Reviews For The Positive Mind with Armand DiMele (Psychology)

Show only putting out a podcast once in awhile. Would be high rating, but inconsistent. Sad to see the show crumble apart.
Armand has a wonderful show. Recommended for all.
I’ve listened to hundreds of these The Positive Mind episodes via radio station WBAI. Armand DiMele sounds gentle and caring. You may feel like you’re engaged in something intellectual compared to typical television garbage but this show is ultimately far worse. Armand DiMele and his friends/guests talk in circles and never discuss anything concrete. Then they throw in long segments of ridiculous music in an attempt to seem artsy and deep. He never discusses his own relationships. That's telling. He and his guests peddle nebulous mysticism, the ‘who ever really know’ spiritual perspective rather than really working on answers to anything. Although it’s truly difficult, I prefer empowering myself by learning how to take direct, helpful action toward actual solutions instead of listening to people on this show tiptoe around topics so as not to offend anybody, to keep them dazed and confused… and listening. The worst part about The Positive Mind show is that it is often merely an hour long advertisement commercial for Amand’s business “The DiMele Center for Psychotherapy and Counseling Center” in NYC. This fact is deeply unethical, especially considering WBAI is "non-profit corporation".
I have been listening to the Positive Mind with Armand DiMele for nearly 30 years! The wisdom, kindness and peace that he shares is invaluable. I love it! Listen! Learn! And fall a little bit more in love with life and the your heart every time. Namaste.
I find myself not wanting the episodes to end. Really love the one on creativity and rejection. THANK YOU!
Love the insights; have learned a lot from Armand. Thank you.
Random ramblings... I'd love to know where this guy picked up his credentials. Don't bother looking for positivity here.
Armand is so knowledgable and charming! His messages captivate me!
I reasantly dicovered your show .I have listened to all the available podcasts and now you have not been on for a month. Come back.
My schedule does not allow me to listen to the live radio show. I really appreciate the opportunity to listen to Armand and his guests on demand. Thank you Positive mind!
I listened for 30 minutes and didn't hear a positive word.
Great topics, a must. Great music between break as well!
Great podcast, very educating and entertaining. Love the taboo topics!
Armand's great in the way he communicates with people over the airwaves (also in person). I love my father but I didn't learn about manhood from him. Armand let's us (men and women) understand the ways we chose to make it in life was the best choice we could make at the time. We have it in ourselves to do what's best we make good choices & bad then learn from those choices to become a greater person. We only need three things to survive... 1: To eat. 2: Spread ones seed (I mean by helping other people out or doing something worthwhile). 3: And don't get eaten. When when we do those 3 things we contribute to society. Thanks Armand. I always live by golden rule, whatever happens ha, don't blow your cool! Albert Collins... Thanks again Armand, your one cool Cat!!!!!
I'm on the west coast and am unable to listen to this show on the radio. Every night I get into bed and listen to at least one podcast. I've learned a lot! Keep 'em coming Armand!
most podcasts i download are psych, science, medicine.. i came across this one a few days ago and find it to be stellar... i love Armands insight to our behaviors, he really puts everything into perspective about what is going on inside our bodies,our emotions. this is an excellent podcast, i am taking notes while i listen because you can apply what he tells you into your daily life. REally insightful! can't wait for more podcasts because i know i'm going to go through these quickly. i hope to see something on OCD. . .Anyway, excellent podcast, looking forward to more!
Armand DiMele has an amazing gift of understanding people, being compassionate, and wise. Every time you listen to this podcast, you have the opportunity to become a better person, gain insight on yourself and others, and feel connected with the world. Give one podcast a try and you will be hooked! I promise!
I recently found Armand and I have already learned so much from him. I love his soothing voice and humor, in addition to his very insightful mind. The way he talks to callers and is able to draw them out to talk about things, or to predict their birth order based on what they say, or realize the caller is frustrated with their life, etc. is quite impressive. I am looking forward to listening to this show a lot more. I can say that it has truly helped me develop a more positive mind!
Armand DiMele has the best talk radio show out there. Each and every show deals with common (Psychology-based) issues of life, sort of like the way that every Seinfeld show deals with life issues. Listeners will feel GREAT, while on their way to gaining a more positive mind -- something that everyone could use, to make the world a much better place. Thank You, Armand !
Insightful, compassionate and timely! Thank you Armand!
Armand DiMele is one of the best kept secrets in media. If he wanted, Armand could build himself a media empire, with books and tapes and television appearances; the works. But Armand DiMele is more than that. Armand is bigger than that. He is apparently unconcerned with fame and fortune. Rather, Armand is a simple man possessed with uncommon insights into the human condition and abundant compassion for human beings. Listening to his shows, you feel he is genuinely interested in helping others learn about themselves and improve their own lives. And you get the sense that this man simply likes people. I'd gladly-- happily-- pay to listen to these free podcasts. But Armand charges nothing. He just wants us to listen, and to think, and to feel. This man is an incredible, humble, brilliant gem. I am grateful for him and his wonderful show. Thank you, Armand.
I used to listen to the Positive Mind on WBAI every week when I lived in NYC. Upon moving to the SF Bay it was like I lost a really good friend. Armand's conversational, honest and caring approach will transform your thinking and allow you a better understanding of who you are and where you are going in life. The show does not inundate you with psycho-babble or rhetoric... instead we are taken into the living room of a trusted friend and allowed to hear our inner voice speak the truths that exist within ourselves... sometimes for the first time. Thank you for re-uniting me with this show! - RSZ