Be Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi

Reviews For Be Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi

Poor presentation and distorted perspective. Not good in any way.


I did listen. It’s garbage. Nonsense. People will wake up soon to see who the real racists are. MLK fought for us and for everyone to look at content of character and not color. Somehow, we now have people obsessed with color and race. You’re literally judging and classifying by race and color. You’re the racist. We are guaranteed equal opportunity. Not equitable opportunity. That’s not part of this country. Never has been. That’s Marxist in ideology. You will lose this fight. Americans are good and want things to be better. The only way we get there is to work together with love and not divide by race.
Henry Rogers aka Ibram Kendi is the latest in a long line of race hustlers. Intellectually dishonest. Morally bereft. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.
I want to live in an anti racist world. I listen to learn and grow as a person and to help cure this cancer that is hurting our society. Thank you for bringing antiracist ideas and conversations into the ears and minds of more people. Let love rule.
I have found in my 70 years on this planet Earth that the most racist people are the ones that talk, talk, TALK about racism. Racists are bullies and there will always be bullies. Racist also come in EVERY color!!!! And you, SIR are NOT helping to stop the bullies/racists! You are racist !!!


The racists are here in the reviews and they are triggered.
Can I please get in on this grift? How crazy is this country where we have so few legit problems that this privileged guy making a fortune selling Marxist victim propaganda and punching down on those powerful working class oppressors.
I’m a white woman in my 30’s, who has been looking for a way to positively affect the world, but didn’t feel the world needed my white perspective, so I wasn’t sure how to join in. Ibrim X. Kendi creates space for me to be a part of it, and for that, I’m really grateful.
This podcast is super accessible to people who are new to antiracism. I just wish more of those people would actually listen before reviewing it. (It’s pretty obvious that most of the one-star reviews are from people who haven’t listened.)


So well designed and produced. This does help us start the conversation and keep on learning. Can’t wait to hear more!
A self deluded, neurotic academic charlatan envisions a world where we all are racist unless we agree with him. His prescription is a totalitarian world built around socialistic goals and forced upon a majority. Pure garbage. Insulting to anyone or any race who loves liberty and individual autonomy.
Hi my name is Rodney smith. I’m a 38 year old black male who was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison and 8 years supervised probation for 8 grams of crack. I’m still under the 100:1 racist law that the Obama administration changed back in 2012. I need someone with some real pull to help me fight the federal system and get off probation. I’ve been on it for 4 years and I have 4 years left but if I get the 18:1 crack/powder ratio applied to my sentence, I served 4 years over. Someone please help
This podcast is retarded
If someone were to force my mother-in-law (who happens to be named Karen) to listen to this, I don’t think she would feel threatened by the conversation. Of course, she never would listen to this, which is why it is important for me to listen instead. People who strive to be allies can learn a lot from this show about how to talk to the Karens in their own lives.
Such an important podcast. Such a powerful, thoughtful and poignant voice amongst the noise. Literally everyone can learn something from this series. Can’t wait for next episode!
I’m glad I listened. I’m a 65 year old man who grew up Catholic and saw the world through leaders like JFK and MLK. I was blessed with having two black mentors in my formative years. A Policemen and a Minister. My dad was an immigrant from Poland and survived the depression and combat in WW2 Europe. He didn’t go to HS but we were a typical blue collar family. I worked my way through University and worked in small business all my life. Not wealthy but doing ok. My brother in law was a policemen killed by three black drug runners during a routine traffics stop. As your guest said he was “ slaughtered”. My wife’s family are all Democrats, successful and bear the burden of white guilt. They fly the BLM banners in their yards etc. Personally I dont agree with your systemic racist assessments are the root of all problems but listening to your podcast was helpful. I don’t see the world as a victim so can’t accept your theories. I would challenge you to use your platform to encourage black men to embrace fatherhood and solving the drug problems in the black community that creates conflict with Police. Anyhow good luck with your future endeavors and hopefully someday you’ll see the great foundation that has been laid but needs continued improvement versus tearing it down and creating a world of chaos.
I feel sorry for anyone that wastes their time listening to this. Since when did race become the sole characteristic of someone’s identity. You’re supposedly “antiracist” but all you can focus on is skin color. There’s soooo much more to the HUMAN race than skin color. Open your eyes Ibram, you live in the United States, probably the least racist nation on earth. We elected a black president twice and then we elected his VP.


By tyldon2
Kendi is an absolute coward who refuses to debate his critics for fear of being exposed for the fraud he actually is. History will forget about this pathetic “intellectual” faster than the quacks of time past.
As a white, disabled activist striving to implement the principles of Disability Justice in my life, this podcast hit the spot. Highly recommend!!!


