Nicole says and in those moments the podcast suffers. I’m hoping they will get a buffer host that will help move the conversation along: one that will ask questions and provide a curiosity that will lead to a better flow of the show. Right now it is is pretty one dimensional as they are both saying the same thing and one is doing far better job than the other.


So excited for this podcast!!
I’ve been a huge fan of Dr.Nicole for the past 2 years - she was actually the reason I truly dove into healing myself. I didn’t realize it was even possible to be a self healer! The book is absolutely brilliant and life,heart, and mind changing. Thank you Dr.Nicole! This podcast lays it all out and puts a beautiful personal touch to the book. Thank you for all you do Nicole & Jenna! Keep going, the world needs you. 💛
I began reading “How to do the work” and have started my journey to self healing. This podcast is I know will be a great companion on my journey. So excited for more episodes!
Such a great new avenue to continue to connect and dive deeper into the Work.
So excited for this podcast 💛 Amazing first episode 👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you for all that you’re doing and providing an Avenue for self healing for so many people. Sending you guys love for you and the podcast 🙌🏻
Good stuff Looking forward the the next edition Keep up THE good WORK
I’ve been following the.holistic.psychologist on Instagram and am subscribed to daily text messages. I was SO happy to get a text that there was a podcast. I haven’t had the chance to order the book yet, but I already know I’ll love it based off of the first episode of this podcast. Cant wait for the next one.
I’ve been following the holistic healer on ig for a while now! The information and tools she provides to self heal have really helped me in my journey in ways I can’t explain! Her posts and YouTube videos are amazing so when she announced the release of her new book I knew I had to get my hands on it! 💛 thank you Nicole ✨
I’m so grateful to be on my journey with you and knowing how you’ve experienced many of the same things I have as well. When I was experiencing my symptoms I had no one to help me with understanding and acceptance. I was able to get through it and it’s much more helpful to have like minded people who can support and give self assurance that all is well; You are where you are supposed to be ♥️
I love the book and I’m so excited to go through it again with this podcast companion. Thank you, ladies!
I LOVE Dr. Nicole and this podcast is already incredible even as new as it is. I can’t wait for amazing things to come. Highly recommend!! 💜
If you are searching and want to understand your long held patterns and ways of experiencing the world in order to improve the relationship with yourself and others, The Holistic Psychologist is an excellent resource. Dr. LaPerla’s approachable, authentic style makes learning from her a joy. Excited to add this tool to her already great content on Instagram!
After reading the book “Do the work” my life has changed instantly. Great tool for everyone. So now to have the opportunity to listen more on this topic it’s an amazing bonus.
Dr Nicole and her new book dive deeply into all the things I’ve been missing over the years and was constantly searching for to heal learn and grow. Beyond the typical approach of bi weekly counseling appointments, her book “How to do the Work” and this podcast serve as a guide to deeper, more meaningful and truly life changing work.
Thank you for starting this Podcast Series to reinforce what we are learning in “How To Do the Work”. In my view, this will strengthen our self healing journey.
I have had this book and got it from the pre order off Amazon. I’ve never read a book front to back and do not regularly read ever and I’m now 32. I committed myself to this being the first and I’m still not quite around to reading it. This podcast will serve as a good guide and I’m excited to start listening along. Thanks again for all you’re doing Nicole!
The combination of hearing personal and relatable stories from Dr Nicole and Jenna along with the science of trauma on the nervous system is so helpful. Looking forward to more episodes ✨
Love this book and podcast!
I’m so grateful to be able to start off listening to this podcast Masterclass style where Jenna and Dr Nicole unpack “How to Do the Work” chapter by chapter and really dig into their own experiences and how it may look while acknowledging that everyone’s journey may look different. I appreciate the support and reminder of how community is so important to this process and that community can also be defined in many ways.
Thank you both for being so vulnerable and transparent. Your fires are spreading like wildfire. ✨💚


I can not wait to get started on my journey
Thrilled the podcast is finally here!
Where I live, streaming a video podcast is pretty much impossible. I know your content is so valuable and I can’t wait to hear it. Highly recommend the book ❤️
I’ve never been more on board with a podcast than I am with this show! I am 2 chapters shy of finishing the book and even though this is the 1st podcast, I can already appreciate that this will be a wonderful continuation of a story of many parts, with one point, and that point can be beautiful, and that point can be sad, and that point can be about accepting. I look forward to each chapter/show! ❤️🙌
Your podcast is spot on and everything you talked about really resognated with me. After 5 years of therapy, my therapist had to quit because of health problems and I've been searching for my next step in growth. I think I've found it in you!!! I'm really excited about the master class!!
Very positive and enlightening made me think a lot
I purchased the book by Dr. LePera and am about halfway through. I also work in mental health and have read a number of self help books, but Dr. LePera speak to my soul in a way that hasn’t happened before. The first masterclass with Jenna has been great and I cannot wait for more! Amazing !! If you find yourself in negative patterns and don’t understand why or are ready to do the work, don’t hesitate!