Reviews For VITAL MEN

Thank you ... I really like your advice and it makes sense ... fantastic and clear ... practical advice ... I wish you all the best. I didn't know who to ask these questions, but your advice makes sense to me and I will follow it
I've reviewed several of Francisco Bujan's podcasts from this series. While the technical quality is somewhat lacking, the advice he gives is superb. He speaks a little too fast at times. While he has excellent English skills (possibly better than my own), he has a rather "European" accent that many Americans will not be accustomed to. Also, the vocal track is often too soft, frequently with a bit too much background noise. The advice he gives you for dealing with women is not what your mother told you. His information is helpful, useful, and practical. After much studying in this field over many years, I am expert. I have found nothing that I disagree with in the first eight podcasts I've listened to. While I found nothing new or revolutionary in this series, the typical man will learn a great deal. While this information is not exclusive to his podcasts, it is not something you'll find intuitive nor widely-known. Keep up the great work Francisco! I hope you plan on producing more of these!