Don’t listen to this racist garbage. This guy is a divisive clown. Wish there were negative stars
You refuse to debate Coleman Hughes or Glenn Lowery or John Mcwhorter because you know you will be shown to be a fraud. It’s a shame so many people have fallen for you racist views.
This podcast is phenomenal so far. I love Dr. Kendi’s choice of guest that recognizes intersectionality, especially as many people forget about disability as an issue. I am eager and excited for more!
Rebecca Cokley was the smart bet for the first guest, that was great.
What a waste of platform. Why not debate your controversial ideas and try to find consensus that will propel our society forward by inviting guests that have valid criticisms of your theses instead of talking to people that only show admiration for your position. Coleman Hughes, Glenn Loury, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sam Harris, Gad Saad, James Lindsey, Peter Boghossian, Bari Weiss, Thomas Chatterton Williams are just a few of the hundreds of intellectuals that oppose and thoughtfully critique your antiracist recipe. Disappointed that Gladwell (Pushkin) preferred the easy route of virtue signaling instead of taking the harder one of honest debate of ideas.
Thank you so much for not only bringing your wisdom and knowledge, but doing it in such a way that makes it accessible to more people. Having the hard conversations is so important to bring vitality to all of us.
A fantastic start. Mr. X Kendi is an excellent interviewer. I can’t wait for more episodes.
Rebecca Cooley was a great first guest! Excited for more, and kudos for starting the discussion by taking about racism and ableism together!!!
As a white ally, I am always looking for tools to help me learn and grow, as it is a lifelong need. Great podcast. We need to do more, and this is a good way to start.
This powerful author generalizes, demonizes, and and makes excuses for people all on the basis of race… does this not make him a racist himself? Why does he get a pass? So far this podcast insults our intelligence… it paints our world in binary tropes (good v evil) that make more sense in ‘Lord Of Rings’ fiction than in a medium that has gained popularity by promoting nuance. In the words of John Mcwhorter “One senses little interest in engaging questions. The [text] works in basic colors, not shades; splashes, not brushstrokes — perhaps because he thinks the roots of all black problems in white perfidy are too clear to require complexity.” Or in my words: He’s looking for people to con more than he’s looking for actual progress. So why bother explaining?
Love Dr. Kendi’s approach to the valid and important work of anti-racism.
I really liked this podcast and Rebecca Cokley was a great podcast guest. However, if ableism is going to be discussed, it would be nice to have a podcast transcript for those with hearing and audio-processing disabilities. Can’t wait for future episodes!
When are we going to get real and talk about how racist the blacks are? This victim mentality is really getting so so so old. Blah
The introspective intersectionality and care brought to this podcast is rare. Ibram takes it to the next level by providing actionable steps to implement in daily life. Podcasts that tick all three boxes are extremely valuable to society writ large, myself certainly included.
As someone who works in the architecture field everyday I don’t think Kendi knows what he is talking about. ADA is enforced all the time, and of course we can do more to help disabled people but in terms of architecture, it’s very enforced. Studying in university America is actually more accessible in terms of buildings then almost all other countries, this is not to say we can’t improve. Just not sure what parts of the ADA he is talking about. But I wanted to share that good news.
We all are harmed by systemic racism. Many do not understand how this is true, and it is unfortunate they feel the need to post negative comments regarding Dr. Kendi’s podcast. I hope these folks will open their minds to Dr. Kendi and his guests. Dr. Kendi’s book, How to be an Antiracist, paired with this podcast, have been game-changers for me. Thank you.
I find the whole premise of the podcast to be somewhat conflicting. For example, it calls for us to be anti racist, but the author groups other people into groups and judges them as a whole. For example, he talks about how he fears the police and has some data to back up that fear. My racist friends cite black crime statistics to justify their fear as well. It is the same thing, just using different groupings. That said, the author is great at getting his ideas across and is an excellent communicator. I take issue with his ideas, but understanding this perspective is imperative in today’s society as many subscribe to these ideas, however misguided they may be.
Spin doctor Kendi constructs a false narrative to convince minorities of their eternal victimhood. Self-determination and self-responsibility are as strange a concept to Kendi as the truth. Sadly, this podcast will create more division and hatred among its gullible listeners.
Anyone on here giving one star is obviously white, triggered and has done zero work themselves to unlearn the inherent racism that exists within them. As a white womxn, I’m very grateful for Dr. Kendi’s work and this podcast to continue on my anti racist journey to undoing the white supremacist within me. Thank you for your work. Keep going.
This racist anti white mentality is poison
One who is seeking answers. How do we understand and stop the cycles that have been going for centuries? I’ve read and followed Kendi’s works and now am thrilled to listen to him with other voices on our world as it is.
only if Dr Kendi has on people he disagrees with like Coleman Hughes, John McWhorter, Glenn Loury, Chloe Valdary, etc.
This entitled old white woman says bravo to Dr Kendi for such a well thought out podcast. He is so thoughtful and kind to those trying to understand the problems we have with racism. I’ve studied this issue most of my life and still get daily moments of clarity. The more I learn, the more I see. He has some books worth your time also. For those triggered by such things, there is not a drop of “anti white” here. No race card thrown. Understanding how we got here is half the battle. I realize that some leaving reviews have not listened to the podcast or they would not spew the hate they do. They don’t want to change or understand. It’s an extremely hard issue to sort out when racism is so imbedded in our society. It’s hard but necessary if we are to be the people we claim to be. Thank you Dr Kendi, for sticking in there. Your compassion for all is well noted.
Toxic Marxist critical race theory designed to poison the mind.
This is the podcast I’ve been wanting for nearly a year now! My best friend is disabled and I’ve had to learn a lot about how to talk with and about him throughout our friendship and am still learning. So glad the first episode dealt with this issue. Also, brace yourselves for all the racists coming out to rate negatively and reveal they don’t know anything about Dr. Kendi.
I’ve enjoyed Dr. Kendi’s books and speeches and was looking forward to his podcast. Listened to the first episode and was not disappointed.
Snowflakes will try to take this great show down, but unfortunately they’re too dumb to know how.
Many (white) people confuse anti racism with “anti white” and feel very triggered by brilliant Kendi!